Make Money With Google AdSense Without A Website

Make money without writing article with google AdSense

Do you have a google Adsense account but do not have a website and are willing to know? How make money with Google Adsense without a website? Then you are at the right place because in this blog you learn about the ways you can use to make money with google Adsense.

The Way To Make Money With Google Adsense Account Without A Website

Just a google Adsense account never makes money. The process to earn money with AdSense is linked to a website, channel, or blog. Once you have Adsense set up on your site, you will start earning money every time someone clicks on one of the ads. The amount of money you earn will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of ad and the amount you are willing to pay per click. You can also increase your earnings by placing ads in strategic locations on your site and by creating compelling ad copy.

So if you have an AdSense account then you must have to choose any of the following methods to make money with an adsense account.

Make Money By Showing Google Adsense Ads On Your Blog

Blogging is the third method that can be used to make money from google AdSense Plus, it is a method that can generate money for you while you are sleeping. So start making money with google Adsense by blogging.

You must have a blog website, where you can post content and shows google AdSense ads to make revenue. You can use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or any other platform that you prefer. Once you have created your site, start to publish regular unique content

Your website content category should be something that interests you, and you should try to find a niche that isn’t already saturated with information online. If you’re writing about a hobby or interest, you may not have many competitors, but if you pick a topic that’s popular, you’ll face competition.

But writing articles is a big problem for most people. Some people are capable of writing articles but regular and particular content creation is a very difficult task. Therefore those people, who do have not much to invest in or do not have much time to give, so look for different ways to make money with Google AdSense but without writing articles. If you are also one of them so this second method is right for you.

Create AutoPilot Websites To Make Money From Adsense

It is the best and most effective way to produce money with google AdSense and also without writing articles as well as just giving by an hour per day.

It is the creation of autopilot systems that just need to develop, publish, and do some SEO to rank on search engines.

Do you know? a site that is developed by Netflix and is used to check internet speed. It is on 43 number in getting the most traffic worldwide. So you guys can imagine the revenue of this site if they started showing ads by Google AdSense.

Review From a Market Expert On Autopilot Systems to Make Money

she is a digital marketer and a researcher. She always has a piece of exceptional knowledge about what is ongoing, upcoming, and trending in the world of online technology. She said that at this time all online business categories need some tools to help. So if you want to create money from google AdSense without a website. Then you need to create such online tools that can make easy money for you by giving a demanded value to users. Further research and analysis prove that thousands of people are making handsome money by creating the tools. Well-known example of these tools is plagiarism checker, internet speed checker, emojis copy-paste site, tic tac toe games, and much more.

Procedure To Create Autopilot System To Earn Money

To generate money by this method, my suggestion for you is, firstly check the estimated revenue for different categories by Google AdSense. For that, you have to go to the Google AdSense site. Here all the details for the different categories with revenue are present in the form of a tool. Now select the category.

After selecting the category choose the type of tool but if you want to create more than one tool. Then, try to create tools for the same category because it will be easy for you to grow them. Before hiring a developer from any freelancing site for the development of the tools. You should have to do some keyword research. Which will give you an overview to understand how much traffic and from which country you can easily target and how much revenue you can make from it.

After the development, this step will also help you to create a plan for marketing and SEO to target specific traffic. I really suggest you hire an SEO expert or digital media influencer or social media manager to develop an online presence for you.

Make Money With Google AdSense Account By Showing on Youtube Channel

The first step to making money on a YouTube channel with an AdSense account. Create a good youtube channel. Once you have created your account, you need to upload videos to your channel. These videos should be worth watching. Next, to monetize your video content, you’ll need to set up Google AdSense ads on your videos and you’ll want to choose what kind of ads you’d like to show on your videos.

There are two types of ads you can use: text-based ads and image-based ads. Text-based ads appear below your video player and display text information about products and services related to your video’s content. Image-based ads appear above your video player and display images related to your video’s content. Choose it accurately to highest the chance to make more money.


I hope, I cleared all your doubts and given you the all-important tips which you needed to know to make money without a website. But still, if you think I miss some important points so you can tell me in the comment section below. I will definitely add them to my article by giving you proper credit.

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