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Willing to download a free Speech to text in javascript project source code? Then scroll down and hit on the download button to download the JavaScript speech to text generator free source code. Before downloading the code we recommend you read this complete post to know the essential information about the voice to text generator jS project.

Introduction of Speech to Text In JavaScript :

This is an amazing project which is written using HTML, CSS, and Javascript programming language. This jS tool is used to do voice typing. This code works smoothly whereas the logic of the code of this project is very simple, neat, and consists of a few lines. In short, the code of this project is easy to understand for beginner developers.

This project is simple and lightweight and definitely, and it is a plus point of the project. Moreover, this is a perfect project for students to do practicing of JavaScript language or for understanding how to use javascript for creating different and useful functions and logic without the use of any external frameworks and libraries.

How to Run The JS Speech To Text Generator Source Code:

Download the zip file, extract the zip file, open the folder and click on the index.html file. Which will be open in your default browser or you can open it in your favorite Browser. It is a bug-free and working source code, But If you face any issue with running the javaScript speech to text generator source code.

Then firstly, check that you are using the latest versions of browsers like Google and Firefox, Opera and Safari, etc then look for other solutions such as checking if the files you opened as the index file, are the right file or not.
Remember only to use the JavaScript voice to text generator source code for studying or practice purposes. However, for more license details you can check the readme file in the voice to text js code make downloaded folder.

How This Voice To Text JavaScript Project Works:

When you open the index.HTML file of this project in any browser to check the functionality of this project then the sample-like page will open in the browser. On this page’s right side, you will see an icon of a mic that is used to perform voice typing. Whereas on the left side an option is available to choose the language in which you want to type. This voice-to-text generator tool just supports two languages Hindi and English.

To convert speech into text users have to enable the mic option and then have to choose the language in which they want to type and start to speak. This tool automatically will begin to convert your speech into text. If anybody wants to edit the text can do that by using the keyboard and when want to stop the voice typing can off the mic.

An option to copy the type text is available along with it the option of downloading text. With the downloads button, anybody can download the typed text in a file. In the end, a feature of sending email is given in this speech-to-text converter which is used to send this typed text file as an email to anyone.

This JS Speech to text generator is user-friendly and works on all kinds of devices. College Students and beginner developers can get help from this speech-to-text in JavaScript source code to learn how to make functions to convert voice into text.

How To Make This Voice To Text JS Tool Better

If developers want they can do many kinds of changes to this speech into text generator tool. Such as they can add more Languages, An option to autosave the files, Can design them better, Can add the features of commas, question marks, new lines, semicolons, space, etc.

If anybody facing any issues in running this project or understanding the source code or you want the source codes of specific projects. So you guys can Email us or can ask in the comment section.

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