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If you are poor thank to the God

If you are poor thank to the God

If you are poor people then thank God for that. After reading this line most readers will think the writer is mad? How we can be thankful to God because we are poor, we have […]

attitude of a leader

What is the attitude of a leader and how to adapt it

Why everyone can’t be a leader? What is the actual thing to creates a difference between a leader and a fan? It is a game of attitude.You will be a follower or a leader is […]

body shaming

Say no to body shaming

Are you suffering from body shaming and want to know what to do when someone does it with you. If yes then this article is made for you.  Do you know why a person gets […]

Don't be tired

Don’t be tired

You want to achieve your goal but you are tired.If you are getting tired. Then, do you really think you want to achieve greatness in your life?Really you want to get something different?Really you have […]

Be disciplined to sure success

Be disciplined to sure success

You have to be disciplined to sure success but what is discipline and why need to be disciplined? All the great folks with great victories know very well about the importance as well as what […]

why You should never give up

Why you should never give up

You have a dream, a goal. That can be education, career, business, or anything and now you are terrified and tired by continuous failure and now want to give up? Then, Read this beautiful masterpiece […]