If you are poor thank to the God

If you are poor thank to the God

If you are a poor person then thank God for that. After reading this line most readers will think is the writer mad?

How we can be thankful to God however we are poor, we have no basic facilities to live life peacefully, even sometimes we have to sacrifice for a single meal.
You are right in your place but No, I am not mad. However, my way of looking toward life is entirely different from the majority of other poor people’s and that is the reason I am saying if you are a poor boy then thank the god.

History of billionaires

In the history and present of the billionaire’s world how many billionaires belong to rich families?
Probably 6% out of 100%.
Do you know who the 94% are? They are all self-made billionaires and they belong to poor families. It was the poor circumstances that pushed them to here.

Who are the poor

Poor are the true legends. They know what is the worth of the time. They are the ruler of their life. They are always dreaming. They are those people who live life in each aspect. They are familiar with the truth of the world. They know the value of money. They always have big goals to achieve. They have beautiful imaginary moments and they have the power to choose to work in their own interests.

They can be diamond because they know how to handle the pressure of life. They know how to draw the intention of people, therefore, they can understand the business better. They have the most precious emotions with their goals. Win and loss truly matter to them. That is the reason, the poor are the strongest, luckiest creature of God.

It is a true fact, the poor are fearless. If they decide to do anything in their life and remain determined. So nobody can stop them to achieve that because they have enough guts to prove that they deserve to be the next billionaires.

Dear readers, say thank to God, if you are poor, or struggling. Because in which conversion you will move from poor to rich class is the most mesmerizing conversion of the world.

What is the attitude of a leader and how to adapt it?

Rich people

What are the future, career, and lifestyles of billionaire kids? Will they have time to think about what they want to be? Will they have the right to follow their passion? Will they pass through a time from where their poor ancestors passed to be strong? Will they have the guts to tolerate any kind of life pain? Will they survive in the worst conditions?

Generally, very few of them will be able to do these things which a poor can easily come through. The life of the billionaire’s kids will be very similar to their parent’s present life because most of the time they will have to work to grow their family business. They will be known by their parents name. They will have no special and own identity. They will never taste the tolerance.

Why you will be thankful to god

If you understood the real difference between the poor and the rich lifestyle, attitude, and the way to look at life or circumstances, you will also be thankful to God for many reasons. Such as, for giving this opportunity to prove yourself. To give this amazing medium to reach a life that you deserve. For giving the strength which is enough and necessary to survive in this world.

How poor man can be billionaire

Not all poor and middle-class families can be rich because for this conversion many things are mandatory and in them, money is not included. It is the determination that will create the opportunity for you. It is the attitude that will differentiate you from the others and remind you, you are not born to remain poor and you can’t die as a poor.

It is the belief in yourself that will give you enough energy when others discourage you. It is the guts that will not let you down in front of the obstacles. It is the responsibility that will wake you whereas others slept. It is the time which has no alternative. It is the education that will work as stairs.

Final words to say thank you god

It is perfectly normal if you are poor because you are born to be a leader in your life.
just stop wasting time, stop making excuses, stop complaining about empty pockets. Just get up and look at life in a different way. I am ready to bet you if you work to make 1 million dollars in a specific time and believe in yourself and in nature, surely you will get it. Never doubt yourself and in nature. If you start to doubt then how you will get it.
In short, you are not poor, you are the lucky charm. Just you need to prove it by your efforts.

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