How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram

Fake followers

In the world of social media, Instagram has emerged as one of the most influential platforms for individuals, businesses, and brands to connect with their target audience. With over a billion active users, it’s no surprise that the race for popularity, to beat the competition and influence has led some business and Insatgram influencers to resort to dishonest tactics, such as purchasing fake followers.

Fake followers are bots that is run by a computer program, designed to mimic a real person. Bots are often used to boost follower counts, likes, and comments on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

In this article, we will explore various methods and techniques to help you check fake followers on Instagram. when you should check fake followers, danger of fake followers and more. Whether you’re an brand, influencer, marketer, or an individual looking to maintain a trustworthy online presence, understanding these methods can empower you to make informed decisions and protect your reputation. Let’s dive in!

When You should Check Fake Followers on Instagram

  • There are many moments when you should spot fake followers:
  • When you are making any purchase or doing shopping from a new instagram stores and brands don’t forget to check their profile, followers and comments .This simple step can save from a lose.
  • If you are a influencer on instagram . It become very important to spot and remove fake followers from your account. Brands want to collaborate with influencers who can genuinely influence their target audience. By showcasing an authentic and engaged following, you enhance your credibility and attract reputable brands for potential collaborations. Checking for fake followers demonstrates your commitment to transparency and ensures that brands can trust your influence and the reach of their campaigns.
  • If you are running a business on instagram so you really need to check fake followers on your account. Checking for fake followers on Instagram is not just a recommended practice, it’s essential for protecting your credibility, enhancing engagement, and maintaining a genuine online presence. Prioritizing quality over quantity and upholding the integrity of your account will contribute to long-term success on Instagram and solidify your position as an brand and trustworthy presence in the digital space.
  • It is also becomes crucial for Instagram users to know how to identify and check for fake followers to maintain authenticity and build genuine connections with others and brands.

The Danger of Fake Followers

Fake followers are not necessarily harmful, they can be used to create a false sense of popularity or success, and they can be used to target ads and promotional content to a wider audience than would otherwise be possible. Fake followers can also be used to spread misinformation and disinformation, as well as to boost engagement numbers on social media platforms artificially.

All of this can have a negative impact on users of social media, as well as on society as a whole. When users are misled or manipulated by fake accounts, it can lead to them making poor decisions or taking actions that they wouldn’t otherwise take. Additionally, when fake accounts are used to spread misinformation or disinformation, it can create mistrust and division among people. Finally, when engagement numbers are artificially inflated by fake accounts, it can make it difficult for peoples to trust on real brans, businesses and organizations.

How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram

Here are the all methods and tricks that can be utilize to spot fake followers on instagram. So keep reading!

Analyzing Follower-to-Engagement Ratio

One of the initial signs of fake followers can be a disproportionate follower-to-engagement ratio. If an account has a significant number of followers but lacks consistent likes, comments, or shares on their posts, it raises suspicion. Genuine followers are more likely to engage with the content they enjoy, whereas fake followers tend to remain dormant.

How Many Followers Does the Account Have?

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Instagram is by looking at the number of followers they have. If an account has a suspiciously high number of followers – especially if they’re following a similar number of people – it’s likely that they’re using bots to inflate their numbers.

Another red flag is if the account has a low number of posts but a high number of followers. This could be an indication that the account was created solely for the purpose of boosting follower counts.

How Active Is the Account?

Another way to check fake followers is by looking at how active the account is. Bots are often created to boost engagement on a particular post or hashtag, so they tend to be very active, liking and commenting on a large number of posts.

If an account is liking and commenting on an unusually high number of posts, especially if those posts are not related to each other, it’s likely that they’re fake instagram account.

What Do the Comments Say?

Another way to spot a fake follower is by looking at the comments they leave on posts. Bot comments are often generic and nonspecific, and they often don’t make sense in relation to the post they’re commenting on.

For example, a bot might leave a comment like “Great post!” on a post about a natural disaster. Or they might leave a comment like “I love your products!” on a post that’s not even selling anything.

Do the Followers Look Real?

When looking at an account’s followers, pay attention to whether they look real or not. Many times, bot insatgram accounts will follow other bot accounts, so their follower lists will look suspicious.

Another red flag is if all of the account’s followers have few or no posts of their own. This could be an indication that they’re fake accounts that were created solely for the purpose of following other accounts.

To Check Fake Followers Examine Is the Account Private?

Many times,fake followers accounts will be set to private so that only people who are already following them can see their posts. This is because fake accounts often don’t have any real content of their own, so they don’t want anyone to see their posts unless they’re already following them.

If an account is private and you can’t see any of their posts, but you suspect they’re using bots, you can try sending them a direct message and asking to see their posts. If they don’t respond or if they refuse to show you their posts, it’s likely that they’re fake instagram account.

Examine the Follower Profiles to Check Fake Followers

Take a closer look at the profiles of followers. Fake accounts often exhibit several common characteristics such as incomplete or generic bios, lack of profile pictures, minimal posts, and a large number of accounts they follow compared to their own followers. While these factors alone may not confirm fake followers, they serve as red flags that warrant further investigation.

Are There Any Suspicious Links?

Bots will often post links to suspicious websites in their comments or in their bio section. These websites are often designed to look like legitimate news sites, but they’re actually fake sites that are used to spread disinformation.

If you see a link to a website that you’ve never heard of before, be sure to do some research before clicking on it. You can use a website like Snopes or FactCheck to see if the website is legitimate or not.

Sudden Spikes in Follower Count Spot Fake Followers

Keep an eye on an account’s follower count over time. If there are sudden and significant spikes in follower numbers without any apparent reason or noteworthy content, it could indicate the acquisition of fake followers. Authentic growth usually occurs gradually, as followers are gained through organic means.

Trust Your Intuition to Check Fake Followers

Lastly, trust your instincts and common sense. If something feels too good to be true, it probably is. Authenticity and genuine connections are vital in building a successful presence on Instagram. If an account’s followers appear too good or too numerous to be real, dig deeper and exercise caution before engaging or associating with them.

Tools to Check Fake Followers on Instagram


HypeAuditor is a powerful tool that analyzes Instagram accounts for fake followers, engagement rates, and overall account quality. It provides an in-depth report with insights on audience demographics, growth patterns, and authenticity of interactions.


SocialBakers is an AI-driven social media management platform that helps identify fake followers on Instagram. By analyzing the follower-to-following ratio, engagement rates, and posting frequency, it can detect suspicious activity and potential fake followers.

IG Audit

IG Audit is a free tool that estimates the percentage of real followers on an Instagram account. It uses machine learning algorithms to assess account activity, including likes, comments, and follower growth to determine the authenticity of the followers.


FollowerCheck is a simple online tool that allows you to analyze any Instagram account for fake followers. By inputting the username, you can get a quick snapshot of the account’s followers, including the percentage of real and fake users.


Iconosquare is a comprehensive social media analytics and management platform that can help you identify fake followers on Instagram. With its advanced analytics features, you can monitor your account’s performance, engagement rates, and audience authenticity to ensure you maintain a genuine following.

Why Peoples Buy Fake Followers

People buy fake followers on Instagram for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • Generally, new business and influencers buy fake followers to give proof of popularity. Having a large number of followers can create an illusion of popularity and credibility. People tend to follow accounts that already have a significant following, as it gives the impression that the content is worth engaging with.
  • Second reason of buying fake followers is to help individuals and businesses quickly increase their online presence. This can be particularly beneficial for new accounts or those looking to expand their reach on the platform.
  • Peoples also buy fake followers to attracting real followers because with a higher follower count, an account may appear more attractive to potential real followers. As mentioned earlier, people are more likely to follow an account that already has a substantial following.
  • Another reason of buying followers is getting influencer status. Many individuals aspire to become influencers on Instagram, and having a large number of followers can help them achieve this goal. Brands often collaborate with influencers for marketing purposes, and a high follower count can attract sponsorship opportunities.
  • In some cases, people buy fake followers to keep up with competitors or peers. They may feel pressure to maintain a certain level of social media success and turn to purchasing followers to maintain their image.

It’s important to note that buying fake followers goes against Instagram’s terms of service and can result in penalties, including the removal of the account. Additionally, fake followers do not contribute to meaningful engagement or long-term growth on the platform.

How to Protect Yourself From Fake Followers

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from fake followers. First, be aware of the signs that an account may be fake (as listed above). Second, don’t follow accounts that you suspect may be fake. Third, don’t engage with fake accounts (i.e., don’t like or comment on their posts). And fourth, if you come across a fake account, report it to the social media platform where it exists. By taking these steps, you can help to protect yourself from being misled or manipulated by fake accounts.

Conclusion: Check Fake Followers

After reading this article, now you know, how to spot the fake followers, why peoples buy fake followers, tools to check spot fake followers, when to check fake followers and more.

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