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Responsive custom Sticky menu with free source code

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Please scroll and click on the download button to download a custom sticky menu source code for free.

Intro of custom sticky menu source code:

This is a responsive sticky menu written by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This menu code works smoothly. The logic of this project is very simple with the minimum lines of code therefore it is easy to understand for beginner developers. Its design is simple but user-friendly which definitely is a plus point of Thi project. In short, this is a perfect project for students to do exercises for website designing and development or understand to use of javascript for creating different logics without the use of any Javascript framework.

How to execute the sticky menu code?

After downloading the project file, extract the zip file, open the folder and click on the index file which will open at your default browser. It is a bug-free and modern source code but If you face any issue to run it then firstly we suggest you use the latest versions of browsers like Google and Firefox, opera and safari, etc then look for other solutions. Remember, use the project source code just for educational purposes. For more license details you can check the readme file in the downloaded folder.

The functionality of the Sticky menu project:

Use any code editor to open the Index file which will open at the default browser. This project has a logo then a nav bar which consists of many pages but pages are not active. The main page is the About Us page. When you scroll till 135 header width then this navbar will become a sticky menu and when you get to come back at 135 widths then it will work normally. Read the source code to understand the logic of the sticky navbar but if you have any confusion you can ask in the comment section.

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