How to make money or work on Fiverr without skills

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Do you want to make money on Fiverr but not have any skill or prior knowledge of any fiver services? It is not as big an issue as you think, Because today we are gonna talk about how to earn money on Fiverr without skills so read this article carefully because it is going to be very helpful for you. Fiverr Without any skills mean is not that you will not work, whereas mean those skills which you can understand instantly and can start to sell on Fiverr just in a couple of days.

The very noticeable thing is all services which you can sell without any skill and expertise always have a little bit of competition. Competitive services mean is not that you can not get work here. I have many examples of those sellers. Who are new on Fiverr but start to make money just in a week. How? because they make their gig accurately like a pro gig. This kind of gig is always getting support from Fiverr.

Do you want to know how to make a perfect Fiverr gig?

Below we give a detailed list of all Fiverr gigs without skills .


This Fiverr service is highly demanding and competitive but you can start to sell it within two days, just after some practice. In this gig, you can sell your voice as a voice-over or as a dubbing artist. As a beginner, you should have to work as a Voice artist because dubbing artists should have command of all kinds of pitches. Some work examples for Voice artists are voice-over for youtube videos, voice-over for different commercials, or many more. Always select your native language for voice-over to perform perfectly. You can convert English to native too.

English Articles To The Native Language.

If you are good at English then instantly you can make a gig on this topic without any writing experience. Mainly many bloggers and clients always look to convert English articles into their native language or native to the English language. So you can work for them as a translator. If you are not good at English so you can select your native language to conversion.

Articles to videos

We all know videos are more preferable to articles. Buyers want to convert their articles into videos for youtube, medium or social media platforms or ads campaigns, etc. But converting each line of the article into a video is not easy. Trust me, it is easy near me, but with the help of an online paid tool which name is is also has a free version so don’t get upset. Open the browser and search for it and learn to use this tool. And begin to offer articles into video service on fiverr without any expertise

Social media marketing

Everyone knows how to use all famous and most used social media platforms. But how will it be if we learn to use it to make money on Fiverr? Trust me, zero need for special knowledge. Just learn to manage one or more social media platforms for business accounts. After that, you are ready to sell your service on Fiverr in just a couple of days. What are you waiting for?

Guest post

For selling this Fiverr service you need no skill. You just need to know, what is a guest post? why we do the guest posting? what is DA ? or how to check the DA? Just watch videos related to guest posting on youtube. You will be able to earn more than 2000$ by giving this service on Fiverr.

Ad posting

We all agreed on the importance of advertisement. Sellers on Fiverr give the service of ad posting with just basic knowledge. In this service seller posts the ads on different ad posting sites that can be free and paid. You can also do this without any experience or skill.

Data entry “fiverr without skills”

Data entry is also a basic skill, which anybody can do very easily by using some extensions. It will be good if you spend one or two days on data entry skills before starting to work on Fiverr.

Word cloud

In this service, sellers create the word cloud in different shapes. Which buyers will tell you so everyone can create word clouds very easily by using photoshop or any online word cloud making tool.

Business card design

Business cards are very necessary for all businesses. You can design business cards by using There are many ready-made templates are available. You just have to drag and drop elements. Learn how to use Canva in a day and start to sell your service.


Same as the business cards you can design infographics for many clients by using Canva. For infographics also many ready-made free and paid templates are present on Canva. Infographics are images that are easy to read or easy to understand to any topic etc. Therefore buyers hire sellers to make infographics for promotional and educational purposes.

Ads campaigns

In this category, sellers run the ads for clients on different social media. Open Fiverr and check that how many sellers are offering social media ads campaigns services and what is the work ratio to inspire. Facebook and Google ads are most in demand. While LinkedIn ads have less competition. Learn to run ads and already you know what to do further.

Proofreading and editing

Are you good at English or any native language or at any particular field? Then this service is best for you. Just proofread the given articles or books etc and get paid. If you want to perform well in this service so you will have to continuously read articles and ebooks to understand what sentences and words should be used.

User testing

The user testing category is all about testing new websites, apps, and tools, etc. Big companies always want to test their services before launching publicly that is why they hire critical testing professionals to test their services in all ways. For example the website speed, layout, content, design, and responsiveness, etc.

Unboxing videos

Many products are present in the market and now many businesses want to do the unboxing of their product for attracting a larger audience. If you can come on camera then this service has plenty of opportunities for you to make money.

Cooking lessons

This is a perfect gig for girls to make many on Fiverr without any skill. You just know how to cook and give instructions. If you are more expert in cooking so you can sell your recipes ideas on freelancing sites and get paid nicely.

Fitness lessons

Are you good at the gym? Can you make a chart for the different diet plans during any conditions like pregnancy, for losing weight, for gaining weight? if yes, then start to give fitness lessons on Fiverr.

Greeting cards and videos

This service is easy and can be done by using the Canva designing tool. learn to use Canva and start to create greeting cards and videos for the clients and make thousands of dollars.

Online tutoring

If you are a student or teacher or if you are good at any subject, start to give online tutor service and earn a good amount.

Personal stylist

Do you have a good taste in personal styling? Then why are you not getting the benefit from your good point by selling your service at Fiverr? At this the present time everyone is really conscious about their physical appearance you can help them to look better and in return, you can live better.

Your message on

This is also a service in which the seller paste given message or images etc at cups, famous buildings, t-shirt, sky or wing boards, etc. Anybody can do that service by using an online tool or photoshop.

Learn canva and start to earn

Canva is a leading graphic designing tool that is free and really easy to use. Many free tutorials are available on YouTube and udemy like platforms to learn canva and it can be learned in a couple of days. After learning this tool you will be able to give up to 15 on-demand and very popular services on any freelancing platform. If you want to know about this canva and freelancing services then click on this embedded link.

Last words

It is the end of the list of Fiverr gigs without skills. All these mention gigs are really easy to learn and money-making. If you work by your heart so no one can stop you to earn money by selling these gigs. I hope this article will help you to find the best Fiverr services without skills. Then do favor with others and share this article with your friends to help them to earn easily.


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