What are the 5 Causes the Majority of Bloggers Fail?

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Do you know the reason behind blogger failure? Don’t know? Don’t worry! Just read this article and you will know all the reasons for blogging failure along with preventive guidelines.

What is the percentage of failed bloggers? it is a frequently asked question. The answer to this question is failed blogger’s percentage is 95% whereas successful bloggers are 5%. Bloggers fail number is very high that’s why most the people say that blogging is nothing, blogging fails, and so on.
Moreover, a vast range of blog-related content is present on the internet but still, the ratio of blogging failure is increasing day by day. Behind each thing, an effort and entire process are present that should be followed strictly to get expected results. If you follow it you be a winner, if not, so you will be a failure. The same principle is applied to blogging.

The reason for blogger failure is that bloggers, don’t know how to do blogging, what are blogging mistakes to avoid, and what is the strategy to follow to prevent blogger failure. In this post, we will discuss the all reason behind bloggers fail along with solutions to save from blog failure.

Bloggers Fail but not Blogging Fail

Failed bloggers usually say that blogging fails, it is highly competitive and made for a certain type of people and blogging can not be done now. It is not true blogging is not fail but bloggers are failed to run blogs smoothly.
Actually, they do mistakes from the very first day of blogging. They start a blog by getting inspired by expert bloggers and don’t make any research and do not explore it in-depth and when they come into the blogging field they become defeated and eventually raise the ratio of failed bloggers and give negative reviews of blogging.

Failed Bloggers are Poor at selecting Niche

This is a common and primary reason for Blogger failure. People don’t know which niche they should select, which can perform well, and which can provide impressive value. Some of the folk choose high competitive and those niches which already have narrow space for beginners.

Consequently, very few bloggers can succeed in that because trendy and big niches take time and effort to make their name in it. Which not every blogger can do thus ultimately they have to face failure in the blog. The trick to safe from this problem is, to choose a micro niche or a niche have good space for new talent or in case, space does not exist but you are enough challenging and innovative so you can win this game. Confidently choose and flow with it.

Cover all categories or topics related to your niche and be relevant to your niche to build your name for a particular niche quickly.

High Expectations From a Blog

Blogging is not made for lazy people and can not be done in a couple of months. It is a time-consuming thing. Firstly, blogging made the bloggers familiar with its aspects then demand implementation and finally start to produce bucks.
Most beginner bloggers when beginning a blog expect within the three or four months we’ll start to generate money through the blog but in reality, it’s not true in some conditions it can happen ( Like you already have a target audience and your brand is already built such as meta if in future meta launch a new project they easily can start to produce capital in a couple of weeks). The time they realize it they start to lose interest, kick It, and jump on other projects.
If you want to be a blogger so keep in mind blogging is a time-changing field therefore it demands time. So make sure that you are not expecting a high start that can reduce your interest and confidence. But you can set monthly goals and can achieve them one by one and eventually one day you will be the king of blogging.

Fear of Trouble is a Sign of a Blogger Failure

Blogging is a digital business and like all other businesses blogs have obstacles. Generally, failed bloggers seemed that blogging is a smooth business but no, the blog is a kind of money tree that needs proper efforts and care to grow and become able to make money.
During the development time of blogs, bloggers face problems they become worried and believe that it’s not possible to solve this issue. Such as some failed bloggers do not get monetize their blogs by ad networks.
They do not take a deep audit of the website to find out the cause of rejection and some of the time they even don’t know what is the error. The reason for this type of situation is the poor knowledge of blogging. They don’t invest their time and money to solve the problems. Only become worried and start to avoid blogging and eventually they leave the blogging and new failed bloggers come into the market.

No Consistency in Blogging

In blogging each thing needs consistency. Suppose you are generating creative content for the blog you have to be consistent to produce unique, high quality and trendy content. If you are doing digital marketing for the blog still you have to regularly post engaging content, info graphics, thumbnails, and so on. During the blog, you will have to consistently check post ranking and SEO conditions.

It is the same with the marketing campaign and with the AdSense earnings. In short, all aspects of blogging need you every day to check, update and do your best. Therefore, previously I said blogging is not made for lazy and hurry bloggers. Blogging required a complete time to reach a stage to become a consistent and reliable source of income. If you are doing blogging or are willing to do. I recommend you give your 6 months to blogging you will love it.

Low Traffic

Traffic on blogs is the main factor that is necessary to produce revenue which can be in form of sales, ads, or leads. Poor traffic means poor earnings. What if your blog is not receiving high traffic for a long time period. Obviously, you will consider it, and when you start to analyze you will see that you are doing blogging mistakes from the beginning.

It is perfectly normal because you were a beginner and it was essential to understand what factors are the significant points to consider and cannot be neglected. What’s the reason for blogging failure in low traffic issues? Not trying new and different things to get traffic is not okay.
If you do not try new techniques so how will you know what techniques are work and worthy for your particular blog? And when you do not understand these things you cannot increase your sales and ultimately you will have to stop blogging.

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