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Please scroll down and click on the download button to download the random name picker JavaScript project source code for free of charge. Before downloading the random name generator JavaScript source code, we highly suggest you read the guidelines to know the basic information about this name generator project. For example how to execute the source code of the name generator? What is the copyright license for this js project source code? Which coding language and API are used for creating this first-name generator tool.

Intro of jQuery random name picker

This name generator project is written using HTML, CSS, Javascript, API, and with the support of some frameworks like jQuery, and bootstrap. This first name generator works accurately. The code is very simple and clean which is very good for beginner developers to understand. Its design is sophisticated and responsive which is a plus point of this Javascript project. In short, this is a perfect project for students to do exercises for javascript projects. Especially, if they want to understand the logic to build random name generators project in javascript and with Apis.

How to execute the first name generator source code?

After downloading the project file, extract the zip file, open the folder and click on the index file which will open in your default browser. If you have any issues during running it. Then firstly, we suggest you use the latest versions of browsers like Google and Firefox, Opera and Safari, etc then check for other solutions. We recommend using the project source code just for academic purposes or according to the license. Which you can find in the downloaded folder.

How this random name picker work

When you will open the index file in any browser you can see the featured image life interface. The two buttons are present in the middle of the page that is used to create the male and females first names. When you will click on the male named button it will generate automatic males first names and work like a males first names generator. Whereas when you will click on the female named button it will work like a female first name generator.
The amazing thing about this random name generator is that when it generates the males and females names it also generates the pronunciation of names. Which is a very advanced feature of this random name picker.

This project works smartly and very short therefore it also can be used to get an idea to create the Last and first name generator, manual female first names and males first names generator, and tools for children for helping them to pronounce the word accurately. In short, if you think wisely you can utilize this name picker to create multiple types of name generators and other kinds of similar tools.

If you have any confusion during running this project or understanding the source code you can ask in the comment section below or you want any help or have any queries or want a particular project source code you can ask because I am just a comment away from you.

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