Freelance Faq

Yes, all beginner freelancers must have to use more than one freelancing platform to earn constant money. Because sometimes you get orders and jobs from one platform and sometimes to another one.
Different freelancing sites have different methods to generate revenue but the most common methods of are all freelancing sites are subscription plans for sellers or 10% to 20% commission rates on each sale.
It is a good question. Programming or IT, graphic designing, SEO, digital marketing, and content creation are the most demanded skills on all freelancing sites.
Yes, in that case when your Fiverr account gets banned, you can create a new Fiverr account with a new email address on the same laptop but this time strictly avoids the previous mistakes to earn long-term.
According to Fiverr policy, a person cannot create multiple Fiverr accounts. Thus if you create multiple accounts and Fiverr detected them, Fiverr will suspend your accounts. But there is an option by following that, you can use more than one Fiverr account. In that option, you must have two different laptops, two different national identity cards, and different IP addresses to handle both accounts respectively.
On the top right corner beside the profile icon, you can see the option of "switch to buying" and "switch to selling". By using this switching button you can change your business account to a personal account and personal account to a business account. Moreover, by default when you create an account on Fiverr, it is a personal account but it seems a business Fiverr account but actually, it is not. If you have not created any gig and added other professional information it is a personal account.
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