Domain flipping: How to start buying and selling domain names business?

Domain trading

For a couple of decades domain flipping or domain selling business is a well-known and extensively profit-making business. But buying and selling domain names business put everyone in shock when a domain sold up to 16 million in 2009. Moreover, many investors yield thousands of dollars monthly with domain investing by doing nothing special. That is the reason, today I want to discuss the complete road map of buying and selling domain name business with my readers that can amazingly help you to establish a business to generate seven-figure revenue.

What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping is a procedure to buy valuable new and old domains from companies or people and resell them to the relevant clients by making some profit.

Who can make money with domain names?

We know that not everyone can run each business successfully, always specific business experts can run and grow the business. This rule is also applied to domain trading. A person who has the money to invest in domain names business and has prior knowledge of hosting companies, SEO, digital marketing and has a strong interest in trading and can understand charts of future demands can run domain flipping business very greatly.

Thus a blogger and developers are the most compatible folk to start a domain investing work. However, These all required skills are easy and fast to learn so anyone who is willing to start a domain names business can start it within a few months.

Types of domains

There are a few types of domain names that every domain seller must know.

Timely domain:

In this type of domain category, all domains come that represent timely things. For example,

Business Names:

It is a type of domain name that describes any type of business. Investment in this domain category can create massive profit. The people who want to start the business by using this domain name will look for it and at that point, you can demand the money you want to charge.

Geographic Names

Geographic names are those particular domain names that represent the specific country, city, location, etc. When buying this category of domain names take care of the copyright and trademark principles of the domains.

Generic domain names

Generic domain names are those domain names that reflect the service and products. Keyword names are also a part of generic domain names. Generic domain names have a wide range of categories which is the reason service and product generic domain names are really in demand and sold out very quickly by making the high revenue.

How to start buying and selling domain names business

Starting a domain trading business is super easy and consists of a few steps. Let’s begin to check all the steps one by one.

How to buy domain names for trading

Many companies are available from where we can buy domain names for business such as GoDaddy and some other hosting companies like Bluehost, hostinger, can also be used to buy domain names. When you have chosen your best platform then you have to search for the particular domain, next add it to the cart and simply buy it and finally sell it to the appropriate customers.

It does not sound quite simple? it sounds simple but actually, it is not. The steps to select and sell the domains is not easy pizzy at all. Indeed, it’s technical parts and we need to be discussed in depth.

Things to remember while buying domain names

A domain name should be worth making for the customer. If it will give value to the customer then it will give you too. If You buy a domain name without checking the necessary factors and want to sell it, it will not give you a profit of more than 50$. Therefore some things are really important to be marked during buying a domain name.

Easy to remember:

A good domain name should be short, easy to remember, and must be without spelling mistakes. Short and direct domains make more money than long ones and weird domain names. Domain names that are good and short but have slashes, hyphens, etc attract a very short number of customers and ultimately create poor profit. Example: , ,

Valuable domain names

I Am continuously saying valuable domain name valuable domain name. What are the valuable domain names? The domain name that has a high number of searches, a domain name that actually is an organic keywords, a domain name that represents a service or content, location, trends, events, and times, a synonym of existing domain names, falls in the category of valuable domain names.

It is the highest money-making domains category. If you get a domain that fulfills any of these points can make thousands of dollars and sometimes millions of dollars for you. That is the reason, I was saying that a person who has knowledge of marketing, SEO and has information on upcoming trends can make millions of dollars by doing domain investing work.

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Domain extension

Domain extensions really matter in the flipping domain names work. .com,.in, .org extensions usually get more LimeLight than other domain extensions. Whenever you buy any domain you must check which is the most compatible extension with the domain name. Always prefer the .com domain name for valuable category domains. Whereas other domain extensions can be checked according to the purpose of use.

Where to Sell domains

Where to sell domain names is a very important question because selling domain names is a pillar of the domain flipping business. Different methods are used to sell domain names. Different people use different methods according to their interests and need.

Buying and selling domain names websites

A very fast and popular method of domain selling is by using any online domain selling platform such as, This first method to sell domain names is perfect for sellers who do not have a very valuable domain or have a new domain t sell. And are very new to the domain trading business and just want to do a trial in this business.

Sell domain via broker

The second method is mostly used by medium-level domain sellers and it is through brokers. Domain sellers hire a broker for finding the best customer for the particular domain name. In this method, sellers share the 10 to 20% Commission with the broker.

Built own domain selling brand

The third method is a premium domain flipping method for premium domain sellers. This method is really good for people who have dozens of valuable domains for sale and want to establish a brand name in the world of domain trading business. It is a business website for listing all available domains along with the feature of online payment methods and proper guidance. Very few people are using this domain flipping method but once your brand reputation is built through this method so no-one can stop you to become a master of domain selling business.

Risks of Investing in Domain name trading

We can’t enjoy just pros in any business. Domain name trading also has some risks but if someone is deal with them smartly easily can overcome them.

Hold on money

Some of the time it becomes hard to sell a particular domain for a wanted price so you have to wait for the best client for months to years which leads the money on hold in the form of domains.

legality of the domain

The legality of the domain is also can be a serious risk. If you buy a domain very similar to the other brands and companies domain names can put you in law cases and ultimately you will have to hand over this domain to the main brand for free. If you guys look at the law policy before buying this type of domain can prevent this problem.

Out of demand domains

Each thing obtains attention for a particular time and this attention or interest changes very rapidly. Similarly, in case you buy a domain that is a trend and timely based domain and you have not sold it in a specific duration so, this thing can put you at a loss.

A second method to buying and reselling domain business

It’s is similar to a flipping domain names business but in this domain trading business, a couple of steps increased that yields the most capital.
This extra step is, building the authority of domain names. Yes, in this step experts, built the domain authority (SEO factors that increase the number of organic searches) that ultimately will give the highest value to customers and sold for thousands of dollars.

Final words for domain name trading

All the methods and steps are discussed above in this article are legal and really worked to make money with domain names. Already thousands of people running the domain flipping business and producing the capital with their smartness and this time is your time to make a good amount by using this domain investing work. Good luck!

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