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How make youtube channel like successful YouTubers in 2021


This post will not just cover how make youtube channel but also many other queries like how to set up and run a youtube channel like a professional. because those who want to make a youtube channel are always searching for these kinds of queries. Many experts and seniors made videos or write down articles on these topics and shared their own experience and knowledge but not all in one article so Today we will learn from start to end.

1-Select the best niche or topic

Before starting a channel on youtube You should have to know what your content will be and you should have much knowledge of your content. That should be unique and different. because if you start a channel on that niche which already has many channels which are very famous and have views in millions then it will be a big mistake and that can waste your time. So search and think before selecting a niche.

2-Channel name

After selecting the best topic for your channel you have to select a relevant channel name. Many people think that the name of the channel doesn’t matter but it does matter. Take an example if your channel is about technology then it will sound good if your channel name is fashion or news. Your name should be like advanced technology, latest technology, modern technology, etc etc. The second most important thing is that some people change their channel name again and again don’t do that guys, you are ruining your channel status by your own hands. Because if you do that 2 to 3 times then youtube and google assume that they have no content they don’t know how to work on youtube. And they will don’t support you. So take a deep breath and start to think about the more effective or interesting names.

3-Channel art and Channel’s Profile

Most beginner YouTubers do not care about the channel art and youtube profile. It is also a big mistake. assume if we feel a video is good and definitely we go for checking the more videos and we also gave a look on account’s profile and channel art. and by bad luck, if we ignored both things so it will not give a good impression to our viewer he/she will think it is not a professional account and rarely will subscribe you. so along with focusing on channel content, we have to pay attention to channel appearance.

4-Create a good channel description

As we talked above, if viewers start to check your youtube account they will also look for channel description. So you should also have to write a good description in which firstly you introduce yourself and then about the topics and niche.

Important note:

If you don’t know how to use English then please don’t use it. Because the first impression sometimes becomes the last impression so it will be good if you use your native language. But if you really want to write in English then you can ask for help from your friends and siblings.
The second more important piece of advice is if you write down a quality description and your viewer gets impressed so it is time to get the benefit. you should have to ask for a subscription 😉

5-Create an intro video

Creating an intro video is the best source to get new subscribers.
so you have to create a short video that should be less than 1 minute. In that intro video, you can use your most liked and informative or interesting content and for giving a good impact to new viewers you can also add a screenshot of the most liked or watched video.

6-Create a list of your content

At the end of the month or at the starting you have to create a list of your content which you will publish in the upcoming month or a week.

7-Be a Regular Uploader

when you are new in this row then you really have to be regular because it is very important. Most people don’t know but youtube wants to viral such channels or videos which are different from the previous or other videos. So when you have great content then you should have to get benefit from this fact. The scene behind this is if you upload the video in a regular way then youtube starts to support you too because you have much content to share. I hope you understood what my mean.

8-Make a playlist

When already have a lot of content is publish then it is time to create a playlist that will also give a good impression to visitors. And it will make it easy for people who want to find the actual content that they want to watch.

9-Add social links

Not just for making a good youtube channel but also for the sake of free promotion you should have to add social media pages into your youtube account. After adding a page on Instagram or Facebook you have to share your new video’s link or an intro or a thumbnail of your upcoming video for gaining more viewers.

10-Promote your channel

If you have a lot of quality content and also you really want to make a career on youtube then you should have to promote your youtube account with the help of paid advertisement on youtube.

So guys the list and article of how to make a youtube channel like professionals end here. if you feel any point is miss then you can share it in the comment section below.


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