Blogging tips of this year to growing blog in 6 months

Blogging tips to growing blog

We all know that with the passage of time all things change. Blogging and blogging tips are also one of them. In the last 10 years, our concept about blogging was very simple and one but now there are many types of blogging and more complicated to understand and difficult to differentiate. Same as the concept, the process to grow a blog has changed. 

Therefore, in this article, I want to share the blogging tips for this year to follow for all beginner bloggers or those people, who are looking to know how to grow their blogging career in 2022. The last few year’s ranking on search engines was very easy with the use of different techniques, such as listing websites, articles, pages links on ad listing sites.

The use of grey hat SEO was also ok. But when people started to rank by using black hat SEO techniques on irrelevant queries, Google took this very seriously and set many factors to follow to rank higher on the Google search engine. These are all blogging tips that I am sharing, are a really perfect recipe to grow your blog in under six months. I am ready to bet you, you will start to get 20k monthly visitors if you start to follow it from today for six months.  In short, these blogging tips are very effective because I compiled them after much effort from all my experience. 

Social media presence

The first and the most precious tip from blogging tips is social media presence. Before entering the blogging field make your presence on social media. It can be your favorite platform that you think will be better according to the needs of your work. Different niches require a presence in different media. For instance, if you are working on the news category then your presence should be on Twitter and Facebook. On the other hand, if you are offering affiliated products then you should have created your account on Pinterest-like platforms. 

Social media presence means making your social media accounts and growing them by posting regularly, By engaging with the audience. For sure of your success, even you can invest and take it as a business, because if you will succeed. It will be worth and you will easily redirect your audience from social media accounts to your blog or your website. Where you are selling any kind of product or service. 

This step is also very important to get different ideas. Such as how much your content is in demand, Is your content good enough to engage a high audience? It will also give you an idea of how much you have the knowledge to share and will also be able to be aware of your potential. 

Before starting your blogging career, working on this step will not be a time waste. Because it will be beneficial in both cases if you are successful or will fail. If you start to get a good audience in the first three months then it will be a positive sign to start a blogging career in the same niche. Or unfortunately, if you fail to get a high audience. Still, it is good and safe. You will have another choice to do without any regret of wasting time and money. So, I really recommend it. 

Don’t forget to try this step before starting your career in blogging. I see many people who first make their presence on social media and get followers in the thousands. Then they start their blog and from the very first month start to get a handsome amount of money from their blog. 

Post constantly 

Daily more than 10,000 new blogs are created and in half of these numbers, people goodbye to their blogs. Reasons can be different but the most common reason is the low audience. 70% of bloggers in the starting of blogging instead of creating content spend their time getting the audience. 

Tell me your opinion, is it will be good if your blog has just 10 posts and you are promoting your blog via different methods. No, it will not be a good step. Firstly post more than 50 articles under five different categories then start to promote the blog. While during the promotion of a blog, you must post once in a couple of days to engage more with your present and new audience to force them to keep visiting. It will also give a positive sign to Google crawlers to keep crawling your site. Which will definitely improve your position of articles on different queries.

Blogging tips for Guest posts

Now, these words are very common among bloggers. Guest posts are really good to grow in blogging career. The benefits of guest posting are many. If you post two guest posts in a month then it can give you 10,000 visitors. Have you got an idea about the power of guest posting?

It is just possible when you post on relevant websites. Do you don’t know what is the relevant website for the guest posting for your site? No, then hire a freelancer from Fiverr for this service at low prices.
Keep doing guest posting not just at the beginning of your blogging career but also after establishing a good blog.


We can get backLinks from various methods but the most relevant and favorite method to get backlinks of Google is from guest postings. Which come from high authority, relevant websites. Types of backlinks are two: the first is do-follow and the second is no-follow. The links we get from guest posting are both types. But the most value-giving backlink is the do-follow backlink. The higher number of backlinks you have means the more chances to rank in the first position of Google.

Except for guest posting you can get natural no-follow or do-follow backlinks by creating complete and full detailed content on a topic. When you are just working on a WordPress-related niche. Then, all the people covering WordPress topics, when need to prefer anybody to learn or get solutions to anything about WordPress. Then definitely, they will mention your blog in their articles, emails, and even their ebooks.

All types of backlinks will help you to get organic and referral traffic. Which ultimately doubles the revenue and authority level of your site.

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Do some unique

If we search for a single keyword then we get results for thousands of articles. Which means there is no lack of content. And we all know that competition is very high. So when competition increases we need to do something different and something unique which should be previously not available.

What will you do entirely is up to you and your category. This time wants something different, creative, and more interesting. Analyze your niche and all the content, which is presently available on digital media and point out what is absent. Next, you are a genius.

Learn to play with words

Interesting and meaningful content always attracts the audience. Whenever you create the content for your site your article title should be attractive and it must have enough power so no one leaves it without clicking on it. To reach this point you must know how to play with the words. There are three types of behavior of people to remember while creating the title: that are curiosity, knowledge, And question.

Article in the form of voice recording

One new thing is very rapidly adapted by bloggers and that is the addition of voice recording of the whole article in the post. It is a very interesting and advanced feature. This feature can be beneficial for different websites. Especially, in that case when your website language is local. By that feature, you will have an option to and a voice recording in English of the article. If your languages are in English still you can add this feature in all the articles.

But another feature I want to suggest as compared to voice recording. People already used it for marketing and on YouTube channels but not on their websites. In this feature, they convert the whole article into a video. But at that time, the voice recording of the full article is getting popular.

If you want you can add it. It will be helpful to gain more traffic to your site because not all people want to read the article. Especially a long-form article. So it will be a great feature for all the people. Who would not want to read that. But they can easily hear it. As compared to voice recording, video articles are most liked by people. My opinion and my marketing experience are also confirmed that visual things attract more audience which definitely grows your blog traffic.

Importance of SEO in blogging tips

Between all the blogging tips we can’t neglect the importance of SEO. If you are getting 60% traffic from the referrals and advertising section. Then your 40% traffic must come by off-page and on-page SEO for running blogs smoothly. The ratio of the traffic source should be divided into all sections. If you want to get all types of traffic, work on all factors.

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