Is Fiverr Dead

Is Fiverr dead

Is Fiverr dead? It is a very common question asked by many folks but the answer is very simple and short. Fiverr is not dead and recently there are no signals for the death of Fiverr. 

If I am saying it is not dead and there are no signals for the death of Fiverr. Then why are people searching and asking about it? The reason for searching it can vary. But Fiverr cannot be dead until we find a great alternative to Fiverr or suddenly an accident happens. And we have to leave Fiverr. Which is not possible.

Now we know that Fiverr is not dead and cannot be dead in the next upcoming years. So what is the reason that is creating this question? Let’s dive into the depth of the reasons for searching this query.

The First Reason To Search For It

40,000 people search for this query monthly around the world. Some of them are new freelancers and want to join Fiverr. But they search for it to know if is Fiverr dead or near death in the upcoming years or want to confirm whether it will be good to join Fiverr or not.

If these people are searching then it is totally normal. The answer for this type of person is, Fiver is not dead and you can join it easily and with confidence. If you work on it in an authentic way then no one can stop you to make a good amount from it except your luck.

The Second Reason To Search Is Fiver Dead is Impressions Decrease on Fiverr

The second aim behind searching for this question is, sometimes impression, order rate, and click rate of gigs start to decrease, even for the level 2 sellers, because their gig is removed from the first pages. A gig with hundreds of positive reviews and more than 500 completed orders, when drops and make zero profit. It becomes a stress-giving thing for the seller and they think that Fiverr is dead. Because they are not getting orders, Impressions, and clicks and it is the condition for such highly reputed gigs, then what will be the condition for the beginners? They are right in their places and things right until they know what are the actual reasons.

Why Impressions Decrease in Fiverr Along with Clicks and Orders on Fiverr

The meaning of this is not that Fiverr is dead. It happens due to the algorithm of Fiverr. Fiverr is a very active marketplace and daily a lot of people join it. Fiverr wants to give the chance to everyone therefore their algorithm works according to this requirement. From time to time this algorithm changes the location of Fiverr gigs which moves the different gigs from one place to another. It is the actual reason for the decrement in impressions and orders. Most of the old users have to go through with this problem. That is why high-level sellers made a request to Fiverr for a solution to this problem. No doubt, it is a really serious problem for all the sellers who are really experts in their field and giving their best on this platform and making a lot of money by this platform.

What Is The Cause For Changing The Location of Gigs

By the statements of Fiverr, the reason behind this problem are many. First, Fiverr wants to give opportunities to everyone and it doesn’t matter for a new seller is on the first page or a high-level seller.

Second, some of the Fiverr users who are ranking on the first pages are not experts in their service but they reach this level by using some techniques. Indeed some of them are ranked for irrelevant keywords and services. So this feature also helps Fiverr to filter unrelated sellers from related experts.

What is The Solution For Lower Impressions And Gigs Clicks?

The reason is whatever but that thing was bad for the true freelancer. Ultimately Fiverr considered their request seriously and as the result Fiverr added a feature of saving the favorite gigs which work for the buyers. If you want to prevent yourself from reaching this state. You have to use these features from now. You are an expert and give good value to your buyers, you guys can make a request to buyers to save your gig in the favorite gigs section. It will help them to reach you again and that automatically will generate the orders for you.

Another important thing to remember is never to delete your business chats from freelancing platforms. This thing can help you get more projects from these clients in the future plus it will also save you in the case of disputes.

If you were not using tricks and now you are facing the problem of decreasing impressions and clicks. Now you should have to change the title, search tags, and description of your gig and wait for this technique to work for you. Generally, it works for 80% of users, but if it does not work for your case, then the only option is left, for you to make a new gig.

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The Third Reason To Search Is Fiverr Dead

Third and last reason for searching these queries is. Some users do not know much about Fiverr. Just they learn how to make a Fiverr gig and start to offer their services. Which is very competitive and very tough to make sales from their service. When they are not making sales from their service they start to search, is Fiverr dead? But Fiverr is not dead. Some gigs and services can be dead on Fiverr. That is why it’s important to always sell a service that is evergreen and you are an expert in it.

My Suggestion To Those Who Are Selling Dead Services on Fiverr

If you were selling the dead skills then I recommend you change your skill. Start to learn a new one. It will be good if you choose the skill which is less competitive but high in demand. And also you have time to learn in-depth. So go with it instead of it that is have really great competition not just Fiverr but on all the freelancing platforms and puts you on the waiting list while getting orders.

Still, if you want to make your career in a particular competitive skill, then my second recommendation is. Just don’t rely on one single platform. You need to work on a minimum of 3 platforms to start a successful online freelancing career. When you start to make money from one platform in good numbers with the flow. You can give your entire attention to one platform but never ever choose 1 platform at a time. Especially, when you are totally financially dependent on freelancing. A fabulous benefit is, If you are not getting orders from one platform you can get from the second one.

The Bad Face of Fiverr

I want to share one thing that I noticed on Fiverr in my whole career. Fiverr does not want to cross a particular limit for sellers. If you made a single mistake while selling. Fiverr will not wait to correct it. Fiverr will Suspend your account or stop ranking the gigs. Thus a single mistake can ruin your career on Fiverr. largely it happens with beginners.

It is a bad factor of Fiverr that I have noticed. I don’t know if anyone among you notices it or not. But it is a true thing and confirmed by many seniors. I noticed it again many times in the last 6 months. I was searching for keywords to give examples for the Fiverr series. I published this series on this website.

An example was of WordPress website service. It is a very competitive service due to the 97k sellers. After two to three months, I had to edit my blog post, so I searched again and noticed the numbers of the gig instead of increasing were decreased and all the people who were previously ranking on the specific keywords totally changed.

I also don’t know the real reasons behind it but the thing I noticed is shared with all of you because I want to give all true information with real experience.

Successful Fiverr Freelancers Ratio

Due to this fact, the success rate of Fiverr sellers is not neglectable. If we search we realize that successful sellers are more than failures. Just two days ago, I met with a man who is from the UK. He is a Fiverr seller. He made 122000 Dollars from Fiverr just in the 2 years

last Words

My final words are, Fiverr is not dead. Indeed it is a good Marketplace for sellers and buyers. In the case when you move very smoothly and give the best value to your user. Then there are very rare chances to face this problem on Fiverr. Unfortunately, if you will face this problem, it should not be an issue for you because you will have experience with Fiverr and know how to grow on it. Again you can make a good comeback.

If you are a freelancer or a person who randomly jumped on this article to know if is Fiverr dead or not. to know before starting your freelancing career. We have made a series on freelancing. Which covers all important topics related to freelancing along with the legit freelancing platforms. If you want to know more about freelancing you can access it through this link.

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