How To Make Money With Canva|15 Ways To Make Money From Canva

learn canva and sell freelancing services

Canva for people is like a reward. Thousands of people are selling graphic designing services on multiple freelance platforms and making thousands of dollars just by using canva designing tool. That is the reason, today I want to expose how to make money with canva and 15 different ways to make money from canva by selling templets on different money-making sites after learning graphic designing on canva.

But before jumping to know methods to make money with canva. I want to cover the basic intro of canva. Which is consisted, of what is canva and what is included in the free and paid version.

What Is Canva

Canva is a very active and popular graphic designing platform. It has free and paid versions. Canva is generally free to use and gives more than 250000 readymade free templates to use to make social media posts and ads, posters design, banners, infographics, logos, slides, and many more.
Canva also provides the facility to create custom designs for any dimension with all essential options like color change, image transparency, fonts, text designs, elements, videos, and copyright-free images.

While the premium version is very advanced due to the unlimited content (premium fonts, images, videos, elements, templates, and much more) which range is under 100 million, more latest designs, extraordinary resizing of images to use in any size, background remover, animation pro, unlimited storage even can share with their teammates. Besides these features, premium users will be able to access all daily new content which will be provided by the expert graphic designers of the Canva team or contributors. Canva Pro chargers are 119.99 dollars annually while the monthly charges are $12 and this account can be used by 5 teammates.

15 Ways to Make Money With Canva

Let’s check out all the services which we can offer to make money just by learning one graphic designing tool.

Instagram Template

It is a kind of graphic design service in which canva designers can create Instagram templates by using canva for their clients according to their branding requirements. These Instagram templates are always editable on the free canva account. You can provide the source file of the templates to clients and thus the clients whenever want to change the image, fonts, text, design, or anything of templates can change by using the source file of the template. These templates will be resaleable or not depending upon the freelancer’s rights to the temperate design.

The competition for this skill on the Fiverr freelancing platform is medium and the work ratio is also amazing. New freelancers can easily start up in this gig.

An example of an Instagram template is.

Instagram template service example

This is the list of all related gigs to Instagram templates and these also are very amazing and other great options to choose from. For further information on these things, you can search by yourself on the Fiverr platform.

  • Instagram post design.
  • Instagram story designs.
  • Instagram infographics.
  • Instagram ad.

Flyer Design

With this service, you can create the flyer for multiple uses by utilizing canva for your buyers.

Different types of flyers contain business flyers, promotional flyers, event flyers, club flyers, and custom flyers. Flyer Designing Service is a competitive service on Fiverr but its broad variety divides the competition from custom flyer designs to different types of designs according to the purpose of need.
These flyers buyers can use commercially and they will have all the copyright for the flyer designs.
New people can easily learn to design flyers on Canva and after learning flyer designing can make money with this canva skill.

Flyer design service

Social Media Posters, Ads, Posts

These services are very common among people and very competitive due to the social media managers who not only manage the social media platforms of the clients but also create social media posts by using canva tool.
Initially, it was very tough to design posts in different dimensions to use on social media platforms but canva converted the tough task into a very easy one.

In this service, you can design social media posts, ads, and cover photos according to the client’s branding needs for different prices and make money.

Related skills to social media posts skills are:
Instagram posts, Instagram ads, Twitter posts, Twitter ads, Facebook advertising, Facebook cover photo, Facebook posters, Facebook posts, Linkedin ads, Linkedin posters, Pinterest ads, Pinterest pins designs,

By using canva graphic designing tool, you guys can sell the above-mentioned freelancing services for high prices. Keep in mind, competition is nothing but your creativity is everything. If you can be unique and creative so this field is made for you.

Ebook Designing and Creation Service

In the ebook designing service designers design and create ebooks for clients. Designing ebooks on Canva is very easy and interesting.
With the free version of canva graphic designers can create very unique and professional ebook designs.

Ebook Designing Service on fiverr is very in demand and waiting for the professionals to start their gigs. Already thousands of canva designers are offering the service and generating thousands of dollars monthly.
Other related services to ebook designing are ebook formatting, magazine design, ebook cover, pDF design, book designing.

Infographic design

Canva designers are also selling infographic designing services on different freelancing platforms. In this service, designers create infographics for different companies, clients for fulfilling their requirements.

With the aid of canva, the creation and designing of infographics like graphics become very unique, easy, fast, and more accurate. Especially in all dimensions with the pro version. Infographic design services are very interesting due to the informational content. It is also very near to my heart because I made thousands of dollars by designing infographics for worldwide clients.

Animated video

Except designing social media posts, infographics, posters, banners designers can create animated videos on canva. Yes, designers can create an animated video without the hassle to learn animation.
The types of animation videos made by canva are mostly based on business, intro, etc. Designers cannot create a 2D and 3D animated video with the help of a free Canva account but by using Canva Pro graphic designers can create professional animated videos for clients.
If you are more creative and want to be different while selling the same services in different ways, you can create infographics, banners, posts as an animated gif with the help of a free canva account .
At present many freelancers are selling these freelancing services on different freelancing platforms. You can be next by taking steps.

Animated video service example

Presentation and slides designing

Presentation and slide designing is a very popular, demanding, and ordinary service. Thousands of freelancers design presentation slides for the company’s, buyers, teachers, and students.
If we compare the canva designing method with the old method to design presentations and slides we realize the old method was very time taking and old.
But now canva is a very great platform to design and prepare presentations and slides of any kind with the help of a lot of elements, templates, images, videos, and text.

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YouTube video thumbnails and Channel art

In this graphic designing service freelancers design the video thumbnails and Channel art for the YouTubers. This designing service is very competitive but less in demand.
Because nowadays every YouTuber knows how to use canva and how to design Channel art and YouTube video thumbnails but still many graphic designers are giving the service by using the canva because not everyone can be creative and good at designing.

Ads Banners

This service consists of designing banners for social media ads, YouTube ads, Google ads. By using the canva pro designers can design ads for multiple dimensions. This service is very high in demand but easy to provide.

Business cards invitation cards

Business cards invitation cards these two phrases represent complete detail about the service. Actually, both these services are different but can be sold on the same gig. Therefore I included both the services in one category. The designing of both cards can be done by using canva designing website. The work ratio and profit rate for these freelance services are very high.
Just graphic designers have to collect the contact and business info from buyers and add them to the business/ invitation cards with creativity.


Before searching for this article, I didn’t know we can design websites designs on a canva like platform. This feature of canva is very beneficial, amazing, and worthy. If you learn canva to use professionally so am pretty sure you will be able to start to design UI or PSD of websites and apps just with the help of drag and drop elements of canva.

YouTube intro video

Canva provides the feature to create intro videos for multiple purposes such as for YouTube channel inter video. Many freelancers are on this service and they also use canva for creating intro videos. You can be one of them. This service of canva is very competitive but has a great ratio of work with exceptional earning.

Certificate design

In this simple graphic design service, you have to design certificates for companies or clients, students, and education centers. Canva provides thousands of ready-made templates for certificate designs but I never recommend using ready-made templates for certificate designing. If you want you can get ideas from the ready-made template and design certificate designs from the start.

Resume design

Do you know? some well-known companies which are famous to design resumes for different clients are also used canva to design resumes.
Same like the other Canva designing templates designing resumes by using canvas is also on-demand and liked by resume designers. You can start to offer resume designing on your favorite freelancing platform. For that, you just need to learn canva.

T-shirt design

By using canva designing website graphic designers can design T-shirt designs. Especially text-based, logo, images, and illustration-type T-shirt designs.
If you’re willing to t-shirt design by using canva so I will recommend using canva pro for providing extraordinary service to your customer. You can charge more but never do compromise on the quality and design of the t-shirts.

Final Words: How To Make Money With Canva

If we remained exploring, we realize the list is endless for the canva designing templates. But we have to end, so I mentioned the all-in-demand and present canva freelancing services which freelancer designers can pick and start to offer. In case you want to explore more, you have to pay attention to canva tool with the eagle eyes and check out which template can be a Platinum for your future.

I always suggest using Canva Pro if you want to sell a logo designing service because the logo is a kind of thing that you cannot resale and you have to provide all copyright of the logo to your client.

I hope so you will find this article beneficial to know how to make money with canva. I always post that kind of article from time to time. So keep visiting and share this article with your teammates and friends to appreciate my efforts.

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