How to increase website traffic for free in 2021
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How to increase website traffic for free in 2021


Gaining more and more website traffic and customers is the first goal of every business and blogger. An increase in website traffic is important but difficult to achieve. especially, when you are a beginner or have zero money to invest. But don’t worry, today we will talk about some fast and effective ways to increase website traffic for free in 2021.

For all sites and businesses, the ratio to get traffic from all resources are vary but resources are the same. Some main resources are Organic traffic, Referral traffic, and By Social media pages or platforms.

On-page off-page Seo

Organic traffic always comes from good SEO. Organic traffic is a long-run, free, and valuable source of traffic. But only when you are giving admirable value to your organic visitors. Am not going into the depth of what is off-page and what is on-page SEO and how to do it but if you are a blogger, content writer, or whoever you should have to know the importance of SEO for organic traffic. Do Off-page, on-page SEO and create unique and up-to-date content to increasing the retention rate of visitors.

Internal linking in posts

Linking of all related posts to each other is called internal linking. Internal linking is important because it is an important factor of SEO. It does not only help you to rank in google but also helps you to increases engagement time. That happens, because when visitors open your one post that has one or two internal links and if they open your other posts too. Then definitely, it will increase your impression and real-time of your site.


Quora is a place with 300 million active users who always seek solutions, value, and answers. Can you provide it? If yes, then trust me. It is my favorite way to increase referral traffic. These all users can be your regular visitors so don’t miss a chance to get a large number of referral traffic from quora.


Youtube is totally free to use in any way but the way of use totally depends upon you. All successful bloggers are successful just because they have a youtube channel to redirect huge traffic from a channel to a site. It also falls in the category of referral traffic. If you have a blog but do not have a youtube channel. Have some patience because you have to wait for visitors to come to your site organically.

Social media platforms

Social media is also a good platform to drive referral traffic to the destination. Make pages on social media and explore your most popular, trending, or good pieces of work to a massive audience. Most businesses have social media managers to manage their social media accounts and they also invest money in running campaigns on social media. Previous lines are enough to show the importance of social media pages.


Pinterest is a place where 95% of businesses share the details of products in the form of infographics and images and in return they generate sales, leads and increase website traffic. At the start, Pinterest flopped because for the 2 years it had just 300 users. But when bloggers and other businesses started to use it to promote their own content in an easy and visual way. Then it becomes the most active site due to 478 million active users. Create an account on Pinterest to increase your website traffic for free.


For few years, Ebooks have become a popular word. All writers, experts, and even anyone who has expertise in any category write ebooks. Some ebooks are paid while some are free. You can make a free ebook related to your site content that may be your experience skill or on any interesting or trending topic to increase traffic on the website.


Udemy is the biggest online learning platform. Thousand of online free or paid courses are present in vast categories while users of Udemy are in million. If you are a teacher or expert in any category so you can use Udemy as a free referral source of traffic to increase website traffic by creating a free course on your skill experience or on the motivational story. Content of the courses should be worthy otherwise you can skip this way to increase site traffic.

Emails marketing

Email marketing is a very effective and easy way to increase traffic on websites. Create or purchase active email lists to do email marketing. For making the free email list you can add an email subscription button on your site and use this list to send notifications of upcoming, trending posts or offers details, etc in a week.


Analytics of your website can help you to increase website traffic for free. Check your site analytics report and most visited posts or products to understand in which country or in which category your website is getting visitors. If you are getting more visitors from a specific location or in a particular category then start to generate more content related to it by targeting the exact location.

stalk your Competitors

Competitor’s website keywords ranking reports are really helpful for you. By deep analysis, you can get the content ideas along with the detail of ranking keywords in a particular region. Asked questions of other people and in the end, you can promote your business website or channel, etc. After getting the idea make a wise decision to increase website traffic.

Do Giveaways

People always want worthy material. So arrange giveaways and in the giveaways give those things for which people actually need. Then create circumstances like they must have to follow your social media accounts or visit your website, and subscribe to your channel. If you have zero audiences then run an ad campaign for the giveaway and redirect this traffic to your website.

Do guest posting

Guest posting is a good method to increase website traffic. Some websites do guest posting free while some are paid but conditions are the same to consider before doing guest posting which is always asking for the do-follow backlink, guest posting accepting site should have high DA, Sites content should be relevant to your content.

Accept guest posts

As we know guest posting is also a good source to gain website is also an important factor of SEO. If you are doing guest posting then it is good but by accepting guest free posts you can give a mega boost to your site traffic because everyone already knows the importance of guest posting so they search for that sites which are accepting free guest posts.

particpate in Online Directories

There are many online directories sites. here you can join and can promote your products or projects to a huge audience.

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