How to Earn Money From OLX Marketplace

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OLX is a marketplace where everyone can sell and buy millions of things. The procedure to buy and sell on OLX  is very easy. But not everyone knows about how to make from OLX. In this article, I will cover all possible ways we can use to earn online money from OLX Marketplace. 

Let’s check out all methods to earn money on OLX one by one with the complete details 

Freelance Jobs On OLX

Except for buying and selling on OLX, many people use OLX to post different ads. Therefore, OLX is also known as an ad-classified website. The types of ads are different on Olx. Daily many people post ads for Developers, Content writers, Marketers, SEO experts, etc.

If you can do freelance work then from OLX you can get different projects without any competition or investment. Only you have to apply for relevant ads to make money . Besides freelancing work, on a daily basis, many jobs are posted to hire talents. Mostly these jobs are part-time and full-time based. Just you have to grab the perfect jobs on OLX to start earning online. It is a very reliable method to earn money by using OLX Marketplace.

Other Methods To Make Money With Freelance Jobs on OLX

At the present time, everybody knows what freelancing is and how to do freelance work. Still, if case you don’t have much knowledge about freelancing or do not have any skills then don’t worry, here are some tricks which you can use to earn money from these types of ads. 

In the first method, you have to get some knowledge about freelancing, then select some skills, then get projects from the OLX site and outsource it (In that you have to hire another experienced and professional developer to perform the same task but after keeping your commission). 

In the second method, you can get the project from the client and sell this lead to other freelancers. The price of each lead will depend on the budget of the lead. The basic difference between both money-making methods is, in the first method you will work as a middle man till the project end. Whereas in the second method, your work will be that, get the client and sell it to the other freelancer by generating instant money. 

Pros and Cons of Both Methods To Make Money From OLX

  • You will have to be involved till the completion of the project. In a second way, you just have to sell the task to the freelancer.
  • More money but you have to wait for it. Less money but instantly.  
  • If this client has worked in series then it will be a beneficial thing because he will be a permanent client. In the second method, no client will be a permanent client for you. If they will have more work they will contact the freelancer whom you suggested. 

Promotion/Ads on OLX

As we know that OLX is also an ad listing site. This means, if you want then you can use this site to promote anything. If you are interested you can provide the service of promotion/advertisement for different products and brands. Such as e-commerce sites, add listing services, product promotion services, etc. 

For this work, you can get the client from any freelancing website such as Fiverr. 

Affiliates Marketing On OLX

The third method which we can use to make money by using OLX is affiliate marketing. If you want to do affiliate marketing and do not have any platform or basic knowledge to do effective affiliate marketing, utilize OLX for this purpose. Do you know? each minute thousands of products are listed on the OLX marketplace for sale. So why are you not using OLX to sell affiliate products by saving your commission? Think about it and take action now to make money at home without any investment.

How to Make Money From OLX Jobs

Are you a student or have less time to work but need money and have no job? So let me help with your problem by giving you this technique. Open the OLX go to the OLX jobs tab and find out a compatible job, apply, and get hired. Usually, on the OLX 55% of jobs are scammed and fake. If you want to know what is real and what is a fake job so check if the job provider asks for any advance fee or work, an investment fee, or a form fee. If yes, then you have to consider it a scam because you are searching for a job not for giving the money. I hope now you are able to differentiate between the real job and the scammed job.

Another way to use the job feature of OLX jobs to earn money is to make a list of real jobs for different categories along with the proper details of salary, job timing, required skill/education, and contact details. Now sell the job info to interested candidates for the different or wanted prices according to the salary of the jobs. I personally know some people who are making money by using this feature of OLX Marketplace.

Make Money Online Via A Commission

It is a very interesting and hidden method to make a lot of money at home without any investment on OLX site. There are a lot of products and accessories available to buy that have been used and new. You have to select a product that is mostly purchased by people and easy to sell after that contact the seller and say to him I will sell your products by taking a particular amount of Commission. If they will agree make a profitable deal with them and sell that product by taking the double Commission, one from the seller and the second from the buyer.

Along with these methods, one very popular and successful method is, collecting the clips and images of products from sellers and converting them into videos, and uploading them on the YouTube channel. By this method, you guys can generate money in many ways. First, from the sellers. Second from the client, and third from the YouTube channel. An example of this type of product is vehicles. In this work, your role will be of a middleman.

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Buying and Reselling

It is the seventh method of how to make money with OLX Marketplace, you must have some money, it doesn’t matter how much it is. Choose a product in the range of available money, buy it, and then sell it by saving some Commission on the OLX Marketplace.

How is this possible? Whenever you buy a product from any seller. They delete the ad from the OLX because the product was sold. Now you have to wait for one day to post an ad. Make new clicks and videos if required and upload an ad with all new details. Always mention the higher amount than you want to sell. For example, if you want to sell a product for 30 dollars give the price for this product 40 Dollars. If the buyer says you to lessen the price, give the discount but sell the product for the amount you were at wanted to sell.


It is the last method to earn money on OLX. People believe on OLX just used items are available but new items also can be purchased and sold. For this earning method, investment is required. If you have any kind of new and old products you can sell them on the olx for good prices. It is a very well-known method to earn money on OLX. Thousands of people already using this method for earning to living.

Last Words

I have completed the list of all money-making methods on OLX Marketplace. These methods are true and reliable but their demand is action and consistency. Take action from now and make some effort and after that let me know how was your experience to make money on OLX by sitting at home.
Trust me there are thousands of methods to earn money but it will work or not it totally depends on your effort. If you found this article helpful, I will be glad if you will share it with your friends because sharing is caring. And keep visiting this site, I will cover the more secure, easy, and Legit ways to earn money.

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