How Post Jobs On LinkedIn For Free (Complete Guide)

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LinkedIn is a social networking site with more than 800 million active users where professionals can connect with each other and expand their professional network. Plus, LinkedIn is a successful job posting board. Many businesses and individuals regularly post jobs on LinkedIn from around the globe. Posting jobs on LinkedIn is paid but we can also post a job on LinkedIn for free at a time.

In this blog post, we are going to share how to post jobs on LinkedIn for free. In case, you were looking for how to post jobs on LinkedIn for free? then you are at the right place, all you need is just read this whole article and follow the instructions to posting jobs to LinkedIn one by one as provided below:

Here Are The Steps to Follow to Know to How Post Job on LinkedIn For Free

1- Open your LinkedIn account on the website or app and click on the Jobs button. Here you will see a preview as seen in the image below:

Shows how to find the button for "Post a free Job on linkedin"
Shows how to find the button for “Post a free Job”

On the left side, you will see an option “post a free job” click on it.

2- When you click on “post a free job” a pop menu will be opened as you can see below:

Post a job on linkedin form
Shows how to add information and other details of the job

The above image shows the following 5 points:

  1. Job Title
  2. Company
  3. Workplace Type
  4. Job Location
  5. Job Type

Job Title

The job title represents the nature of the job for which you’re posting a job to Linkedin. Such as you’re posting for a vacancy of Account Manager or a graphic designer or Civil Engineer. The job title is a very important factor for the candidates to help them to recognize the nature of the job. That will also help the company or individual to find accurate talent. So add the job title very carefully.


This section will contain the brand name of the company which is hiring an employee. Company names helped the candidates to know about them. Plus, by knowing the company’s name candidates can get a bit of information about the company by doing complete research on google or social media, especially, if the company is not a brand or is very well known to the public. So, here add your company name.

Workplace Type

After clicking on the workplace type button following pop menu will be appeared. Here you have to select it according to your requirements:

Linkedin jobs workplace types
Showing different options for workplace type

The above image shows 3 different options for workplace type:

a. On-Site

Selecting the On-Site jobs option you will give a message you want an employee to come to the office physically in order to carry on their duties.

b. Hybrid

If you choose hybrid Jobs means employees have to perform duties on and off-site. These kinds of jobs were very common during the Covid-19 period as there were certain strict restrictions imposed by the governments on working in offices and banks.
In hybrid jobs, employees have the flexibility and freedom to choose whether they are okay with working on or off the site. Although some kind of jobs has different nature as they must of the day require the employees to come to the office to perform their duties. However, the decision whether to work from off or on-site is mutually decided by both parties (i.e. employees and the employers).

c. Remote

Remote Jobs are jobs in which the duties are done remotely. These kinds of jobs are very common nowadays, Information Technology is the most common example for remote jobs. In the Information Technology field, people are doing freelancing and other remote jobs from their houses instead of going to the office which is a good and positive sign, especially for youngsters who are studying and can’t go for a full-time office job.

Job Location

Choose the location as per your job requirements. This section helps the candidates to get an idea that the LinkedIn job is posted for particular location people. In short, this section is important for job hunters as it will help them to decide whether the job location suits them or not.

Job Type

By clicking on the job type button the following pop-up menu will appear in front of you:

Linkedin jobs types option to choose from
Shows different types of jobs

The above image shows the different types of jobs differentiated by their nature. So choose the job type according to the nature of your job. By choosing the right type of job you will help the candidates to know more about the job.

a. Full-Time job

If you selected a full-time job option during posting ads on LinkedIn for free it means the candidate has to work usually eight to nine hours a day or 40 to 45 hours per week and the week usually consists of 5 days from Monday to Friday with Saturdays and Sundays off. Plus, the working hours and off days can be changed as it depends totally on your company and you can mention it in the LinkedIn job description.

b. Part-Time

Part-time job selection means is worker has to work 4 to 5 hours. Working hours may differ from company to company or as per decided in the contract between the employees and the employers.

c. Contract

In Contract type jobs the amount and specific period of time are decided before the start of the job. For example, a newly built company may hire an employee to design a logo or build a website for the company for a fixed amount in a specific time period but these kinds of jobs are not permanent jobs. So if your job needs fall in this category so chose it.

d. Temporary

Temporary type jobs are jobs that are based on a short-term project for example if someone hired a laborer to do some work at home, the work could be of fewer hours or maybe a full day work. These kinds of projects are usually based on daily wages rather than salaries.

e. Volunteer

In this type of job individuals work voluntarily for a non-paid organization, these organizations are usually non-governmental and work for social welfare and betterment of the society.

f. Internship

You can use this option if you are posting a job on LinkedIn for An Internship based. You must have to add something about this in the job description to attract the right person. Internships could be paid or unpaid depending on the company, Also, don’t forget to mention it too.

Add the Accurate and Clear Job Description to Posting the Ad on LinkedIn

After selecting all the sections discussed above you need to click on the next button, and a new pop-up menu will appear where you have the option to enter the description for the LinkedIn job. By default, the system will write the description according to the provided data but must edit it. A good job description includes the skills, criteria, and requirements of the company for the candidate they are looking for. As you can see in the image below:

Linkedin Jobs Description
Shows criteria and requirements for the candidate

It will also be good if you highlight all the others details that should be mentioned to Grab the right talent. After adding a description, if necessary you can add and remove the more skills that you want the employee must have. Click continue.

Now Here You Will See The Applicant Option Page.

Linkedin applicant page
Linkedin applicants page

You have two options for receiving the applicant’s requests. First add the email, where you want to receive the applications or on an external website. Add the right data here because you are going to receive requests on it. Next, add the review screening questions, at least three questions to achieve the best applicants. Such as, how many years of experience a candidate must have, specific locations, experience to use particular tools, language specifications, etc.

Finally, just preview the job details before posting it, and after checking them click on post the job. Here you post your first job on LinkedIn for free.
I hope this article helps you to learn how to post jobs on LinkedIn for free. If yes then don’t forget to appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with others or by commenting.

For More Better Understanding Here is a Video to Know How to Post Jobs on Linkedin

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related To How Post Jobs on Linkedin For Free

Can We Post Jobs on LinkedIn For Free?

Yes, we can post jobs on LinkedIn for free but one job at a time. However, if you want to post more than one post then you to go with a paid option. The job you’ll post on LinkedIn will be able to appear in LinkedIn search and works well.

How Many Jobs Can You Post on LinkedIn For Free

You can post only one job on LinkedIn for free at a time. This free job post on LinkedIn will be available to appear in search results and among your connections to see and apply on.

How Long Does a Free Job Posting Stay on LinkedIn?

Free LinkedIn jobs expire within 30 days automatically after posting them or you can close them too if you don’t want to stay it active.

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