How To Fix Low Value Content AdSense Error

low value content adsense error

Are you looking for a solution to low value content AdSense error? Yes? So stop searching more and read this post that will definitely help you to fix low value content AdSense error.

Blogging is a well-known and interesting thing that we can do for making online money but unfortunately, many bloggers are stuck in many steps. Thus this interesting money-making blogging journey transferred into a severe headache. Google AdSense’s low-value content error is also one of them that bother bloggers. Even some bloggers face thin content error Adsense issues over and over and ultimately they have to quit blogging. But now no one needs to quit blogging, because a 100% working solution to these low value content Adsense error is here.

Things To Check Before Applying For Google AdSense Approval

Here is the previously written article that I recommend you read in case you don’t know what the things you must check before applying for a Google AdSense account.

Do you know? most people face rejection for their Google AdSense accounts due to the same reasons.

List of Factors To Check To Fix Low Value Content Adsense Error

There are many factors that are important and should be checked to fix the low-value content error. Different people do different mistakes that lead them to get a rejection for the AdSense account. You just have to read and check all factors to compare with the blog where you want to get AdSense approval one by one. This thing will help you know what is the reason behind low value content error in your case and how to fix them.

Usually, everyone is familiar with the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Google AdSense. If anyone is not then they must read it on the Google developer site before checking these important factors.

The Number Of Posts

The bloggers know that the number of posts is really important to get AdSense approval and in most cases, bloggers publish 50 + posts but still, they have to face the low-value content error AdSense issue.
That is why I want to talk in detail about what the actual low-value and thin content is.

What Is Thin Content or Low Value Content

Content that is already available on different search engines, highly competitive, content that has very few searches, poor writing style, and grammatical errors fall in the thin and low-value content.

Analyze your content and find if your content also has these issues or not.

Highly Competitive Content

If you found your content is competitive and have a lot of articles in the same categories, you have to increase the length of the posts and add more organic keywords along with some other important topics that have never been covered on the same post. Moreover, you have to write 5 to 10 articles on topics that are unique and less competitive. If your content has only this issue then after following these simple steps you will definitely get the approval.

Correct Grammatical Mistakes To Fix Low Value Content Adsense

Content full of grammatical mistakes can be a reason for low value content error. Most people don’t know no but during the review time of AdSense requests, google bots check all post’s content quality, the number of words, and writing style manually and if the bot detects grammatical mistakes. They reject AdSense approval requests by showing a low-value content error because this kind of content can never give value to visitors. In fact, it gives a bad impact. If your content has grammatical mistakes, so proofread your posts and update them, and whenever you write a new post on your site always proofread your post for providing the best User experience.

Make Sure Your Website Is Device Friendly

Have you ever tested your website theme on multiple devices? Do you know? If your website is not working properly on some devices so you cannot get AdSense approval. Are your post fonts easy to read? If your site has any drawbacks that can give a poor User experience. So your content uniqueness will doesn’t matter and your Adsense request will be rejected. Whenever you fail to get an Adsense account, you must have to check whether your site User experience is good or not.

Post Length Must Be 1k+ To Solve The Thin Content Error

The post content length is also included in low value content Adsense error reasons. A post that consists of 500+ words rarely gets ranked and when a post is rarely ranked, there will be not much traffic on the website. When there is will be low traffic on the website then advertisers don’t want to advertise on these websites. Therefore, if your post length is not up to 1000+ words you can’t get AdSense approval.

If your site has more broken links than the usual number of broken links, this thing also can be a reason that can lead you to face thin content AdSense error. Whenever you sit and check what are the drawbacks of your site then never forget to check and test the links of the website. For the identification of broken links, there are several types of free and paid tools available that can help you to find the exact location of broken links. By using these tools you will definitely easily remove these links which is an obstacle to getting AdSense approval.

Internal links are the kind of relevant links that you can add to your posts. By using internal links in the posts you can increase the value of your content and can get users’ attention. When the users are interested in your content they will definitely like to come back to your website because they know that there is a lot of similar and valuable content available. The addition of internal links reduces the bounce rate and boosts the value. Thus this factor can’t be neglected in the case of low-value content error.

Check The Number of Categories of Your Blog

Low value and thin content Adsense error are not just linked with the blog posts but also it is linked with page content and the number of categories. So make sure that your blog pages are optimized and that you have created 5 categories to show content.

Add More Organic Keywords In Your Posts To Fix Low-Value Content Error

Content that is not SEO optimized, and has no organic keywords also falls into the low-value content. Always create highly SEO-optimized content and utilize organic keywords very wisely. Organic keywords and proper use of keywords are really important to ranking on the particulate keywords. In case, you have not included enough keywords and are not SEO optimized.

It will be very difficult for it to rank on any related search query. This means is, it is cannot give value to the users. What is the reason to give a Google AdSense account for this type of content? Google always wants to support smart and talented bloggers. When you will start to create unique content google will definitely provide you with a Google AdSense account.

How I Get Adsense Account For This Blog

When I started blogging, I have the experience to write SEO-optimized content because I am an expert in content creation and SEO. I knew all the factors. I follow them one by one and created all content by focusing on all necessary factors. When I wrote up to 30 posts and the length of the posts was up to a thousand words whereas 5 to 7 articles were contains 500 words. I decided to apply for Google AdSense account because I knew that my all content is unique and up to date. I applied for an AdSense account. and start to wait for the reply, finally, after 14 days, I received the first rejection email.

I was shocked because I followed each step so what was the reason? Can you imagine what was the reason? I had not included the AdSense Publication code inside of my site home page header section. But I had added code so there was a mistake? Actually, I had an issue showing multiple meta tags on website pages. I removed meta tags from the header section and with this code Adsense code was also removed accidentally and I did not notice it. I included meta tags in the Yoast SEO plugin and the error of multiple meta tags was resolved but I have to face rejection of the Google AdSense account due to my small mistake.

But after knowing the reason for rejection. Immediately I add the code in the header section and without waiting for further days, I applied for a second time but after three days again my google Adsense request was rejected again and that time the error was low value and thin content.

Everyone takes starts from zero so it also was my start. Again I started to check where is the mistake. I found some grammatical mistakes and very few organic keywords and very few internal links mistakes. I forgot to include some links so included them. This time I was don’t want more rejection, therefore, I waited for a couple of weeks and write six more articles and published them. Now finally it was the third time that I applied and after three days again third time I got the same low-value content error.

The Actual Reason For Low Value Content Adsense Error In My Case

This time, I was worried because each and every factor was perfect. I am an SEO expert but still, but I read multiple articles and watched videos on the low-value and thin Google AdSense issue but no article was helpful to resolve this low-value content error. But I decided to resolve this issue on my own learning.

Posts on my website were 40. It was the perfect number of articles but there was a mistake that was not under consideration. But become a cause of low-value content error again and again. This time, I made a list of all the factors that are important in the google AdSense approval process. All the factor was applied and perfect but I noticed one thing, how many categories are added to my site navigation bar, and am writing about them? Immediately, I open my site menu and check it they were just three but according to the policies they must be 5.

So this time I added two more related categories to my blog and start to write on them. After adding 6 more articles under the new categories. Ultimately, I applied for the fourth time with confidence and get approval in 12 days. It was the reason for getting low-value content error in my case.

Final Words: How To Fix Low Value Adsense Error

In this article, I tried to complete all factors that can be a cause of getting low value content AdSense error. Just you have to identify that factor which needs to improve. Work more on that factor, and believe in yourself. Definitely, you will get Google Adsense approval.

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