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How to do Fiverr keyword research for Fiverr gigs


If you are looking for the answer to how to do the Fiverr keywords research for your Fiverr gigs then you are in the right place.

For working on Fiverr as a freelancer we firstly do some research on all services which are present on Fiverr, Then we select that category in which we are experts or want to sell a particular service. As we look on Fiverr and do some research with the most used Fiverr keyword research related to our service, Then we can see competition is high in Fiverr gigs. which is not good for beginner freelancers which makes ultimately tough to rank on that keyword.

So best practice is, if we want to rank in a high competition service then we have to use those keywords, that may search less time but should have lower competition. Fewer competition keywords will definitely help us to rank in a short time.

Let’s start to learn how to do “Fiverr keyword research” for high or low competition fiverr gigs.

  1. Do the maximum keywords research related to your service. Try to search for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords will double the chances to rank on the first page just within 2 weeks.
  2. Take a sheet and write down all keywords with competition rate which you can get by counting already present gigs or total seller numbers.
  3. Now check for all other synonyms related to keywords research.
  4. Shortlist them by keeping an eye on the competition.
  5. Finalized Fiverr keywords should be Four.
  6. Use the main Two keywords in the title. Use all Four keywords in the description with the repeatation rate of 3 times.
  7. Now add all four selected keywords in the search tag section.
  8. Use keywords to give names to sample images or videos. If possible then try to use keywords on images and videos.

An example for Fiverr keyword research for WordPress development service.

If you search for the WordPress keyword then you will get 97,652 gigs for just one keyword.
10,770 gigs for WordPress development service. Are you getting the difference between long-tail (A keyword that consists of more than one word and clears the meaning )and short-tail keywords? (A keyword that consists of one word and does not clear the meaning and creates confusion). WordPress design keyword has 28k gigs while WordPress theme customization has 12467 services, WordPress blog keyword has 5484 gigs.

If your service has a subcategory then it will be a golden chance for you. All services always do not have subcategories. WordPress keywords have many subcategories and synonyms. Theme installation with customization, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, WordPress error fix, WordPress blog redesigning, and many more. Ranking on Fiverr is totally dependent upon how effectively you are selecting and using keywords in your gig. So wisely do Fiverr keyword research. It’s okay if you spending one or two days on keyword research. Just do it properly.

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