How to get content ideas for blogger

content ideas for blogger

Blogging in actuality is fun to do but it becomes a headache if you found no more ideas to write on. Fewer content ideas mean you will be not a consistent blogger and blogging can’t be run successfully without consistency. However, every content creators want to know where to find content ideas.
That is the reason, I want to share the top working methods and sites that will not let you down in the terms of generating consistent Ideas for content.

Pinterest for creative content ideas

Pinterest is a versatile platform that serves the people according to their intention to use it. Some people use it to sell their products, few use it to know what’s new in the industry.
But bloggers can use Pinterest for two purposes. The first is to build their brand on Pinterest which will help them to get more visitors and sales. The second method is to use Pinterest for obtaining new and exciting ideas for content.

Don’t know where to find content ideas on Pinterest?

Don’t worry I’m here to explain all steps. Open the Pinterest app or web page then type the related keywords, hashtags, or categories in the search bar. You will see the numerous types of infographics, thumbnails, and other images to give you enough new content ideas to succeed in blogging, and content creation. Moreover, automatic suggestions while typing on the Pinterest and the recommended categories that the Pinterest algorithm suggests according to your interest are also very good to utilize to check Ideas for content creation.

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Medium for Unique blog ideas

Indeed medium is an excellent medium to use for marketing, link building, earning extra bucks, reading trending topics, reviews, experience, and in the end medium is a great medium to get mind-blowing ideas to generate content.
Daily thousands of posts are uploaded by bloggers and content creators on the medium. Most of the time this content is worthy to read and to know what is happening in the particular niche and what people are liking.
You guys can use the medium search option to search for anything or you can select the required tags to know what’s getting claps on medium. In short, you have to Play with medium to win the unique blog ideas. You can follow the same category account to become aware of the trends in a particular category which will lead you to create good content for a blog.

Quora for Blog post ideas

Quora is a well-known platform and contains various advantages for people and especially for bloggers.
Using quora to enlist the new and demanding content ideas is a value-giving trick. People use Quora to ask questions about anything. What will be if you collect the most asking questions and start to create content on these topics and share your best lines from the post on the quora to drive traffic from Quora to your blog. Is it a bad idea? Of course not.
Try to collect the most high-demand blog topics but less in answered questions to give the highest quality value that will pay you unexpected results.

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Ideas for blogger with Question hub

Do you know what is question hub or why to use it?
Question hub is the product of Google that collect all search queries from search engines that are unanswered. Question hub gives the facility to choose desired categories to answer and you can paste blog posts or links that contain the exact answers. Secondly, the Question hub can be used to grab the opportunity to know what data is unavailable or unanswered but it should be in demand and must be a great Ideas for blogger.

Ideas for blogger from Competitor

Unique content creation is good but the smart copy of content ideas from the competitor is not bad at all.
Instead of getting jealous or worried about your competitors find out what content is performing great for them and what will be good for you to effort on it.
I’m not saying copy the content from your competitors just identify the topic and data that the audience is love to consume because both of your audience is the same and by creating the content on related keywords or topics you can win the race.

Google Autosuggestion for content ideas

The Google autosuggestion is a hundred percent working method to use for getting the creative content ideas because you want to create the content for your blog and most of the searches in the world have search on the Google search engine. When the search engine itself gives you the real, accurate, and high demand topic ideas in the form of keywords and search queries, Then nobody can compete with you because you will generate the exact blog content for people for what they want. But very few bloggers utilize Google autosuggestions to collect the ideas for content creation. This is not cool to ignore this method therefore I suggest you use Google auto-suggestion to do the perfect SEO and obtain the content topic ideas.

Blog content ideas from google Trends

Generally, content creators suppose google Trends and google trends tools only work well for news websites. It is not true, Google Trends perform well for news website but it is not specific only for news websites. Google trend gives the option to choose the category, location, real-time searches, trending searches even shows how many posts are available on the trending particular keywords.

Just you have to select your desired category and location and then start to check if any keywords or search queries are available that can give you the benefit to generate content ideas or getting instant visitors. If yes, then never miss a chance because if you missed it others will catch it.

Not just Google Trends many other similar platforms are present. Some of them are paid and some are free. These tools provide the facilities to check the keywords that are becoming popular but do have no proper content on them. By writing the content on these keywords you can be rock. I accept it not all of the time you will get the content ideas from this platform but not always they will let you down.

Ideas for content with SEO tools

SEO tools are my favorite websites to get creative content ideas. Whenever I feel a shortage of content ideas I open a keywords planner like SEO tools, select the location, and search for the related keywords. A single or a couple of keywords generate a minimum of up to five new Content ideas for the website in the 10 minutes. Literally, during the SEO research of this article, I generated three blog post ideas.
It is the same thing that every blogger can do to acquire content ideas for blogging. Usually, I use keyword planner, ubersuggest tools to achieve content blog ideas. You can use your favorite tools.
It is a smart way to find unique blog ideas and very few people know about this term. It’s nice as a result you can generate more unique content with this method.

Final words for Content creation ideas

Here I want to end the How to get content ideas article. Indeed this article cannot end so I will try to add more and more ways that can work excellent to generate unique content ideas. Keep visiting this website and you can check this blog post over and over to know more about websites for Blog post ideas.

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