How to get approval for Adsense in 2021

How to get approval for Adsense in 2021

let’s start to study how to get approval for AdSense? Getting approval from Adsense is easy but different peoples do different mistakes and without knowing them they apply for an Adsense account. In return, they get rejected by Google for an AdSense account. So In this article, we explain all the main points and mistakes which you have to check and correct before applying to google. If you resolve them you can easily get approval for Adsense in 48 hours.

A list of the important factors is given below to check before sending a request for the approval of AdSense.

Blog with a free domain

In my experience or study, most peoples do the usually same mistake. This mistake is that they make a blog on blogger with the domain of Which is a free domain.

“Do you know/ when you create a blog with free domain names then you have to wait for 6 months to get the approval from AdSense?

That is why because Blogspot is made by Google to test and make blogs for personal use. Thus most bloggers create a test or personal blogs with a free and Blogspot domain. But in the case when bloggers want to create a professional blog on blogger. They have to work for a minimum of 6 months to prove to Google that they can create good content and it is beneficial for the visitors and they deserve an AdSense account. That is is the reason to approve the AdSense account request for the Blogspot blogs after 6 months. Some Lucky bloggers can get approval in a few months but not always.

Now what we can do. Invest money and buy a custom domain for your blog.

Benefits of buying a domain

When you buy a custom domain and start to work with that domain or make a well-customized blog. Then you apply for an Adsense account you will definitely get approval for Adsense. Why? because google considers that as a strong point that demonstrates you are serious and have unique content and google always seeks quality content. After making a blog with the custom domain you can apply for AdSense minimum after 1 month.

Number of Posts

Aspect creation of a blog with the free domain, many people did the second mistake which is after creating a blog. They just write 5 to 10 posts and send a request for the approval of AdSense.

Do you know? when you post words numbers are more than 1000 words and all the posts are unique still need posts that should be 20 to 25 in number. Then how do you think that you will get approval with just 10 to 15 posts? Especially when your post is also plagiarised.

Before applying AdSense the number of your posts should be between 40 to 50 and all post word quantity should be between 700 to 1500 words.

Copyrights images

Don’t use copyright images always use royalty-free images. Most peoples think that this factor is not important but it is. You can detect your images are unique or not by checking them on

In case you sent a request to Adsense and rejected it just due to the copyrights images then remove all copyrighted images and after two days send the request again. This time you will get approval if it was the only mistake which you first had done.

Not a customized blog

Most people want to earn money but do not work on the blog and as a result, they get rejection by AdSense. So guys firstly customize your blog, add a modern theme that suits your niche then add social sites links. Make categorize and labels etc. Add titles and descriptions to your all pages.

When you add the theme to your blog always use light colors for the background of the blog. Don’t use many plugins or gadgets etc. Avoid using different fonts for the different posts and colors too, because it will feel wired to your visitors. Always use a responsive, updated, SEO and mobile-friendly theme.

Important pages

  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Terms And Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimers
  • site maps

The above pages are also an important factor before applying for Google Adsense.So you must have to create these pages before applying to AdSense.

Search console & theme responsiveness

Adding to your blog in the search console is also an important factor. Submit your blog and pages into the search console. Create a sitemap and submit it in the search console to index the posts in the Google search engine. Along with that don’t forget to check the responsiveness of your site on different devices because responsiveness is a really important point of user experience. The great user experiences the more chances to get approval.

Language factor

When you are starting a blog or trying to approve your AdSense account firstly check that your desired language is supported by AdSense or not. It is also an important point which many peoples even don’t know and apply for approval without knowing their blog language is not supported.

Try to drive fake audience

When you really want to make your career in blogging then stop using invalid shortcuts,(such as the visit for visit method, use of wrong titles to attract visitors, bot traffic, paid traffic, etc.) because it can just create problems for you nothing more than else, therefore, trying to drive a fake audience means that invalid traffic. Google has many strategies to check the blog history and Analytics. For example from where you are getting visitors from which country, location, device, email, time, etc. but still if you try to use any illegal method then it is only up to you.

Others ad networks

When you are going to apply for google AdSense, do not use any other ads network on the blog. It will also matter because some ad networks are compatible with Google AdSense while some are not. So before applying, stop using any other ad network on the blog. Otherwise might be you have to be face rejection.

Age should be over 18 years

According to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense when you are applying for AdSense your age should be over 18 years on the selected email which you want to use. So check the age on the email before applying for Google AdSense because this factor is included in the policy of Google.

The Seo friendly article

When you apply for AdSense, AdSense takes some time to review the compatibility of the blog and check other factors and in these factors, SEO-friendly and unique article is also included. In fact, it is the key to getting approval for Google AdSense. However, If you want to get AdSense approval or want to rank your posts in the search engine then write SEO-friendly unique, and grammatically corrected articles.

Indexed posts and thin content error

Sometimes bloggers write SEO-friendly, unique, and lengthy posts moreover the number of posts is are so good like 30-35 but still they have to face the rejection of Google Adsense request. A very possible reason for this kind of rejection is, all the written posts are have not indexed in the Google search engine. Thus the number of indexed posts has not enough according to the AdSense policies so people have to face the cancellation for AdSense approval due to the thin and low-value content error.
That is why before applying everyone must have to check the indexed posts. An example to check the indexed post is number is (
Firstly type site word then a colon and your domain name and click enter. On the very top left you can see the number of indexed links and posts. Its number should be a minimum of 300.
In case the number of links is less than the required numbers. So you have to write more posts and check in the search console how many posts are being indexed. If all the posters are indexed so it is very well if not then submit them manually by copying the post link and submitting it in the URL inspection tab of the search console. Now, wait for a few days for indexing the links and do the test again to check indexed posts, if the test is good, then reapply for approval.

How to apply for the Google AdSense

Generally, everyone knows how to apply for Google AdSense but still, I want to cover this topic, so let’s start to learn how to apply for the Google AdSense approval perfectly.
Go to the Google AdSense website and click on the get started button.

Now select the Gmail address which you want to use for applying. And your password and click on next.

Here add the all correct information same as given in the example image.

Next click on the start using the adsense button.

You will be redirected to this page.

Now click on the connect your site AdSense tab and hit on the request review button to apply for Google AdSense approval.

It is the newest method to apply for Google AdSense in 2022.

If you apply for Google Adsense by checking the above-mentioned and following our method so you will get the Google AdSense approval in just under 10 days without any problem. Therefore I strictly recommend you check out all points before applying for an AdSense request. In case your AdSense review request was rejected, so this article can help you for getting approval next time.

Advance Tips for how to get approvel for adsense

  1. After buying a domain wait for 1 month to applying for google AdSense.
  2. Make a good logo for your blog.
  3. Add social sites or links into your blog.
  4. Try to drive traffic by sharing your blog on your social accounts.
  5. Add a newsletter follow button into your blog and ask your visitors to follow you for getting the notification of the new posts.
  6. Navigation of the website should be optimised
  7. Never stop writing articles when your blog in the review.

I hope you like to read them too.

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