Mostly asked questions by beginner freelancer related to
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Mostly asked questions by beginner freelancer related to


Freelancing is a very active and famous online field to make money therefore daily many peoples search for many queries to make carer in freelancing. When beginner freelancer start freelancing they face many issues or they want to ask many questions. So to help all beginner freelancer, today I try to cover all important questions that almost all beginner freelancer of freelance com ask.

How to Earn Money at

To making money at you have to learn or select a skill, create an account on freelance com then set up a fully optimized profile, initially Look for the easy or simple projects to give your hundred, bid carefully, wow got a work give your best, get money and very worthy positive feedback, circle restart.

Does freelancer com really pay?

Yes, freelancer com is a trusted site. If you get and done work on freelancer com then definitely you will be get paid. But freelancer company takes its commission which is base on your subscription. Maximum freelancer com charges are 10% and the minimum is 3%.

How do I get paid on freelancer com?

Like the other freelancing sites freelancer com is also supported multiple payments methods for the withdrawal but all these methods are not supported in all countries. So please check for the payments methods that are supported in your country.

  • PayPal: needs verification.
  • Skrill: supports EUR and GBP currency.
  • Express Withdrawal: Bank.
  • Wire Transfer: withdrawal amount should be 500$.

What is the easiest freelance job?

  • Writing
  • eBook/Article Writer. article writers mostly write for online news, businesses, and for bloggers, etc.
  • Voice over artist.
  • Copypaste writer.
  • Writing Translator.
  • An article, blog post, books, or e-books Proofreader.
  • Social media manager.
  • Ad posting.
  • Above mention all jobs are very easy to do at platform.

Is it easy to get a job on freelancer com?

For all beginner freelancer, Not just on freelancer com but on all other freelancing sites Getting a first job/order is a hard task. Because all clients usually check the seller reviews etc and newbies have no reviews so we recommended to all newbies freelancers to get some paid projects and do promotion of your bids.

What freelance jobs pay the best?

  • Top high-paying jobs on freelancer com are:
  • Website designer. The estimated annual salary is $49,000.
  • programmer. The estimated annual salary is $47,714.
  • Graphic designer. The estimated annual salary is $48,920.
  • Science Tutors.
  • Marketing professional.
  • All types of Writers.
  • Social media mangaers.
  • Copywriter.

Is freelancer safe for payment?

Yes, it is safe for all types of payments such as for a project or contest but all transactions should be made on the freelancer platform. Never do the transactions offsite of freelancer platform even try to do them all transaction in milestone form. it is safe and good for both.

what are the most demanded Skills which beginner freelancer Can Learn Quickly

  • This list is covered the all skills which is in demand and all beginner freelancer can learn quickly:
  • Website Designing/Development.
  • Data Analysis/Stats.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Marketing.
  • Programming.
  • Game development
  • Ads Manager.
  • Website builders.
  • Animation.

Best Freelance Jobs for Beginner freelancer

  • These all freelancing jobs are best for beignner freelancer:
  • All types of Writing.
  • Proofreading & Editing.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Website Development.
  • Online Tutor .
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant .
  • Video creation.
  • Social Media Manager.

Who is the richest freelancer?

James Knight is the richest freelancer, a programmer who was doing a lucrative job at Google but to do something big in freelancing, he left his job. Is he crazy? actually not, because Now, He makes up to $1k an hour by working as a freelance programmer. No doubt,Choice of Programming in a freelancing career can make you a millionaire.

Why is freelancing so hard?

Two factors mainly contribute to making freelancing hard high competition and wait of clients. Along with that breakdown of projects, sometimes puts the freelancer in very critical condition. But it’s ok. It is also a part of freelancing life. stay calm and keep going.

What should I write in a milestone on freelancer. com?

After award of projects and confirmation of milestone request approval.
Make a proposal that should clearly describe all steps of project completion along with the duration and money required to do a specific milestone. The main thing is your proposal should prove to the client you understand all requirements of clients.

What skill can I learn in 3 months?

  • Many skills easily can be learned in 3 months
  • Writing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Amazon virtual assistant.
  • WordPress development.
  • Video editing.
  • Seo.
  • Graphic design.
  • Web designing.

How should I describe my freelancer proposal?

Mandatory things to include in a proposal:

  • logo/brand/business name, website URL, contact number, office address, business email address.
  • Scope of your services.
  • Previous successfully done projects links.
  • client’s name and contact address,
  • Project name and date.
  • Client project requirements.
  • Project completion detail with milestone if required or do you like.
  • Total amount/duration of the estimate.
  • Taxes / Discounts (if reqired).

Which skill is best for the future?

This given list of skills you can learn to give in the future:

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Coding. …
  • Cloud computing. …
  • Blockchain. …
  • UX/UI design. …
  • Critical thinking. …
  • Emotional intelligence. …
  • Data analytics.
  • Software development. …
  • Project management. …
  • Cybersecurity. …

What should be included in a freelancer bid?

These are all details a good bid should have:

  • Personal intro with a link to portfolio.
  • Summary about the project.
  • How enough you are good to do the project.
  • An estimated deadline with some discount or offer.
  • Some questions related to the project (if required).
  • Zero grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Be real with confidence and professional communication skills.

How to write a short proposal?

  • Describe the issue and highlights the solution of the problem.
  • Add a link to portfolio or reviews.
  • Give the deadline and charges.

How do I get my first bid on freelancer com?

Doing a bid is easy just you have to complete your profile with all mandatory steps. And after that, you start to get the notification of all projects related to your skills o selected categories. Now you can bid on the wanted project.

What should a freelancer profile description include?

  • Real name , Avoid using other names “ Code editor”.
  • Attractive profile photo.
  • A descriptive about your experience, education, and jobs details.
  • A link to portfolio.

How do I win a bid on freelancer com?

These all tips are very helpful to wins most of the bids!

  • Read the project detail carefully.Then Only apply if you seem you are eligible to fulfill all requirements of the client.
    Never use the previously written bids layout for the different clients.
  • Keep it short and the main to point.
    Read again, before post it!

What is the freelancer hourly rate?

Hourly rate is on freelancer actually is the rate for the freelancer service which they charge for hourly based projects. Different freelancers set the rate accordingly to their experience etc. So selecting an hourly rate is entirely up to you. If you are a beginner then set it to less than the same other freelancers.

How can I make a good freelancer profile?

Steps To Create The Professional Freelancer Profile On

  • Use a real or simple name for your profile.
  • The profile image should be professional.
  • Your profile description should be unique and should cover the all-important things like an introduction, related skills, work experience, and something better about you.
  • Add social media & previous projects links.

How do I get unlimited bids on freelancer?

Unlimited bids on freelancer are not possible. You can check your remaining bids to the lower right side of the dashboard. Every month all freelancer sellers get the 6 free bids for a month and if you require more then you will have to upgrade your membership plan to get more bids. When you go for the upgrading here you can see different plans. here you can choose a plan which suits you more..

How much can you withdraw from freelancer?

From freelancer com freelancers can withdraw their earnings by selecting different methods. If they chose wire transfer then the minimum amount should be $ 500 . While for other methods freelancer can withdrawal at 30$ with any withdrawal fee.

How do I verify payment on freelancer?

Mouseover on Verify Payment section on verification tab. Which is available in the profile section.
Select payment verification source: Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.
Provide the details required. Before continue Confirm that all added information is correct to avoid any errors.

How do I remove my credit card from freelancer?

Open your account. Click on your profile picture, A dropdown menu will be open now select the Settings under the Account section. Select the Payment & Financials tab. Mouse over the payment method you want to remove and click the X icon present on the right side of the payment method.

How do I change my payment method on freelancer com?

Go to your dashboard. Click on your Profile Icon and from the dropdown select Settings option Now, Click on the Payments & Financials tab. Here you can delete and add any payment method.

How do I Delete my Freelancer account?

  • Log in to your account.
  • press on your profile icon.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Select the Account tab.
  • Scroll down and click on the Close My Account option.
  • Describe the reason to close the account.
  • Again Click on the Close my account tab.

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