OpenAI Introduces Custom Instructions for Enhanced ChatGPT Interactions

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OpenAI has once again revolutionized the capabilities of its popular language model, ChatGPT, with the introduction of custom instructions for users. This new feature allows users to provide specific instructions to the chatbot, enabling more personalized and context-rich interactions. With custom instructions, users no longer need to repeatedly input the same prompts when engaging with ChatGPT. Instead, they can set the desired context or preferences in advance, creating a seamless and tailored chat experience.

The beauty of custom instructions lies in their versatility. Users can share virtually anything they want ChatGPT to consider in its responses. For instance, a teacher can indicate that they are teaching fourth-grade math, enabling ChatGPT to generate responses that align with this level of education. Likewise, developers can specify the preferred code language when seeking suggestions, streamlining their interactions with the chatbot. Even personal preferences, such as family size, can be specified, allowing ChatGPT to provide relevant responses about meals, grocery shopping, and vacation planning.

While users can already provide these details during their conversations with ChatGPT, custom instructions are particularly useful for those who require the same context repeatedly. By setting the instructions beforehand, users save time and ensure consistent responses across multiple interactions.

The custom instructions feature is also compatible with plug-ins, offering enhanced convenience for users seeking tailored recommendations. For instance, ChatGPT can now suggest restaurants or flights based on the user’s location, creating a more localized and personalized experience.

It’s important to note that the custom instructions feature is currently available for Plus plan users. However, individuals based in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (U.K.) will not have access to this feature initially. OpenAI considers this feature a beta release, suggesting further improvements and enhancements in the future.

To try out this exciting capability, users can access the feature on the web by clicking on their name and navigating to Settings > Beta features > Opt into Custom instructions. For iOS users, the feature is available through Settings > New Features > Turn on Custom Instructions.

OpenAI emphasizes that the information provided through custom instructions will be used to train its API models to adapt to various instructions more effectively. The goal is to enhance model performance and enable ChatGPT to respond better to user-specific requirements without overdoing it. While OpenAI utilizes data from custom instructions for model improvement, users have the option to opt out of this setting through their data control preferences.

The company has been actively testing this feature with selected users, and feedback from consultant Gavriel Cohen on Twitter indicates its successful implementation. Users can utilize two text boxes to specify their chat preferences, both in terms of describing themselves and fine-tuning the chatbot’s responses to their needs. Once users input their responses, the changes will take effect in their subsequent chat sessions, offering a personalized and tailored conversational experience.

OpenAI emphasizes safety and moderation in its chatbot interactions. To prevent harmful or hateful responses, the company uses its moderation API to scan custom instructions for unsafe content. If any inappropriate instructions are detected, ChatGPT may refuse to save or ignore them, ensuring a safe and positive user experience.

This latest update to ChatGPT follows a series of exciting developments by OpenAI, aiming to expand the accessibility and usability of its language model. From launching the ChatGPT app for iOS in the United States and subsequently expanding it to over 40 countries, to introducing an iPad app with support for Siri and Shortcuts, OpenAI has consistently enhanced the capabilities of its language model. The company has remained committed to improving user experiences while maintaining a strong focus on safety and responsible AI use. With custom instructions now available, ChatGPT users can expect even more personalized and intelligent interactions, making language model engagement more intuitive and enjoyable than ever before.

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