Latest 80+ YouTube Channel ideas for you in 2021
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Latest 80+ YouTube Channel ideas for you in 2021


Do you want to start a youtube channel? but don’t know what kind of channel to do don’t worry I’ve compiled a big list of 80+ youtube channel ideas for you. I’ve also spent a lot of time putting together some additional info like how to apply each of these channel ideas.

So, let’s get straight into the list of all-time best channel ideas for you:


This is a hugely popular category on youtube and the ad revenue on these channels is quite high you can easily start this type of channel if you have expertise in any particular software like photoshop, premiere pro, final cut pro, or hundreds of others. All you need is a screen recorder and a video editor, a mic, and or camera if you want to appear on the screen. However, for this type of channel, You don’t need to show your face you can just do on-screen tutorials.

Product reviews:

These are always popular on youtube you might have heard of Marcus Brownlee. Who is one of the best to do it. No reason why you couldn’t do a similar channel if you have a passion for any particular niche of products. I won’t talk through every single channel idea on this list but these first few are evergreen channel ideas that will always have a strong viewership on youtube.

How to study:

This niche is growing in popularity as more people are studying at home on the internet and may need to prepare for exams without being in school. Popular channels in this niche are Ali Abdul and many more channels.


In that, you can talk about the different business ideas with the complete details.


In this field, you can work on list items in vast categories like a list of best dermatologists in the US.

Vlog ideas:

In the vlog channel idea, you can provide ideas to other people to make new vlogs.


Do Challenges and give it to your viewer to do it too. Also, tell them to share their videos with you, then share their videos on your youtube channel and request them to share them on social media.

Response Video:

House and popular place tours are often a popular category of video among viewers. 


A timelapse channel will reveal hidden details of a scene that would not be noticeable in an original video.

Question and answers:

Question and answers idea could cover a variety of categories. 


Tips are usually similar to educational and tutorial-based videos but tips are more simplified and exact to point.

Discussion channel ideas for you:

Select a trending or engaging topic to discuss with the audience.

Draw My Life:

In this type of youtube, channel videos are involved to demonstrate people or celebrities’ actual life stories in the form of drawings.

Things to Do:

When people get bored, they’ll look for new things to do. So you can provide them interesting but useful ideas to do.

Cute Video:

Cute videos are one of the most demanding YouTube video ideas, and will always get viral.

Tag Videos:

This category of YouTube channel ideas involves a channel share a video or a complete tutorial or a challenge from other channels by giving proper credit.


Comparison videos are always helpful for many YouTube users to choose different products.

Showcase Your Talents:

If you have any talent, skill, or ability then don’t hesitate to showcase that to all youtube users.

Fashion and Beauty Trends:

Keep an eye on the latest fashion or beauty trends or be a trend creator and then showcase or discuss them in your youtube videos.

Customization Options:

This category has many sub-categories like personalizing hairstyles, attires, weapons, web development, toys, cars, and other equipment, etc.

Gaming News:

You can be a great sensation on youtube when you provide games or gamers latest news.

Season Recap:

Creating a fan-made version of any popular season or tv serials you can get lots of views in a very short time.

Recreate Famous Scenes or images:

That scene or image can be any celebrity or events etc.

Explore Local talent:

Not all talented people get the attention that they deserve, but you can be a great medium for them by exploring them on the internet.

Now I’ll show you the rest of the best channel ideas list but the key thing to remember is that if you want to start a channel just create something that you’re passionate about that way you won’t lose hope or you won’t lose focus later on. It’s hard making content on a consistent basis so if you choose something you’re passionate about and that you love doing you’ll keep doing it.

I’ve heard many people say that the riches are in the niches and that’s true in most cases so you don’t want to just start a broad generalized channel ideally you want to start something that you can drill down on focus on and have a core market segment that you can target you can literally make a youtube channel on anything.

Take Interviews 

Parodies videos 

Sports and Fitness niche

Movies and TV

Personal Story

Fashion ideas

Comedy Sketch Video

YouTube Gaming Channels

Unboxing videos

Pranked videos

Experiment videos

Favorite Quotes

Workout Advice

Motivational Videos

Match Analysis

Personal/life advisor 

Favorite/Latest Movie reviews 

Actor Bio/News 

Discuss Future Releases

Make Short Films

Reaction videos

Makeup Challenge

Skincare Routine

Gameplay Streaming

Customer Testimonials Videos

Product Launch Videos

Promote an Event with Videos

Show Off all Apps/Websites with YouTube Videos

Give Business Advice

Product Tutorials Ideas

Makeup Tutorial YouTube Video Ideas

Hair Tutorial

Clothes Tips

Behind the Scenes

Daily Routine

Celebrity Gossip Videos

Business Intro

Animatied videos

Life Hacks

Animal Videos

Educational videos 

Funny videos

Cartoon videos

Explore street foods

Explore local business

A list of channel ideas for you is complete here. I hope you will like this effort and let me know in the comments if you started a channel and what your channel is about. I would love to see what types of content you guys are making. Stay blessed!

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