Apple Reverses iOS 17 Call Screen Button Shift After User Feedback

Apple Reverses iOS 17 Call Screen Button Shift

Apple’s iOS 17 update, introduced during the highly anticipated Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, was generally well-received for its array of enhancements and refinements. However, one seemingly innocuous change caused a stir among users: the relocation of the end-call button to the bottom right-hand corner of the call screen grid.

Recognizing the significance of user familiarity and convenience, Apple has made a decisive reversal of this decision. The end call button is now being shifted back to its previous central-bottom position, reminiscent of its placement in iOS 16. This alteration, while seemingly minor, underscores Apple’s commitment to ensuring that user interaction with its devices remains intuitive and seamless.

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The initial shift of the end-call button was part of a broader update to the call screen’s user interface (UI) in the iOS 17 beta version. The update aimed to accommodate the integration of the Contact Posters feature, which introduced changes in the arrangement of icons and buttons on the call screen. This adjustment placed the icon grid closer to the bottom of the screen and relocated the end-call button to the bottom right.

Although this alteration had been implemented since the initial release of the iOS 17 beta in June, recent days saw a growing wave of user attention and feedback regarding the button’s new placement. This amplified response suggests that users have strong preferences and habits when it comes to interacting with call screens.

In response to this feedback, Apple has swiftly acted to restore the end-call button to its familiar and widely-practiced position. The latest iterations of the iOS 17 beta — specifically, developer beta version 6 and public beta version 4 — reflect this change, with the button returning to the bottom-center location. This decision aims to cater to users accustomed to the layout of iOS 16 and uphold a sense of continuity in user experience.

As anticipation builds for Apple’s upcoming iPhone unveiling event, expected to take place next month, it is anticipated that the company will unveil the new device alongside the release of the iOS 17 update. This latest episode reaffirms Apple’s customer-centric approach, where even seemingly minor design elements are subjected to scrutiny and adaptation in response to user sentiment.

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