Flighty Introduces Private Social Network Feature to Track Loved Ones’ Travels

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Flight tracking app Flighty is taking its functionality to a whole new level with the launch of Flighty 3.0, transforming the flight information resource into a private social network for close friends and family to track each other’s travels. As a recipient of the prestigious 2023 Apple Design Award, Flighty is no stranger to innovation, and this latest version introduces a concept called “Flighty Friends” to create a more personal and real-time flight tracking experience.

In Flighty 3.0, users can now connect directly with each other within the app, similar to the process of adding friends on a social network. By becoming Flighty Friends, they can automatically share their flight details and receive updates about each other’s flights in real-time. Notifications are customized to include the user’s profile photo and specific details like “mom has landed,” creating a more personalized and intimate flight tracking experience.

The new “Today” screen enhances the tracking capabilities further by showing the flight locations of all connected friends and family members, specifically those with flights scheduled to take off within the next 24 hours. This feature adds an element of excitement and convenience, enabling users to keep a closer eye on their loved ones’ travel plans.

Flighty ensures privacy and security by only allowing flight information to be visible to those specifically shared with, without including sensitive details like booking codes. Additionally, users can disable sharing at any time, granting them complete control over their flight information.

The concept of a “flying private network” is unique to Flighty, setting it apart from traditional location-tracking apps that focus on ground-based GPS tracking. By extending its tracking capabilities to the air, Flighty provides comprehensive flight information, including flight plans, weather conditions, delays, FAA advisories, late or canceled aircraft, and connection details, among other crucial data.

Moreover, Flighty takes full advantage of Apple’s live Lock Screen widgets and Live Activities in the Dynamic Island, exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max for Flighty subscribers. Paying customers can also enjoy additional features such as calendar and TripIt sync, email forwarding, and more detailed flight information.

Flighty’s developer, Ryan Jones, emphasizes the app’s focus on privacy and personal connections. Unlike traditional social networks that prioritize public sharing and follower counts, Flighty’s “friends for flying” concept caters to users who prefer to share flight information exclusively with a few trusted friends and family members. Jones is confident that users will embrace this unique approach, making Flighty a valuable and beloved tool for their travel needs.

With millions of downloads to date, Flighty remains tight-lipped about its exact user numbers and subscribers. Nonetheless, Jones proudly confirms that the app is financially stable, demonstrating its self-sustaining and cash-flow-positive status.

As Flighty 3.0 takes flight, it brings a new level of personalization and convenience to flight tracking, making it an invaluable companion for frequent travelers, globetrotters, and families eager to stay connected while their loved ones are on the move. The app’s innovative features and commitment to privacy position it as a trailblazer in the field, setting a high standard for flight-tracking applications to come.

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