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Low competition gigs on Fiverr in graphic designing


Many people want to work in graphic designing services on Fiverr. There is high competition on Fiverr in some gigs of graphic designing but there are some gigs of graphic designing in which competition is very low so in that services, you can make your own gig and start to rank on Fiverr in graphic designing in 2 days.

Let’s start to discuss the list of low-competition gigs of graphic designing. In this list of graphic designs, we will talk about the total numbers of existing gigs and brief detail of services.


In graphic design, tattoo service competition is very low because the number of total gigs is 217. Is it not awesome? The ratio of work is also good in tatto service which you can check by old gigs.

Brand style guide

360 gigs are present in brand style guide service and brand style guides are all about making a logo with brand guides. It’s a very precious chance for logo designers to take entry on Fiverr.

Business Cards & Stationery

By providing business cards & stationery service help entrepreneurs to attract the peoples to with eye-catching business cards and stationery designs. Already 1076 sellers are giving the same service and this time is for you because peoples always look for creativity and value.

Game Art

The existing gigs amount is 617. Design the next big game for the world with this graphic designing service. You can design single assets for game elements like game environment, avatar, characters, items, objects, etc.

Pattern Design

Do you know how to design different pattern designs for home decor, restaurants, wall art, textile, and more? If yes then this service has a space for you because just 265 sellers are not enough to handle all buyers.


Help the 765 existing sellers to Bring people’s vision to life with storyboards for games, videos, films, presentations, ads, life stories, success stories, and more.

Website Design

Website design is also a very competitive service. Just 605 people are designing different, responsive, and modern websites to meet the client’s requirements which are increasing day by day due to social expectations.

App designs

585 gigs for app design. If you are interested, make your own gig for app designing and set the app designs to help buyers to engage more people.

Icon Design

Buyers are looking for creative icon designers to make their projects more unique. On Fiverr, just 276 gigs are available to design icons.

Web banner

Can you do web banner designing? yes? Then help the buyers to grow their business by designing exclusive web banners because 452 sellers are working successfully for web banner service.

AR Filters & Lenses

Celebrities and brands want to engage more and more with their social media followers by doing something different or unique and you can help them by design AR Filters & Lenses.
582 designers are also on it. This service is included in low competitive gigs on Fiverr.

Album Cover Design

Album Cover Design gig has just 682 sellers go and search for that service. These sellers are Making buyers albums look as good as with Album Cover Designs

Presentation Design

Do you know how to design the presentation for the audience? If yes then This presentation design gig has just 581 sellers.

Infographic Design

That service gives the data to the user as it deserves in infographic form. Which is always easy to read and pleasant to see. this gig has just 336 gigs

Building Information Modeling

This service helps people to get all the excellent services related to BIM technology. The amazing thing is building information modeling services has just 19 existing sellers.

Fashion Design

This fiver service has just 331 sellers. this service helps fashion designers or buyers, to customize garments, end-to-end.

Brochure Design

By Brochure design, buyers can share their main message very nicely. In that service, the seller designs the flyer brochure, company profiles, and much more. brochure service has 414 gigs.

Poster Design

In the poster design category, 391 sellers are present on Fiverr. all sellers create posters designs for buyers.

Character Modeling

The character modeling service has 381 gigs. All sellers of this category do the Model characters and creatures for 3D printing for the video game and movies etc

Trade Booth Design

563 sellers are giving this service. buyers buy this service to attract more visitors by outstanding booth designs. while sellers of this service design 3d trade show booth, stall, exhibition and stands, etc.


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