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How to create Word character counter js project with free source code

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Please scroll down and click on the download button to download a simple Word character counter In Js with source code for free of charge.

Intro of word character counter js project 

This simple word character counter is a basic project which consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language. It is a short project, so it’s very easy to know for beginner developers. This basic JavaScript word character counter project counts the characters and words. This word counter may be a perfect project for college students to doing exercises for javascript projects.

The functionality of the word character counter project

When you open the index file from the downloaded folder then you’ll see a text area, where you’ll write and paste a piece of writing, post, or, essay, etc. There’s an enter button where you’ll click for starting the counting of words and characters. Then there are two fields first is for counting the words and the other for counting characters without the whitespaces. In these sections, characters, and words total numbers are going to be displayed for every given article and post, etc. This word and character count won’t be saved given text anywhere.

How To Run the Project with no problem?

After downloading this project, extract the zip file, open the folder and click on the index file which will open at your default browser. If you face any issue to run it then firstly we propose you employ the newest versions of browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc then check for other solutions. Remember to use this project only for educational purposes. For more license details you can check the readme file which is present in the downloaded folder.

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