Ezoic review: What is ezoic and why use it?

ezoic rreview

This ezoic review was created after doing a 7-day survey and research so read it till the last line. Ezoic ad network is extensively getting popular, therefore, every blogger wants to know what ezoic is? How to use it? What is ezoic requirements are? and why you use it? Of course, we love to create the content that our readers want to know, hence this article will give you all the information that a beginner blogger wants to know about the ezoic ad network in the form of honest review.

Ezoic review time: What is ezoic?

Ezoic is not an ad network. Ezoic is an intelligent technology that is created for publishers to help them to give the best User experience by doing the right placement of the ads that automatically increases the overall revenue.
Ezoic software collects the ads from all the ads Networks and ads Technologies optimize them and implement them on the most relevant and sophisticated websites. Thus ezoic monetization feature provides benefits equal to both.

What are the ezoic requirements to join ezoic monetization?

  • Ezoic requirements are not tough and much. Previously there was a condition to register. Only the sites that had 10,000 monthly pageviews can directly be applied for ezoic revenue account but now all the sites that have 10,000 monthly page views or have not can apply for the ezoic account but the process to apply for both is different.
  • Small sites that have lower than 10,000 Monthly pageviews can apply after joining the ezoic access now program whereas big sites can apply directly.
  • The content policy is the same as the Google AdSense has if your site is banned or not approved by Google AdSense due to poor content. It will tough for that site to get approved by ezoic company.
  • If you have an AdSense account or not you can apply for the ezoic accounts in both conditions.
  • When you have applied for the ezoic account you have to wait for 2 to 10 days for response. In case, you don’t get any reply you can send an email to the ezoic support team to get the actual feedback.

Why use ezoic ads?

Now we know what ezoic is and what are the requirements to join it but why use ezoic and why it is getting popular so. Do you know? ezoic is becoming the world’s best ads network for publishers. Because it genuinely increases the revenue to up to 50%. If you are making 100 dollars by using an AdSense like Legit ad network, this artificial intelligence technology will increase your revenue to 180$. Is it not wonderful?

All the publisher communities that have joined ezoic are really satisfied with ezoic service. It is a super tool that covers all the essential features that all bigger and even small successful bloggers need to run their blog smoothly.

Ezoic case studies: Let’s take a look at the features that push bloggers to use ezoic.

More ezoic revenue than Adsense

Getting approval from Adsense is a dream of beginner bloggers and actually, it is a good dream. AdSense is a good choice for all beginner bloggers to make some money from their blogs. But what will be if you get a rejection for the AdSense account again and again while your content is unique. On the other hand, AdSense is not paying you a good CPC. At this time if someone bets, with confidence and proof that, they will not only show the ads on your site but also will pay you more than all other famous high-paying ad networks.

Definitely, it will be a great offer that ezoic is giving to every publisher. If you are already an AdSense user then you can easily upgrade to ezoic monetization platform. Alternatively, if you want to use Adsense and ezoic both, you can do it too but I recommend using Adsense at the backward of ezoic. As we already described, ezoic is the artificial intelligence technology that collects the best ads from their advertiser partners then shows them on the relevant websites.

When ezoic show the most relevant ads by tracking the behavior of the site users, it will increase the click-through rate and the Impressions. When Impressions and click rates increase ezoic revenue ultimately increases. Another thing that will be increased, is the CPC of ads. If you use AdSense and ezoic simultaneously and both networks show the ads on the same website then there will competition among them and the network that bid high for showing the ad on a particular place won. Thus by using both networks you can double the revenue of your site for the same traffic.

Free to use

Usually, all the artificial intelligence technologies that work on this type of Technology always have subscription plans with different features that cost differently but ezoic is becoming popular because you can start to use it without any fee but you have to share 10% of your revenue with ezoic, same as google take from the bloggers. If you don’t want to share your yield with the ezoic then you have to go with ezoic premium plans.
Yeah, ezoic also has premium plans that if you want you can choose for generating the 4X revenue along with other premium features. like more high bids rates, Data Analytics feature, Fastest page loading feature, etc.This ezoic earnings method will help you to generate more yield with the same number of traffic instead of a loss

Fastest acceptance

The registration process of ezoic is super easy and fast. If you are fulfilling all their requirements. The Ezoic team will not take more than one day to review your request especially when you already have an AdSense account. Unfortunately, you do not get approval for the ezoic account. We suggest you check their content policy and then check your drawbacks that are the cause of the rejection and then after the interval of 1 month resend the request.

The main thing to consider is, you cannot apply for the same website with different emails. It will not help you in the case of rejection because ezoic is an advanced technology that has stores all types of data. Its means you can’t be smart with ezoic.

Easy to Quit (no 30-day notice policy)

Big ad networks always have various notice policies before quitting their ad network but ezoic is helping here too. In case, you did not find ezoic beneficial or have any reason such as you don’t need to use it anymore. You can quit it with a single click and without following any notice policy.

Compare Ezoic revenue with your current ad network

Ezoic is a certified partner of hundreds of ad networks. Just in case you are not sure to use Ezoic or want to compare your current ad network with Ezoic to check the CPC rate and all other features that you want to test. You can do it by using Ezoic feature. Ezoic is a complete plan. It is already familiar with the doubts and requirements of publishers therefore Ezoic includes all features that experienced publishers want in an ad network intelligence tool. Its meaning is, it is super easy to compare different ad networks with Ezoic. You already know the quitting option is really simple so why are you waiting to give it a try?

Ezoic tracks the users’ behavior and tests ads layouts

Some bloggers are very concerned about the User experience. They want to make money but they are really serious about providing the best User experience to their users. Obviously, a site that has more ads than the content. It ruins the User experience very badly. When your site User experience will not be good bounce rate will be high and there will be no traffic. No traffic means zero earnings. Ezoic has a solution for this kind of problem. Ezoic always shows relevant and sophisticated ads. Moreover, Ezoic always tests the different ads formats on the websites and runs the ad in the appropriate formats.

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Control number of ezoic ads and their placement

Generally, ezoic shows 6 to 10 ezoic ads on a single page. Sometimes the content length can be high and sometimes can be less. In this type of situation, you can control the number of ads by using the Ezoic ads placement control center. Furthermore, if you want to change the position of the ad, you can change it too.

Data collection

Google Analytics is a well-known tool that bloggers use to analyze site data. Ezoic also provides an incredible Data Collection feature that you can use to check the user’s behavior on your site, Users location, Spending time, Active number of users, New users, Regular users, etc. By using this data collection feature you can make decisions like what type of content you should need to create and which country should be targeted, etc.

Ezoic Support Service

Any service cannot be good until their customer service is poor. Any product or tool that you use and find good but go through times when you don’t understand what to do and what is the problem. At this time you look for the customer service, if it is good you will definitely recommend it to others and love to use it for a long time because you know that, if you will have any problem in the future their customer service will be here to drag you out. Whereas on the other hand, support service is not well and not supportive so no one will like to use it in the long term.
Ezoic beats the other ad Network at this point too. Ezoic Support is really amazing. During setup of an ezoic account, Ezoic company provides a manager that will help you at any point.

Ezoic site speed review

Site speed has a huge impact on performance therefore site speed cannot be neglected. But site one starts to display ads so it affects the site speed. If your site speed is ok then all is well, but in case your site speed is poor and you think it should be fast. Ezoic has a ezoic site speed service for it that can improve your website speed very greatly. It is a ezoic premium feature but I really suggest you use it whereas the final decision is yours.

Final words for ezoic review

It is a legit ezoic review and I tried to cover the all points in this ezoic case studies. I hope you will like this ezoic review. Furthermore you have any queries about anything, you can ask in the comment section below.

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