How ‘Threads App’ Become a Reason Of Success For Other Apps

Threads App

The recent success of Meta’s Threads, an alternative to Twitter, has inadvertently brought another unrelated app, also called Threads, into the spotlight. This separate Threads app, which functions as an alternative to Slack and was launched in 2019, has witnessed a significant surge in website traffic since the launch of its homonym namesake.

The surge in traffic can largely be attributed to a bit of confusion surrounding domain names. The original Threads app, the Slack alternative, owns the domain name However, the Meta app, despite not having a web interface yet, holds the domain

This confusion in domain names has resulted in an unexpected increase in website traffic for the Slack alternative, as users seeking information about Meta’s Threads may inadvertently visit instead. This phenomenon has also led to a spike in downloads for the original Threads app.

According to figures from, between July 6 and July 12, Threads (the Slack alternative) witnessed over 880,000 downloads globally on iOS alone, a substantial increase from the relatively low download numbers it had prior to this period. TechCrunch reported these statistics, highlighting the significant impact of name confusion.

The sudden surge in popularity propelled the app to become the 52nd most downloaded app globally and the third most downloaded app in the “business” category. Among the countries where the original Threads app saw the highest App Store rankings were Germany, Spain, and Italy. In these markets, it consistently ranked as the 10th most downloaded app. This popularity is likely due to Meta’s Threads not being available in the European Union at the time.

Interestingly, in response to the unexpected fame and the confusion surrounding the two apps, Threads (the Slack alternative) has taken measures to clarify its association, or lack thereof, with Instagram. They have prominently displayed messages on their website and App Store listing stating that they are not associated with Instagram, ensuring users are aware of the distinction between the two apps.

In conclusion, while Meta’s Threads experiences tremendous success as an alternative to Twitter, an unrelated Threads app has inadvertently garnered attention due to the name confusion and resulting increase in website traffic and downloads. Despite the temporary confusion, the original Threads app has taken steps to clarify its separate identity from Meta’s Threads, ensuring users understand the distinction between the two apps.

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