Learn To Write Best Fiverr Gig Description With Examples

Fiverr Gig Description

A perfect and well-written Fiverr gig description is the heart of a fiver gig. Most peoples know about the importance of gig description for Fiverr. But they don’t know what to include in the Fiverr gig description or what to not. If you are also one of them then after reading this article, your all queries about the good gig description on Fiverr will be resolved. Without wasting much time let’s study the whole procedure to follow for creating a great Fiverr gig description.

Importance of Good Fiverr Gig Description

Just by choosing profitable services, you can not become a successful Fiverr seller. But you can be by attracting buyers, which is definitely possible with a highly optimized and impressive gig. Because a good Fiverr gig description describes the all main points of the service and gives all answers to buyers that come to their mind while checking the Fiverr gig description. In addition, by providing more information about what you’re offering, you can help to set expectations and ensure that buyers know exactly what they’re getting. A good description can also help to boost your gig’s search ranking, making it more likely to be seen by potential buyers.

The Template of Best Fiverr Gig Description

The template of the gig description must consist of 5 steps:

  • The introduction of service.
  • Answers to the all-important questions.
  • A few lines about the experience.
  • Why choose you.
  • Say for action.

What to Include in the Gig Description For Fiverr

Optimized Description Length

The first thing which really matters for a good gig description on Fiverr is description length. The description length should be medium. 95% of buyers do not like to read a very long description. That is why keep gig descriptions short, clear, and easy to read.

Highlight Your Service

Gives a brief summary of the service in the first paragraph of the description. But it should be clear to the point. In that, you have to write about what is the problem (the client wants the installation of the theme) and what is the solution to the problem (If you are searching for a developer to install any type of theme so you are on the right gig). If in this paragraph you cover the problem or service.

This mean is you are giving the answer to the first question of the buyer which is, what are you offering? If your gigs this paragraph can fulfill the buyer’s need. Then in most cases, they will not read the further description, Directly they place the orders on the gig. During writing these lines focus to use the primary keywords of your service but adjust them naturally to optimize your gig for the particular keywords.

Explain Your Service

In the second paragraph provide some extra info that should answer all the important questions, Which can come to the buyer’s mind during reading the first paragraph. These questions can be different for the different services. But the main things will remain the same. Such as the detail of service and all other conditions or steps that can come during the completion of service. During crafting this section of the Fiverr gig description be specific to mention the detail of the service.

Add Your Experience

The third paragraph should be related to sections like some about your experience or some sample work etc. For increasing the credibility of the gig must tell about your experience or previously done projects. Most buyers want to hire an experienced freelancer for their work therefore this step can help to attract buyers. But stay honest and cover the experience that is enough able to attract new potential customers.

Give the Reason to Choose You

Why choose me section, can help to make a different gig from the competitor sellers. In this paragraph, you can add the uniqueness of your skill and service in different forms along with special protocol, extra revisions, and free support. Plus, try to be creative and think as a marketer to write about in this section.

Add Call to Action Section

Don’t forget to end your gig description with a call to action. Whether it’s “hire me now” or “message me for more information,” make sure to include a CTA because it increases the chance to get hired by them.

Do you know how to do Fiverr keyword research?

Summary of Good Fiverr Gig Description

  • Four paragraphs each with 3 lines are enough for a good gig description.
  • Before creating the Fiverr profile must do keyword research and check which trending and most frequently used keywords are related to your category. Create a list of them and give the name of primary and secondary keywords. Use the main and secondary keywords in the first paragraph. Repeat these keywords two to three times in the entire description.
  • Write descriptions in paragraphs or list style. Because both styles make it easy to read the long descriptions.
  • Gig description text should be perfect grammatically and clear to the point. Avoid using the tough words of English while writing the gig description on Fiverr.
  • Highlight the all headings and important points of the gig description to grab attention.

What Not to Do Writing a Gig Description For Fiverr.

  • Nor a short nor a long description length.
  • Don’t repeat keywords in the gig description again and again.
  • Don’t write that feature in a description that is not related to your service.
  • Don’t copy the description content from the other sellers.

Fiverr Gig Description Example For a WordPress Developer Service

Note: The main keywords are WordPress, WordPress developer, WordPress development, and WordPress website.

This gig is exclusively for Modern WordPress websites, News websites, Blogs, Portfolio sites, E-commerce, Business/personal sites, or any type of website that can be created by Elementor-like builders.

If you’re looking for a top-quality WordPress developer who can make a highly professional WordPress website that increases leads and sales and highlights your brand identity, Then You’ve come to the right gig.
I have made 45 projects for well-known brands during my 8 years of freelancing. If you want to have a look then access it via this link.

Feature of the Gig

  • WordPress installation and setup.
  • Fully Responsive Design (device friendly).
  • Use of Premium Plugins and themes.
  • Highly professional and Modern WordPress websites.
  • XD, PSD to WordPress website.
  • E-commerce site development with multiple payment method integrations.
  • Social media, Live Chat, Contact Form, Maps, Newsletter signup, plugin installation if required.
  • Secured and user-friendly and easy-to-understand admin panel.

Why Should You Choose Me

  • Experienced WordPress Developer for fast and bug-free work.
  • Unlimited Revisions until you are satisfied.
  • Free live support after completing the project for two months.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 8 years of development experience with 340 completed projects.

Gig Description Example For Article Into Video Service

Note: The main keywords are text into a video, and article into a video.

Are you willing to convert your text into a video along with the use of appropriate copyright-free images, video clips, and voice-over? So this gig is best for you.

Conversion of Blog Posts, articles, and text into video and can be used for multiple purposes such as for youtube channels, marketing on social media platforms, or advertisement. The reason is whatever but this gig will serve you in each aspect.

Do you know? visual content can attract people 30% more as compared to text content.
So, am here to help you to convert your blog post, text, or article into a video.

Check out my portfolio and sample work. (Here you can add the link to your portfolio if you have to show)

What About My article Into Video Service?

  • Convert text, blog post, or article into a video.
  • Use of relevant royalty-free images, music, and video clips.
  • Add Text with amazing animation and filters.
  • Add voice-over or music (Voice-over and Music always get from my clients but if you have no loyalty free music so I use from my music library and automated voiceover).
  • Add Intro or Logo icon (If required ).
  • Full HD video.
  • Experience of 3 years.

What About My Words?

  • 100% Satisfaction.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Royalty-free content.
  • Fastest Delivery.
  • Editing according to your instructions.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Note: Contact me before placing the order for further discussion.

Fiverr Gig Description Example For Social Media Marketing

The covered keywords are Social Media Manager and Social Media Marketing.

What is the need for a Social Media Manager?

  • Increase Sales.
  • Recognize the customer’s viewpoint.
  • Make contact with potential customers.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase brand loyalty.
  • Look into your competitors.
  • Make your company stand out.

As your personal social media Marketing Manager, I will assist and guide you through all stages of your company’s growth.

It would be my honor to assist you to create and maintain a presence on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok branding

Your social media profiles must be managed in the following ways:

  • Your accounts’ pages should be optimized.
  • Create social media strategies to meet marketing objectives.
  • Create content with high-quality images that are branded with your logo or website URL.
  • promoting your products/services
  • Trending Hashtag Analysis
  • Designing graphics
  • Infographic
  • Setting up relevant daily posts across all of your accounts
  • Increase your online visibility.
  • Increase your engagement.
  • Instagram’s natural expansion
  • Quick Delivery
  • 24-Hour Customer Service

Please contact me before ordering a customized offer.

Last Words: Learn To Write the Best Fiverr Gig Description With Examples

Check the above-given example of gig description carefully. Try to understand how are these top sellers’ Fiverr gig descriptions are perfect and help them to attain the maximum projects. In the end, use all these learnings to make your description like a sample description. It will also be good if you will be more creative to create it than your competitors.

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