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Nowadays, making money in online marketplaces is super easy, fast, and secure, but only 13% of the world are making money by sitting at home which is a very low number. The reason for this is still peoples are not familiar and confident to using the internet to make money. But I want to bring all the ideas that can make you self-employed very quickly and risk-free therefore today I want to share an amazing platform that provides the various ways to make money without any special knowledge, experience, or demands.
Presently, it is a very underrated forum but I can bet, with time and when the people will be more familiar with it. It will give great competition but for now, it is effortless for beginners to take a startup on this platform to earn money. The platform name is billo app.

What is billo app?

Billlo app is a place where e-commerce and different brands meet with productive video creators to create videos for their brands. The types of videos are various such as testimonial, unboxing, how To video, and custom video ads such as for social media marketing. The price for video creation is 59 dollars.

Billo app reviews for billo influencers

Billo is a legit forum moreover thousand of video creators are working as billo influencers and they are really satisfied because they are getting daily tasks and making $3000 in a month (30 dollars for one video) along with the free different products and cash rewards. It is overall a very good package by billo app for new and beginner video creators.

If you want to work on billo app you don’t need to be an influencer, you don’t need to have a large number of followers and share the created videos with the audience to get paid. Only you have to create a perfect video and deliver it to the owner. That is the all work.

6 ways to make money with billo app

The people who are working on billo website just know one method to earn capital with billo app and it is to create custom videos and get paid but I will explain the total six methods that any billo influencer can use to make money on billo app.

Create videos

The first one is the method that is very well known and also mention on the billo app content creators page, “creates a video for different brands and gets paid”. This method is a very simple and main method to earn money on the billo platform. Just choose appropriate tasks make videos and get paid.

Billo affiliate program

Billo offers an affiliate program to promote its platform. If you want to use this method so you just have to share your affiliate link with the person you want to join and whenever they get approved for their first pitch video you will get 20 dollars for per sign up via your referral link. It is a very fast and effortless second method to generate money through billo app because nowadays everyone is an influencer and wants to join platforms that can help them to earn extra cash along with free kinds of stuff to use and test.

Sell the products

When you will make the videos for brands and test their product definitely you will get the products to test. Of course, not all the time you will like to use these products. At this time you can sell this product to increase your earnings. It is a really great idea and I have already used this method and sold 100+ products and generated up to $4000 by using this smart method.

The process of selling products is also very simple and fast because all the products are branded and amazing. We know that people love to buy products that actually work. Thus you guys can use this third method to make extra cash.

Extra rewards

The fourth method is extra rewards that you will get after creating the 20 videos in a month. If you completed 20 tasks in a month then on the 20 video and after these 20 videos you will get the extra cash for each video that you will complete in a month. The extra cash amount is also very attractive and can be a reason to use this platform as a full-time job. Many of my friends work on this platform full time and they apply daily for different tasks to get the maximum work.

Promote the product

Micro and macro brands are available on the billo app and most of the time their products are also available on Amazon-like platforms. In case, you are working for a brand that is already present on Amazon like marketplaces. Then you can start to promote their brand by using their affiliate program and contacting them ( if they have no affiliate program).

Moreover, you can unbox or can promote their products on your social media accounts and on YouTube channels. Whenever people will watch the video and buy a product. You will get more money that can be enough to make you happy. It is a very bonus tip so try to share it with others to help them to earn more money.

Build business portfolio

The last method is to utilize these video ads to create your freelancing portfolio, modeling portfolio, influencer portfolio. You know that whenever you are near to getting hired by different brands, they will always ask for the portfolio to know your capabilities and check your skills. In this situation, these videos portfolio can be really helpful to grab clients in and outside of billo website.

In short, you can contact the other companies by showing your videos and telling them I make this testimonial, unboxing, and custom video ads for these famous brands and how much their sales are increased and I can do the same things for you. If your videos are well then most of the time they will hire you as per your demand. That is why I thought this method should be shared with you to enhance your income.

Tips for billo app creators to create videos

The last five methods come after the pitch video in which you create the videos for the different brands and you know that if your video quality is good you will be hired otherwise you have to face difficulties. That is the reason along with the ways to make money with billo app I want to share some tips that really work for other billo video creators to become successful billo influencers. So let’s start to check these tips one by one.

On the billo app, a section is available to select different categories. That is really important to check before applying and knowing where you can perform well and it is also very important for the billo influencer who wants to work in a long term. Always choose the categories that you found you can give your best and you are best to do this video. If you Rush and choose multiple categories so it can be trouble while creating perfect videos.

Attractive video

The perfect Pitch video is the first and very important method that will not just make the money but also will open the doors of other methods to produce more income. Therefore the pitch videos should be really attractive and perfect to satisfy the marketing needs of owners.

Videos should bring energy, excitement and be able to get the attention of people that ultimately will yield wanted marketing results. To get the maximum results, you must know what you have to do with the particular video. Understand the purpose of the video creation then deliver the best knowledge, expression, and impression through the video.

Video quality

Video lighting, editing, background, expressions, camera, communication skills are the important parameters that you must have to check before recording and creating a video for any brand. The more you focus on these parameters you will be more successful as a video creator.

How to apply for tasks on billo app

As a beginner, you have to apply for the 400 tasks in a month then you will be hired for 90 jobs. 90 jobs along with extra cash rewards can make 4500 dollars for you. If you want you can apply for more tasks and actually this ratio is not the same for all the people because more creativity and timing can produce more jobs. And when you understand the procedure of billo marketing, video creation, gain experience, and have a portfolio then automatically you will get more and more jobs to do on the daily basis.

Here is the end of the all tips and all the ways that can be used to produce money using with billo app as a billo video creator. I hope, you found this article helpful and definitely you are going to give a try to this method to earn some attractive money. If you have any queries and want to know more same ideas then don’t forget to visit this website because we are on the mission to create content that can give the best ideas to earn online money smartly and fast.

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