How to decrease the Page loading time for fast site loading

How to decrease the Page loading time for fast site loading

Daily we use many websites for different purposes and that site content, user experience, and performance are found good we prefer to use it than searching for another one for the same purpose and even we recommend it. Because human behavior is based on learning and anything we used or see we store it into our memory. So what will be if your page loading time is high. The visitor never likes to wait. Thus if your page loading time is high then your bounce rate will be very high.

Did you know? 80% of people can wait for 3 seconds for a website to load. Therefore, Google recommends having a page loading time should be less than 3 seconds.

A high loading time has a very huge impact on your site career.

  • Your posts will not be get ranked on first positions with google.
  • 80% of your traffic you will be lost. Losing traffic means is losing revenue or conversions.

If you did not know what is the importance of less page loading time. Then I hope after reading the above paragraphs now you know about it.

Do you know? how to check your web page loading time? If not, Then don’t worry we tell you how to do it. Many online and free tools are available for checking the web page loading time but here we just cover the best ones.

Google page speed insights

Google page speed insights are one of the most used tools for checking the website load time. Access this tool directly by searching its domain name and then here enter your website URL. This tool will analyze your given URL site content and then generate a detailed report of all components that take time to load. With the details of the components, solution documentation is also provided by this tool.

This website loading speed checker tool gives a free opportunity to check website speed at 11 different locations with the filter option of different search engines, different screen sizes, and devices, and with bandwidth facility. Website Speed Test

Dotcom-tools website speed test tool allows checking page loading time on 25 different locations. With the ability to select multiple browsers, screen sizes, and network throttling. A unique feature of this tool is, it gives the load time for the first and second visits.


Gtmatrix uses the test server location of Vancouver, Canada on the desktop to test your website loading time. This tool’s main and important feature is it gives the ability to compare pages performance.

If you reached at this line mean now you know how you can test your web page load time. Website loading time does not mainly depend on just one or two factors it depends upon various factors. But today we cover the most important factors that if you follow, Then definitely you will be able to decrease your page loading time.

Minimize HTTP requests

HTTP requests are these requests which sents from your sites to web servers. These requests are sent for images, CSS, scripts, etc. More HTTP requests mean more loading time. If you want to check how many requests are sending from your web page. Then right-click on the page then click on inspect . Now go to the network column, Here at the bottom left you can see the number of requests.

80% of the website page load time depends upon HTTP requests. But Many methods are required to do for minimizing HTTP requests which ultimately improve the site performance up to 70%.

Compress/combine and defer files

Main files of all sites are CSS, HTML, and javascript, which define the functional and appearance of our sites and mostly HTTP requests are made due to these files. Therefore these file compressing and combing are very important.

Minify mean is the removal of indentation, and spaces from code. Which developers do to reading the code easily. while minifying them don’t worry, it will not impact the performance of the site.
Sometimes many CSS and js files are present which increases the load time so we combine them to reduce the size of files.
Combining and minifying files is not easy for non-technical people but don’t worry, Many plugins can do this job for free, like wp rocket. After the installation of the plugin go to the static file tab, Then click on the checkbox of all languages files, Which you want to minify or combine.

Asynchronously/Defer loading of CSS and js files

Websites codes load in different ways like Asynchronously means a file can load at once or synchronously means many elements can load at the same time. We don’t know in which way our site scripts are added. But we can enable of Asynchronously loading of CSS and js files,
By checking a load of CSS file Asynchronously in wp rocket plugin static file tab.

Defer mean is preventing the large files to load first, like a large js file, to ensure the fast loading of all other site content. This feature is also you can enable just by clicking the “Load JS files deferred” checkbox in the wp rocket plugin.

Website hostings

Many times poor website hosting is a big cause of high website load speed. Usually, new bloggers always take a start-up by using cheap hosting services. This is okay for the starting but as you start to get good traffic then don’t wait to upgrade your hosting plans. Because shared hosting gives limited features which are not enough for good site performance.

Clean up media library

The Media library of each website is a place where images videos and other documents of our site are stored. Removing unnecessary data from the media library is very important because extra images and data are also can be a reason for high page loading time.

Simple and lightweight theme

The irrelevant, Complicated, Highly featured, Non-upgraded theme is can be a serious cause of increased website load time. So if you found the theme is an issue with your website loading time. Then don’t hesitate to change it.

Remove unused plugins

Sometimes we have installed plugins that are no longer in use but inactive. No need to just inactive them, Direct uninstall them because they take a space in your database. Which definitely increases the response time.

Optimization of Image size

Do you know high sized images take the most time to load? High load time means poor performance. But the use of images and high-quality images is important, Then how to overcome this issue? We can overcome it smartly. Firstly use the google recommended formats of images that are that Webp, Png, jpeg, etc. The second is to take help from the smush plugin to compress the size of the images. Which is also good for image SEO.
A3 easy load is a very recommended plugin that perfectly reduces the image loading time by loading the images while scrolling.

Use of CDN

CDN(content delivery network) is a server that is located globally and has a copy of your site content. Whenever a user searches for content nearest CDN will provide a copy of your content to the user. Is that method can help to fast page loading. Its benefits are beyond your imagination, It is really good especially when you have a flood of traffic from different locations then HTTP requests will be divided into different CDN. So your site will not be down and slow. Usually, good hosting provides a free CDN, and if you have not then hurry up to buy one.

Optimization of Database

Removal of extra, excess, and unused content is very important for a good performance. So whenever you want to improve your site speed then don’t forget this step.

Asset CleanUp plugin

This plugin is really exceptional. Sometimes we don’t want to show all features on all pages and posts but this step requires a lot of coding which is not possible for non-coders. This plugin can be a true blessing in your case because by using this plugin you can unload unwanted features for the post or pages. It will also reduce the HTTP requests and also minify the CSS JS files.

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