Successful Fiverr Id Verification in 2 Min For All Countries

Fiverr id verification

In this article, we will talk in detail about Fiverr id verification. Generally, beginner users have nothing known about the Fiverr id verification process. And they do that kind of mistake (Especially during the creation of the Fiverr account and while doing the Fiverr id verification) that can cause disabling or restriction to their account.

This article contains my personal experience of Fiverr account verification along with the proper details of how to verify the identity on Fiverr in just 2 minutes successfully.

Fiverr id verification is a process that All Fiverr users have to go through for one time to continue their freelance career on Fiverr.

Fiverr Company is very strict about providing the best services in the tale of freelancing. Therefore, they made the Fiverr id verification step to filter reliable accounts from fake accounts and disable more than one account for the same person after recognizing them.

When you reach a certain level on Fiverr or get the first few orders. You get an email and notification from Fiverr to verify your Fiverr id. For the verification just have to submit a front side image of any national certification which can be a Passport, National identity card, or Driving license. The other thing is your latest selfie. For this Procedure, they provide 14 days. Usually, it seems simple. Actually, it is, but for 40 percent of people, it becomes a headache.

Important Confusions to Clear Related Fiverr Account Verification

Fiver Verification: Different Name Problem:

Some people do not make their Fiverr account with their real name and some others use their company name. So when they reach this step, they are frustrated. But there is no need to be frustrated. If your username and national certification name are not the same. So no problem you can successfully verify your Fiverr account. But it is necessary, your Fiverr profile name should be the same. If your name is not the same. Still no problem you can change it. I am talking about the profile account name not the username of your account (Both names are different and we can’t change the username because it is unique on Fiverr for each user). For changing the profile account name. Click on your profile icon and then go to the setting option, next click on it, and here you can change your name.

Solution For Different Profile Pic:

The second thing is not everyone uses their original image as a profile pic. Therefore, they also get confused at this point. It is normal. If you are using your logo or another image as a profile pic. You can change it before Fiverr identity verification and after a few hours, you can apply for the Fiverr verification. When verification is done, if you want again you can change it.

Solution For Reduction in Orders and Impression During Fiverr Identity Verification:

Sometimes during a particular time of 14 days, some people do not get new orders. But can complete previous orders and also can send messages. But Fiverr’s company statement is, that you can get new orders during this time. While some people face decrement in the impression and clicks on the gigs. In some cases, Fiverr remove gigs from the first pages until account verification. That is why some users have to face this issue. So I recommend, doing your Fiverr id identity as fast as you can, to protect yourself from this problem.

Limits To Apply For Fiverr Verification:

In some cases, few folks do not pay much attention to this process and they submit the required documents. But have to face cancellation of Fiverr account verification. Important points to consider, you just can apply 3 times. Unfortunately, if you try all your attempts but are unable to verify your Fiverr account. Then after that, your account will be disabled. Yeah, but you will be able to withdraw your refund. While afterward chances are very rare to recover your account.

Given Options To Verify Fiverr Account:

Fiverr gives two options for verification. The first is to get a code on your provided phone number. Second, you can scan the QR code, for this you will get a particular link on your phone. And after that, immediately, you will have to submit documents. Now you will receive a notification and email if your fiverr verification is done or not.

Learn To Do Fiverr Id Verification From My Experience

When I completed my first few orders. Then I received an email from Fiverr to verify my account. I also had no idea how to do it and where to start. But when I researched. So, I found it is not easy as it looks. Therefore, I spent a few hours understanding the conditions that can create problems. Because my account profile name, account username, and profile pic were not the original. I used my company logo and company names. However, when I asked my seniors. Then they said to me. The different username or account name is not a problem. Just your national certification image and your selfie pics should be the same. Because they want to verify. Are you a human and you are just using one account or more? Still, I didn’t take risks. I changed my profile pic and my account name to the same as I have on my national identity card. After 12 hours I applied with confidence and in just 4 seconds get a congratulatory message from the company for the successful Fiverr account identity. So it was my Fiverr account verification journey.

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Fiverr ID verification Summary Step By Step

Firstly check, if there is anything that can be a reason for the Fiverr account cancellation. If you found it, resolve it. Next, take a new and neat selfie. Click a clear picture of your government document. It can be any mentioned document. If you have no documents so you can use your sister/brother or parents’ documents but don’t forget to change the profile picture and name according to the document. Finally, open your mobile and verify your Fiverr account by choosing any method. If you have followed my all-given instructions so congratulations on successful verification.

What To Do When Your Fiverr Account Is Disabled During the Fiverr Account Verification

If your account is disabled due to your mistake and wants to recover your account. I suggest you, contact the Fiverr supporting team and explain what was the problem and why it happened. I hope so, they will help you because I also recovered more than 11 accounts for my sellers and I also did verification of such accounts that were rejected 10 times.

Hire me For The Fiverr Account Verification

I shared all my experience and knowledge in this article but still, some peoples say that they are unable to do the fiverr verification. They try two times but were unsuccessful so they are frustrated to try the third time. Obviously, who wants to disable the account, when they have good reviews and a good reputation, and an amazing income source? The good thing is am providing this service just For $5. If you also facing any problems. You can contact me at this given link.

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