How to qualify for Adsense in 2021
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How to qualify for Adsense in 2021


Google makes a list and creates terms and conditions to how to qualify for an Adsense account. if someone wants to get the approval they have to follow them, otherwise, they will reject the request for the approval of AdSense.

so let’s start read the article and make your site easily compatible with the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

What is AdSense 

Adsense is the product of google. which is the world’s largest and best ad network to monetize the blog, sites, or youtube etc.No doubt, after getting the approval from AdSense, you will start to earn a handsome amount of money by running the ads on your sites or blog, but it is not as easy as it is listening.

Summary for How to qualify for AdSense

Your content should be 100% unique and your content quality should be high and it Should attract an audience. The number of articles must be 25 and each article should consist of 1000+ words. It should not be copyrighted or plagiarised. If you try to be smart by using different techniques and publish the other’s content. So, you have to be worried because you are not smarter than google. Your AdSense approval request will be rejected by following copyright laws, and your blog will be removed by Google, so be careful.

Age factor for qualify for Adsense

 According to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense, the user’s age should be over 18 years old if you are not then you can not apply for google AdSense.

But if you are less than 18 years old, don’t Worry, you can get help from your parents and siblings.

Modern and device friendly blog

when you apply for the Adsense google check your blog very wisely. Your blog theme should be attractive or simple, don’t use too many gadgets to make your blogs fancier. because simple and unique blogs attract more audiences and it will also be a good factor for gaining approval from Adsense in just the first attempt. go for online tools to check your site is responsive or not.

Quality of content 

Focus on your content as much as you can. make your content more unique, different, and interesting. And before applying to Adsense you should have to write 30 to 50 posts. Which should be 100 percent unique or zero plagiarised. Don’t use the other’s content and copyright images or videos.

Disclaimer and privacy policy pages

Your new blog should have these pages before applying to Google AdSense such as

  1.  About us 
  2. contact us
  3.  privacy policy 
  4. terms and conditions 
  5. disclaimer
  6. site maps

if you ignore these pages google will reject your request.

Add your blog to the google search console

The basic setting of your blog is an also important factor that really to do before applying to Google AdSense.

  1. Make a logo for the professional look of your site
  2. Add your blog to the search console.
  3. Manually Add your pages or blog’s categories in search console
  4. Add keyword focused or brief description to each of your pages.

Important points to easily qualify for adsense

  • Always apply for blog sites. Don’t apply for Adsense for Movie downloading, Download links for software or songs lyrics, etc. sites.
  • Check the your website speed on mobile and for online tool to do it.
  • Utilize the compressed images in your article.

I hope you like to read them too.

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