Image Resizer JS Free Project Source Code

image resizer js project

Please scroll and click on the download button to download the JS image resizer free source code. We recommend you read out this article to understand the necessary information related to the image resizer JS project.

Introduction of Image Resizer JavaScript Project:

This is a simple but useful project which is written using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This project is made to resize any type of image in the desired dimension. This code works smoothly while the logic of this project is very basic and short therefore it is easy to understand for beginner developers. The project is simple and lightweight which definitely is a plus point of the project. In short, this is a perfect project for students to do practicing of basic javascript language or for understanding how to use javascript for creating different and simple but useful logic without the use of any external Javascript frameworks.

How To Execute The Image Resizer JS Project Code:

After downloading the project file, extract the zip file, open the folder and click on the index file. Which will be open in your default browser. It is a bug-free and modern source code, But If you face any issues while running it. Then firstly we suggest you use the latest versions of browsers like Google and Firefox, Opera and Safari, etc then look for other solutions. Remember, use the project source code just for educational purposes. For more license details you can check the readme file in the downloaded folder.

How The Image Resizer JS Project Works:

When you open the index.html file of this project in any browser to check the functionality of the project, a page will open in the browser. Here you see the two options for choosing the files and for giving the size in pixels. If you want to resize the image then first give the desired number in pixels (keep in mind this number will be applied to both width and height).

After giving the number, select the image of any format which you want to resize. Now firstly this image resizer free tool resizes the image into given dimensions and after that, it will automatically download it into your system. Moreover, read the source code to understand how the logic of the image resizer is working in this simple js project. But if you have any confusion while running this project or understanding the source code. You can ask in the comment section.

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