Make money without writing the article with google AdSense

Make money without writing article with google AdSense
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Do you want to make money with Google Adsense but without writing the article?

The craze for making online money is increasing day by day because online jobs are a true fruit-giving job. It is attractive but tricky too. Along the time most people have learned about the common ways to make money such as money by freelancing, youtube, or blogging.

Instead of freelancing and YouTube, most people prefer blogging. No doubt we can earn money with YouTube and freelancing. But on YouTube, not everyone can be a successful YouTuber, especially in the case when they don’t want to show their faces. On the other hand in freelancing, if they work then can get money. For different folks, reasons can be different.
In this condition blogging is the only thing that can make many for them while they are sleeping.

But writing articles is a big problem for most people. Some people are capable of writing articles but regular and particular content creation is a very difficult task. Therefore those people, who do have not much to invest in or do not have much time to give, so look for different ways to make money with Google AdSense but without writing the article.

If You are also one of them so you are in the right place. I have a great method for you to make money without writing the article. So let’s expose.

Money without writing the article

Now I’m going to expose the best way to make money without writing the article. For the last three days, I have been searching for the best and most effective way to produce money via google AdSense and also without writing articles as well as just giving by an hour per day.

The best and effective way I found for this purpose is an autopilot system which just needs to develop, publish, and do some SEO to rank on search engines.

Do you know? a site that is developed by Netflix which is used to check internet speed. It is on 43 number in getting the most traffic from worldwide. So you guys can imagine the revenue of this site if they started showing ads by Google AdSense.

My sister’s point of view

The same question I asked my sister to get her point of view. Because she is a digital marketer and a researcher. She always has a piece of exceptional knowledge about what is is ongoing, upcoming, and trending in the world of online technology. She answers me by saying that at this time all online business categories need some tools to help. So I think you should need to create such sites that can make easy money for you by giving a demanded value to users. After the research and my analysis proves that thousands of peoples are making handsome money by creating the tools. A well-known example of these tools is plagiarism checker, internet speed checker, emojis copy-paste site, tic tac toe games, and much more.

Procedure to set tool

If you also want to generate money by this method. Then my suggestion for you is. Firstly check the estimated revenue for different categories by the Google AdSense. For that, you have to go on the Google AdSense site. Here all the details for the different categories with revenue are present in the form of a toll. Now select the category.

After selecting the category choose the type of tool but if you want to create more than one tool. Then, my suggestion is to try to create tools for the same category because it will be easy for you to grow them. Before hiring the developer from any freelancing site to the development of the tool. You should have to do some keyword research. Which will give you an overview to understand how much traffic and from which country you can easily target and how much revenue you can make from it.

After the development, This step will also help you to create a plan for marketing and SEO to target the specific traffic. I really suggest you hire an SEO expert or digital media influencer or social media manager to develop an online presence for you.

Google Adsense account approval issue

Autopilot and tools mostly never get google AdSense account because these sites are not included in the program policies. So how you will get AdSense account for your site? Don’t worry I have a solution for this problem. Many peoples on Facebook groups are selling AdSense accounts for 50$ dollar. You guys can buy an AdSense account from them.

I hope, I cleared all your doubts and given you the all-important tips which you needed to know to make money without writing articles. But still, if you think I miss some important points so you can tell me in the comment section below. I will definitely add them to my article by giving you proper credit.

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