Protect Your Google Album Archive Photos: Google’s Deletion is Imminent

Image of Google Album Archive

Attention! Time is running out to save your valuable photos and videos stored in Google Album Archive. On July 19, all media in this catchall destination for older Google services will be cleared out, potentially causing you to lose cherished memories forever.

What is Google Album?

Google Album Archive serves as a repository for photos and videos shared on platforms like Hangouts (now Google Chat), Google Plus, Blogger, Picasa Web Albums, YouTube channel art, and automated backups. While some of this media may also be available in Google Photos, Blogger, and Google Chat, others exist exclusively in Album Archive. Unfortunately, Google has announced the shutdown of Album Archive, leading to the deletion of all files within it.

How to save photos and videos from Google Album Archive?

To rescue your photos and videos before the impending purge, Google recommends using Google Takeout, a tool for exporting data. By following a customized Google Takeout link, you’ll be directed to a page specifically designed for downloading your Album Archive data.

In Step 1, ensure that the checkbox next to “AlbumArchive” is selected, and proceed to Step 2 by clicking the blue “Next Step” button. In this step, you’ll decide where you want your files to go. You can either receive a ZIP or TGZ file via email or upload the files directly to another storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Box. Once you’ve made your selections, click the blue “Create export” button to initiate the downloading process.

Upon initiation, you’ll receive a verification message confirming that Google has commenced exporting your data. Be aware that the process may take a significant amount of time, ranging from hours to days. Google will notify you by email once the export is complete.

In my personal experience, having only 25MB of photos in Album Archive, I received a confirmation email from Google within two minutes indicating the completion of the process. You can then use Google Takeout to directly download the ZIP or TGZ file or manage your files on the selected storage service.

It is important to note that the Google Takeout link to download your data will only be active for seven days. If you exceed this timeframe, you will need to restart the Takeout process.

While Google’s email communication to users varied slightly from the messaging on the Album Archive page, it remains unclear which photos and videos will be available in the future on various Google services. To ensure the safety of your files, review the contents of your Album Archive and download any media you wish to keep before the deadline of July 19, 2023.

Don’t delay! Act swiftly to secure your cherished memories and prevent them from being lost forever.

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