How To Do Fiverr Keyword Research For Fiverr Gigs In 2023

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If you are looking for the answer to how to do the Fiverr keyword research for your Fiverr gigs. Along with how to place the keywords in your Fiverr gigs to optimize them then you are in the right place. Just read this blog post by using your hearing and smart skills to get the hidden and clear points.

Methods To Use For Fiverr Keyword Research

We have many methods to do Fiverr keyword research. The first one is with the Fiverr search engine. For starting the Fiverr keyword research by this you have to select the category’s main keyword in which you are an expert or want to sell a particular service.

After selecting the keyword, in this example, we selected ” convert article to video ” Keyword. Go to the Fiverr keyword search engine and type the selected keyword, click enter. Here you will see many gigs as a result of that keyword.

fiverr search engine

On the top, you guys can see the total number of gigs for this particular keyword. These numbers describe the competition for that keyword. If it is higher means the competition is higher. Write this keyword in notepad along with the present gig number.

results for convert article to video keyword research

Next, on the Fiverr search tab after typing some words of the main keyword wait for the autocomplete to show the suggestions. These suggestions are the keywords that most buyers are using to search for the specific service seller. From this point, you guys can collect a number of keywords related to your service.

autosuggestions of fiverr

Besides autosuggestions, the second way to do the Fiverr keyword research is. When you search for any keyword on Fiverr above the gigs result you guys can see a bar of keywords. These keywords are the most frequently used or related keywords to the searched keyword. Note down all relevant keywords from here.

Top bar of keywords on fiverr

The third place from where you can get the Idea for keywords is your competitor’s gigs tag area. Open the highest-ranking gigs and check at the end of the gig for the tag section.

tag area of fiverr gig

Now copy from this area and after selecting and making a list of all keywords from all these places now time is for the research on Fiverr for all the keywords manually. So search and write them along with their competition.

When you do research with the most used keywords related to your service, Then you can see competition is high for most of the Fiverr keywords. High-competitive keywords are not good for beginner freelancers because it is tough to rank on high-competitive keywords. Until you don’t know how to use the keywords properly in the entire gig and how to stand out from the competition.

Ahead of utilizing the keywords in the gig, you have to know which keywords do you want to rank. If you want to rank on highly competitive keywords. So the best practice is to use those 2 keywords, which may search less time but should have the lower competition along with 1 high-competition keyword. Less competitive keywords will definitely help you to rank in a short time. But if you just want to rank on high-competitive keywords or only the low-competition keywords so the decision is entirely yours but the process to search and insert them in the gig is the same for both types.

An Example of Fiverr Keyword Research For WordPress Development Service.

If you search for the WordPress keyword then you will get 96,231 gigs for just one keyword. 10,568 gigs for WordPress development service (This number can be changed with time).

results for wordpress development keyword research
results for wordpress keyword research

Are you getting the difference between long-tail (A keyword that consists of more than one word and clears the meaning )and short-tail keywords? (A keyword that consists of one word and does not clear the meaning and creates confusion). WordPress design keyword has 28k gigs while WordPress theme customization has 12467 services, and the WordPress blog keyword has 5484 gigs.

In case, I’m giving WordPress theme installation and customization service I will use the “WordPress theme customization and WordPress theme install ” keywords as the main keyword, “WordPress blog” as a secondary, and “WordPress theme” as a synonym. These all keywords are the perfect combination of keywords to rank fastest and higher.

If your skill service has a subcategory then it will be a golden chance for you to rank fast. All services always do not have subcategories. WordPress keywords have many subcategories and synonyms. Such as Theme installation with customization, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, WordPress error fix, WordPress blog redesigning, and many more. If you have no subcategory then still it is not a loss because different users use different keywords and queries to search for the same service.

Just you need to Research keywords for Fiverr by keeping this point in mind. Thus ranking on Fiverr is totally dependent upon how effectively you are selecting and using keywords in your gig. So wisely do Fiverr keyword research. It’s okay if you spend one or two days on keyword research. Just do it properly.

How To Place The Keywords On The Fiverr Gig

I hope so, you are all now able to do the Fiverr keyword research, but I actually want to know do you understand and notice during searching the keyword and checking the other gigs, where to use keywords in the gig. If your answer is yes and you know where to place the keywords. Then, let’s expose it to others.

Most of the Fiverr sellers use the main keyword at the start of the title. The title of your gig is also a URL of the gig. The very first title you used, will remain the same for the URL. It doesn’t matter, how many times do you change the title but the URL will remain the first one. So when you write the title then keep in mind that you cannot change this URL ever. So first decide then type.

At this point, smart freelancers use a trick to rank on the high-competition keywords. They use the most searched keywords related to their services at the start of the title and follow the same trick for URL and then repeat it three to four times in the entire description.

Next, they use the main keyword in the search tag along with the other synonyms. Besides it, they also add main keywords in the name of the images, that are used in the gallery and on the images to give the hint to Fiverr about the data of the image. In return, it will help them to rank in higher positions.

How I did Fiverr Keywords Research to Rank My Gig on Fiverr

By using the same tricks, I also rank my all Fiverr gig in higher positions. If you have any doubt about this trick, then you can observe it too on all popular gigs on Fiverr. For that, you just have to type the main keywords and you have to check, is it the searched keyword is present at the start of the URL or at the start of the title or is it present in the search tags or in the description one or two times. If you found it then there should be no doubt about this trick.

Final Words: How to do the Effective Fiverr keyword Research

I tried to convey all my knowledge to you in a good way. I hope you got some good value about the Fiverr keyword research topic. But all the things and research that will work for you or not definitely depend upon you. If you do mistakes while implementing then why it will work for you? keep in mind, smart work and consistency are always required to get something in life. So do the practice for the keywords. Then finalize them and use them in your Fiverr gigs.

Within 2 weeks check that are you got the results or not. Some of the time not everyone gets the result and does not rank on some of the keywords. At this stage, you have another option to change the keywords. It doesn’t matter if you change the title one or two times. This time your keyword will be different for the title and the URL but it can be a benefit for you to rank for two keywords. Avoid using this trick for the first time. Go for it, if the first time your keywords do not rank. I hope so, the second time it will work for you.

Summary to Learn How To Do “Fiverr Keyword Research” For High or Low competitive Fiverr services Along With How To Place The Keywords In The Gig

  1. Do the maximum keyword research related to your service. Try to search for long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords will double the chances to rank on the first page just within 2 weeks.
  2. Take a sheet and write down all keywords with competitive rates. Which you can get by counting already present gigs or active service.
  3. Now check for all other synonyms related to keyword research.
  4. Shortlist them by keeping an eye on the competition.
  5. Finalized Fiverr keywords should be Four.
  6. Use the main Two keywords in the title. Use all Four keywords in the description with a repetition rate of 3 times.
  7. Now add all four selected keywords in the search tag section.
  8. Use keywords to give names to sample images or videos. If possible then try to use keywords on images and videos.

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