Again: Classified Military Documents Leaks on War Thunder’s Official Forums

Classified Military Documents Leaks on War Thunder's

In the world of gaming, certain communities have a knack for making headlines with their peculiar obsessions and unique brand of humor. War Thunder, a popular online multiplayer game centered around military vehicles, is one such community that seems to have an uncanny knack for courting controversy. This time, it’s the recurring issue of classified military documents making their way onto the War Thunder forums.

The Odd Phenomenon of Leaked Military Documents

Imagine telling a joke repeatedly, and with each repetition, it becomes more surreal and perplexing. That’s the situation War Thunder forums find themselves in. According to Wikipedia, they are experiencing their 11th classified military document leak, with six occurrences just this year. The recent leak involves a 730-page manual for the DA7, a variant of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

@BurkeKrohn, a Twitter user known for his expertise in aviation, first spotted the leak. The posted document, dated 2003, contained a flight manual for the DA7 Eurofighter Typhoon, an Italian variant of the Eurofighter considered for adoption by the Italian Air Force. While the DA7 variant is no longer in use, the export and use of the aircraft remain restricted in non-NATO countries.

Why Gaijin Entertainment Removed the Post

Gaijin Entertainment, the developer of War Thunder, promptly removed the post containing the classified manual. The company, which operates its game worldwide, avoids using any documentation with even residual classified status, regardless of its public availability. In the past, Gaijin has taken similar actions when dealing with documents that, while publicly available, still retained limited classified status. For instance, they removed a post containing the F-16 flight manual in January 2023 because it contained export-restricted data and violated US law.

The Motivation Behind Leaking Classified Documents

The intriguing question that arises is: Why do War Thunder players repeatedly post classified documents? The answer lies in their passion for the game and their desire to see changes in vehicle performance, whether it involves buffs or nerfs. This pattern has become somewhat standard in the War Thunder community.

Typically, a player becomes disgruntled when they feel that a vehicle’s in-game representation does not align with its real-world capabilities. To prove their point, they resort to leaking a classified document. However, Gaijin Entertainment operates solely on publicly available information, refusing to use classified data. This policy can be frustrating when players believe that their favorite vehicles are not accurately portrayed in the game.

Additionally, the War Thunder player base wields considerable influence. They have demonstrated their power by instigating significant changes to the game’s economy through review bombing. This combination of player passion, perceived inaccuracies, and a community in on the joke has created a recipe for the leaking of classified military documents.

The In-Joke of the Gaming Community

War Thunder’s peculiar predicament has turned into an in-joke within both the gaming community and the wider sphere of online humor. A meme has even emerged that humorously encapsulates the situation. It depicts War Thunder players as rivet-counting armchair generals armed with folders full of classified PDFs, ready to upload whenever they detect a game imbalance.

Comparatively, other gaming communities do not bat an eyelid when a World of Warcraft player shares a plethora of Orc lore to defend their character against nerfs. Nor do they raise an eyebrow when a League of Legends player points out inconsistencies in the game’s lore based on archived Riot Games stories. However, because War Thunder deals with historical and modern military hardware, a similar scenario manifests as classified military documents about the Eurofighter Typhoon rather than fantasy novels or obscure lore pages.


The curious case of classified military documents repeatedly appearing on War Thunder forums showcases the complex and unique nature of online gaming communities. While it may seem perplexing to outsiders, it’s a testament to the passion and dedication of players who want to see their beloved game reflect real-world military capabilities accurately.

As long as the game remains rooted in historical and modern military hardware, War Thunder’s forums will likely continue to make headlines with their classified document leaks, much to the bemusement of the gaming world.

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