Intro to voice over career free mini-course

voice over career free mini-course

Language of the course: English
Course teacher: Julie Eickhoff
Course level: For Beginner
Course type: Free video course

Course requirement: Will to learn and have a device to watch videos.

Voice over career course content highlights

What is Voice Over?
How does working as a voice artist work?
What background do I need to be successful?
What skills would I need to learn?
How do I get work?
How much money can I make?
Do I need my own recording space and equipment?
What’s a typical day like?
How can I learn everything I need to know?

Profile of course creator

She is a Voice artist since 2011. In her career, she created more than a hundred audiobooks and now she is an audible approved producer. She has worked with a lot of brands for different advertisements, narrations, and other kinds of voice-over tasks. She already produced many new Voice artists by sharing her career experience and when she realized her experience is really helping beginner Voice artists why not create a complete tutorial on voice-over career. Presently, This tutorial helped more than 500 people to enjoy an interesting voice-over career. If you also want to be a voice-over artist enroll in this tutorial from now and include yourself among this 500 peoples list.

Link of the free online course.


This course consists of 4 to 5 parts the “Intro of voice-over career” is totally free. If you want to get the intro of voice artist career then this mini-course is good enough for beginners to get prior knowledge of voice-over career. In case, you found this intro very well and useful you can go with the other parts of the complete tutorial that are paid.

Good luck!

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