Netflix’s ‘Scott Pilgrim Ascends’ Anime Unveils Teaser Trailer and Premiere Date

Netflix's 'Scott Pilgrim Ascends' Anime Unveils Teaser Trailer and Premiere Date

For those not familiar with the nearly two-decade-old comic book series, “Scott Pilgrim” was penned by Canadian author Bryan Lee O’Malley and revolves around an uninspired musician who is part of a rock band known as Sex Bob-omb. The story follows Scott as he falls head over heels for Ramona Flowers, an Amazon delivery girl on rollerblades. However, to win Ramona’s heart, Scott must take on her seven sinister ex-boyfriends in combat.

The comic series has achieved massive sales figures and eventually made its way onto the silver screen in a live-action adaptation released in 2010. Despite a lukewarm initial box office performance, “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” has grown into a cult favorite, boasting a devoted fan following. A significant contributing factor to this enduring popularity is the fact that many of the cast members have since become major celebrities.

The entire ensemble from “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is reuniting to lend their voices to the characters in the upcoming Netflix anime series. The lineup includes Michael Cera reprising his role as Scott Pilgrim, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona, Brie Larson as Envy Adams, Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells, Aubrey Plaza as Julie Powers, Chris Evans as Lucas Lee, Anna Kendrick as Stacey Pilgrim, and Ellen Wong as Knives Chau.

The announcement of the cast’s reunion for the anime was made by Netflix back in March.

While the trailer unveiled today finally disclosed the show’s title, details regarding whether the plot will closely adhere to the film adaptation or draw inspiration from various aspects of the graphic novel series remain undisclosed. The original series comprises a total of six volumes.

O’Malley is taking on the roles of writer and producer for the series, alongside film writer BenDavid Grabinski. Additionally, Edgar Wright, the director of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” is serving as an executive producer. According to Wright, O’Malley’s creative vision for the anime extends beyond a mere direct adaptation of the source material.

News about the “Scott Pilgrim” anime first emerged in January 2022 through an article in the Hollywood Reporter. O’Malley had previously hinted at his involvement in “something in the animation world” during an interview with the YouTube channel Cartoonist Kayfabe.

Considering the current mainstream appeal of anime, Netflix is likely to benefit significantly from this adaptation. The platform has an extensive lineup of new anime releases scheduled for this year, including anticipated shows like “Pokémon” and “One Piece.”

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