Paid subscribers on youtube are good or not in 2021

Paid subscribers on youtube are good or not in 2021

All new YouTubers always ask paid subscribers on youtube good or not? The answer is, it is not good to buy initial subscribers and watch time because It has more disadvantages than advantages. It affects your youtube channel badly. But how? whereas companies are especially offering different packages to buying initial subscribers, watch time and views.

For knowing the reason, we have to know from the start.
If you want to know why do peoples want to get paid subscribers?
What are the advantages of paid subscribers?
What are the disadvantages of paid subscribers?
What is the secure alternative of paid subscribers?
Keep reading the article till the end.

Why do YouTubers want to buy paid subscribers, views, and watch time?

After creating a youtube channel everyone’s first priority is gaining approval from AdSense. Which you can get If you have completed your first 1k subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time.

Usually, All YouTubers who have unique or quality content complete this task in just 3 to 4 months. But on other hand, those YouTubers who are working on youtube for the last 6 months and did not get new subscribers or watch time. Then they start to think to buy subscribers or watch time. But guys are you really think by doing that you will approve your AdSense account and start to earn like a pro-YouTuber. If you think like that then it is really ridiculous. Why am I saying that? Keep reading the article.

The advantages of paid subscribers

  1. Easily completion of first 1K subscriber and 4000 watch time.
  2. Increase of views, click-through rate, and Impressions.

Disadvantages of buying an initially paid subscribers and watch time

  1. Paid subscribers and views technique is totally against YouTube policy.If YouTube algorithm detects any invalid activity on your YouTube channel and detects any policy violation so they will send a strike to your YouTube channel and in many cases, they will send the three strikes at the same time and delete the YouTube account from YouTube. Now imagine a condition in which you buy paid subscribers by giving dollars and in return you get nothing.
  2. If you are buying paid subscribers and watch time from any authentic person at cheap prices. So you are at great risk because they will use reboots or any other invalid systems to complete subscribers and watch time.
    1. In case you are getting this service from good and famous companies still, it is not recommended way to complete the initial watch time, views, and subscribers of your YouTube channel.For the reason that it will be money and time wastage.
    2. Just imagining, you have bought your first 1k subscribers or watch time. But during the review period, youtube checks from where you are getting views, and if their system detects that you are getting subscribers or watch time by hacked emails and another system, etc. Then will they approve your Adsense account?
  3. Suppose by chance, you get approval from youtube and ads start to run on your channel but who will watch your video? Obviously, no one because paid subscribers are not your fans. Because you just get paid subscribers and watch time not that people who will always watch your video.
  4. Another worst fact is when you will upload more videos and it will shown to your subscribers (In case if they are on the notification button) and when they will not watch your videos so the engagement rate, click-through rate will befall very badly. And it will automatically give a sign to YouTube your content is not interesting and valuable. Because your own subscribers are not watching your content then how other people would like it. After that YouTube will also stop recommending your videos to other youtube users along with your subscribers. In some cases after this kind of situation, YouTube stops showing ads on the channel.

Highly Recommended alternatives of paid subscribers

If you have a youtube channel and it is also a new channel that has views in some thousands or hundreds in a week or per day. And you are worried about how to grow a youtube channel fast. So our suggestion is, Start to analyze your mistakes in your channel. When you start to check, believe me, you will feel many mistakes in your account. This might be minor or serious but it matters to your channel ranking. So firstly fix it as soon as you can. Secondly, Analyze what content you should need to cover and how to drive viewers to your YouTube channel.

When you start to work on this step from the beginning. Then all your subscribers will be your fans who really shall want to watch your content and whenever your video will be shown to them they will definitely watch and if they found it beneficial they will share it within their circle too. This simple step ultimately increases your subscribers, impressions, click-through rate and that is all youTube wants to promote your channel.

If you are really in hurry and have money to invest then you can promote your channel by advertising on YouTube.

Benefits of advertising:

When you do advertising on youtube then google always runs your ad to the relevant audience. Who are interested or were looking for similar content. Mostly all interested viewers will redirect to your channel and subscribe. Another benefit is if some people skip your ad but after some time they want to learn something related to your topic. They will search for you. It is only will possible if you share your channel name and content type attractively at the starting of the ad.

The main and most important side of advertising is after some time, like a month or two, youtube will start to recommend your video to others and also will add your video in the home of youtube. But why will youtube do this? YouTube algorithm always works technically. Like you did advertising while you were not earning a penny or rupee definitely has great content. So think wisely and take good action.

Selling YouTube channels is my business can I buy subscribers for my channels to fast the process?

The choice is yours. But I never recommend purchasing subscribers and watch time for any purpose. Yeah I know it is time taking process to gain subscribers but you have to follow each step to establish a true base of YouTube channel. Yeah, you can sell your YouTube channel for the highest prices but never provide these channels that subscribers and watch time will not be beneficial for other people. If someone wants to buy an old YouTube channel then the intention for buying the old YouTube channel is always to prevent from hassle to complete the first few subscribers and watch time. Which will not be away if you give them a fake YouTube channel.

However, when you sell high authority YouTube channels even for the high prices your brand name will be spread and when it will start to help your clients they will recommend you to others.

On the other hand, when you used tricks to establish a YouTube channel and sell these to clients and when people will not find this kind of channel beneficial. So their review for your business will be negative which will badly affect your sales. Therefore I always say, think wisely and take a good step instead of a shortcut because shortcuts and tricks can destroy your time, money, and reputation in a few minutes.

I hope you understand all about paid subscribers and alternatives. But If you want to ask some other questions then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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