How to create WordPress website

How to make a WordPress website

WordPress website course brief

Learn step-by-step how to create WordPress website, basic SEO, and how to set up your very own professional email for a WordPress website!

Course Title: How to make a WordPress website

Skill level: Beginner Level
Course languages: English
Instructor name: Isaac Blencowe
Course type: free and latest
Requirement for the course: A good internet connection, a device to watch videos.

Who this course is for:

People looking to learn how to make a website using WordPress simply and easily along with basic SEO and professional email creation.

WordPress for website creation course description

This is the ultimate guide to building a Website using WordPress. If you have been looking for a course that will not only teach you how to make a WordPress website but also help you master it and grow your website. Then this is the course for you!

Why Choose this Course to learn WordPress for website creation?

  • It’s FREE. And always will be.
  • It’s easy to follow. Perfect for absolute beginners.
  • It’s step-by-step with absolutely no skips stepped. That is my guarantee!
  • You will create a Clean, Modern and fully responsive website, meaning it will scale across all devices.
  • Use a free theme that is perfect for businesses, blogs, entrepreneurs or anyone just looking to make their own website and not spend hundreds of dollars.
  • Master WordPress builder. You will go from someone who is a beginner to someone who is skilled at WordPress.
  • Over 16000 students enrolled!

Course content overview?

  • How to purchase your domain and hosting.
  • How to install WordPress and how to use it.
  • How you can easily create your website logo for FREE.
  • How to install and customize a theme.
  • Recommended plugins.
  • How you can easily set up a professional Website email i.e
  • Basics of SEO.
  • How to manage a a professional wordpress blog.


  • Free downloadable PDF guide to mastering WordPress and growing your website.
  • So what are you waiting for? Join this FREE course now and lets get started on creating your amazing wordPress website!

What you’ll learn

  • Will become a master of WordPress and have valuable skill in creating websites using WordPress for use in the future or for giving wordpress development service.In case you want to learn how to start a freelancing career, then we created a free article series on freelancing topics of the Fiverr platform you can take a look.
  • Will have a professional website at a fraction of the cost.
  • Will learn the fundamentals of WordPress.
  • Will have your very own fully functioning WordPress website.
  • Will learn how to install WordPress Plugins themes.

Intro of instructor

Isaac Blencowe is a content creator YouTuber and instructor at udemy. He is love to create valuable content for people that are actually want to learn something unique and worthy.

Here to go for free enrolled in how to create WordPress website course, which has been already created thousands of professional WordPress developers.

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