“Microsoft’s Bing Chat Being Tested on Chrome and Safari for Limited Users”

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Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot, Bing Chat, is expanding its reach beyond Microsoft products and is now available on non-Microsoft browsers, as confirmed by the company. This expansion will make the ChatGPT-like AI chatbot accessible to a broader audience, as it was previously limited to Microsoft’s own platforms, such as the Bing mobile app and Microsoft Edge browser.

The company verified that Bing Chat is being tested on other browsers like Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari, with select users gaining access during the testing phase. Once the standard testing procedures are complete, Microsoft plans to expand access to even more users on these browsers.

Users who have accessed Bing Chat on Windows reported receiving pop-ups in the taskbar of Windows 10 or 11, offering them the chance to try out Bing AI in Chrome. Alternatively, users can visit Bing.com from their preferred browser and click on the “Chat” icon to experience the AI-powered chatbot. However, some users have noted limitations when using Bing Chat on other browsers compared to the original version. For example, the number of messages per conversation is limited to five in Chrome, whereas Microsoft Edge allows up to 30 messages. Additionally, the character count is restricted to 2,000 in Chrome, whereas Edge supports up to 3,000 characters.

Bing Chat’s ChatGPT-like experience is fueled by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, showcasing the company’s commitment to incorporating advanced AI capabilities into its products and services. However, Microsoft has not confirmed the differences between the various versions of Bing Chat or the timeline for the expansion.

In addition to expanding to other browsers, Bing Chat has made its way into other Microsoft products since its launch earlier this year. It has been integrated into the Bing mobile app and Edge browser on iOS, Android, and desktop platforms, as well as being integrated with Skype. Moreover, Microsoft is targeting the enterprise sector with a business-focused version of Bing Chat that includes data privacy and governance controls. Alongside this, Microsoft has rolled out Visual Search, allowing the chatbot to respond to queries about uploaded images.

As Microsoft continues to refine and expand Bing Chat, users can expect further improvements and integrations to provide a more seamless and engaging chat experience across various platforms and applications. With the increasing prevalence of AI-powered chatbots, Microsoft’s advancements in this area are part of the company’s broader strategy to enhance user experiences and extend the adoption of AI technologies in everyday interactions.

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