Best tools for blogger to run a successful blog in 2021

Best tools for blogger to run a successful blog in 2021

You already know about the craze of blogging but making blogging Easy and successful is difficult. Especially, when you are not an expert in blogging still want to start your career in it. But don’t worry we are here to help you by giving an article on the best tools for blogger.
These all tools are free, really useful, and legit so feel free to use them. Some of these tools will help you with SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Content creation, Designing, and many different aspects.
So let’s start to check the list of best tools for blogger.

Plagiarism checker:

Plagiarism checker is one of the best tools for bloggers. This tool always helps you to know your content is unique or plagiarized. Unique Content is the key to success in blogging because Along with Google, everyone looks for unique content. So whenever you create content for your blog don’t forget to check the plagiarism. On google, many plagiarism checkers are present some are free or some paid. But here is my recommended plagiarism tool that is It works perfectly and gives the true result but the best practice is to test your content two times.

Mobile friendly checker tool for blogger :

This mobile-friendly checker tool is tell us how our website is looking and working on mobile devices. With unique, high-quality content, site responsiveness on all mobile devices is also important. So you must have checked your blog is mobile-friendly or not. 80% of people use mobile devices to check blog posts. Therefore, google company also takes it as a very important point, so it is not a neglectable factor. Among different mobile-friendly checkers, our suggested tool is It will check your all blog pages posts manually and then show the result.

Page speed checker:

This tool is also one of the best tools for bloggers. It is used to check the loading speed of web pages. It is an important factor of SEO. Many peoples don’t take this factor as important and by ignoring it apply for AdSense, so as a result, they face the rejection from Adsense team. Google also knows the importance of webpages speed, thus, they created their own tool which is free to use and very effective. This tool name is pageSpeed insights. It shows the result for desktop and for mobile devices along with the error details. By solving that errors you can increase the website loading speed.

Meta tags generator:

This tool helps you to create meta tags. Meta tags are also an important factor of SEO and everyone knows about them. But the creation and addition of meta tags for noncoders are seemed difficult. Therefore many peoples create tools to make meta tags simple and headache-free. My favorite tool for meta tags creation is Just add your site title, description, and keywords, and click on the generate meta tags. Then just copy the code and add it into the header of your home page of the website.

Google search console:

Google search console tool is used to check the website performance in Google searches. It tells us which pages and posts of our blog are indexed or executed from google searches. Here we also submit the sitemap to explain the google which things to index or which not, along with a map of our site which helps Google better understand the concept of our websites. It also covers the other analytics of our sites like mobile usability of our site and Impressions and clicks details. If you don’t know how to use it then you can search more for it.

Seo tools:

Seo tools among all bloggers tools will help us in SEO. All bloggers always use SEO tools to check the on-page SEO and off-page SEO, organic keywords details, monthly organic traffic details, To measure DA score, check the ranking of keywords, and for all the many other factors like backlinks details, broken links, etc. For SEO tools we always have to go for the paid tools because in the free version just limited access we get which is not enough. Therefore for enjoying the best result we do some investment. Many tools are present for SEO but my favorite is and Similarweb is usually helping us to keep eye on our competitors and works very well for many other things.

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Google analytics:

This tool gives you the report of daily traffic details, real-time users reports, medium of traffic, Country of traffic, and many more. Google analytics this tool is also developed by google company for bloggers to access the analytics of their websites. This tool is very amazing and easy to use and the linking process is also simple. You just have to log in to google analytics then create an account (You can check the videos on YouTube to connect your site with google analytics) and then add the code to your website header section.

Broken link checker:

Broken links of websites are those links that have nothing to show. A broken link always gives a 404 error. These broken links create due to many reasons but the most important reasons are whenever you change the URL or do mistakes during the creation of posts or pages or web users add the broken link in the comments. It badly affects the user experience and is not liked by google and also it is not good by SEO aspect. So best practice is whenever you sit for your site audit then don’t forget to do the test of broken links. Usually, all SEO tools have the option of broken links but mostly just they give the numbers of broken links without the detail of the exact location of broken links position. My favorite broken link checker is Its layout and use are very simple along with great functionality. This blogger tool checks the 1500 URL for free but for more you have to use the premium plan.

Google Keyword explore best tool for blogger:

It is the best tool for bloggers which helps to explore all about the keywords. Just use the filters and get the best searching result for the particular keywords. In Google keyword explore we can get the particular keywords searching details with CPC, synonyms, and along with more keywords ideas. Which are mostly searched by people. All bloggers use it to get ideas for content. It is a product of Google so it is free. With this blogger tool, we can also start a paid campaign on google. 

Image copy checker:

This tool, bloggers use to check a particular image is unique or not (previously used or not). Like the unique content google also wants unique images. Google not like copied images. We always suggest to all bloggers create a unique image otherwise before using any image do a test at to check this image is previously present on google or not. It is a free tool so use it freely.

If you are a blogger and a writer of your blog too. Then this tool is a very Masterpiece for you because this tool has the capability to save a lot of time while writing the article. is a voice typing tool. This tool is free of cost, easy to use, and has many advanced features. After typing the text, you guys can save your typed text file in different formats along with the option of upload to drive and email. It also has some other options for the premium version such as word count. In case, you are using the free version so it is completely perfect for you will not need to the use premium version because all necessary features are available in the free version.

Bulk email validity checker

All expert Bloggers knows that what is the importance of email marketing in blogging. Almost all bloggers add the feature of “subscribe to over weekly newsletter” to increase and engage with their visitors. With this feature, they get the emails, and sometimes they also purchase the email list for the sake of email marketing but even so often some emails are not valid. Thus they check for valid emails before doing the marketing. But checking all emails manually is a very difficult task, Therefore today I am giving you a tool to check email validity in bulk and for free. That tool name is. Just open this tool and start to check the validity of emails in bulk.


Canva is a graphic designing tool. This tool is very extraordinary. Here you can see many ready-made templates for all kinds of posts. This tool also gives the option to create a custom design for any dimensions along with the option of different text, images, elements, and many more. A good blogger always creates unique and copyright-free images for the articles. For this purpose, this tool is a complete package for free.

Images format converter

In the blogging field, bloggers always need to convert images in different formats for different purposes but the main reason is to increase the page loading time of the website. is the pro package for all types of image converting tasks. This website also has many other tools to help bloggers you guys can check them too by accessing their website by using this name.

We have completed the list of best tools for blogger. These all tools are very important to making the blogging journey successful that is why it is mostly used by all expert bloggers. I hope this article will really help you.

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