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This article is going to be all about five ways that are excellent to use for giving review services and earn money.
Side hustle-free online work is a very trendy medium to earn extra money. But most of the time these side works can’ not be done due to multiple factors. Such as some side jobs do not pay as per the quality of work or in some cases competition is high so not everyone can take place in it. But review services are a good and reliable idea to use as a part-time job.

People are already familiar with the give review and earn money term and making a good amount by joining the best product review websites. Firstly only they know the one method that is can be used to review products and earn money. incase some people get to know about these other ways but they do not share them with other people that can help them to earn extra cash but don’t worry I will expose the other ways people are getting benefits. So let’s start to explore all about review services in depth.

What are review services?

Review services are a type of service that people do online to earn money in the return of review the products, gadgets, writing reviews, testing websites, etc.

Why do companies pay for review services?

Reviews play a key role in sales and success therefore companies want reviews to increase the brand authority and trust level. For instance, when a person wants to buy the products they check for the feedback, and reviews to know the experience, results, and qualities of the products. That is why some companies pay for writing the reviews and some companies give discounts to share their reviews. In some cases, different brands use the review-giving sites to obtain reviews from the people. Moreover, the second reason is that many companies before launching the new updates and products want to know the user behavior, experience, and reviews for the new features to provide the highest values and reduce the chances of money loss.

How do give the review services to earn money?

Many legitimate and good websites are available on the internet that you have to join to get paid to give reviews. Just join them then select your favorite and appropriate products that you think you can review then review them and wait for the approval of the review. Ultimately when your review gets approved you will get the reward to review the products.

Top hidden ways to give review services and earn

1) Earn money to review products with the Billo app

Billo app is a very famous web app to use for giving review services. On the billo app, daily hundreds of companies post tasks to get reviews from the influencers in the form of videos.

Influencers choose the desired tasks and apply for them. After getting hired by a particular brand, influencers receive the products and record review videos of products and deliver them to clients. For testing the products and reviewing them influencers get 30$ for each review they have done with the free products.

Billo app is a perfect and highly recommended website to use for giving review services because this website continually posts tasks to complete and pays high money as compared to other reviewing websites. If you want to know furthermore about billo app so we have an article on “earning money with billo app by using with six methods“.

2) User testing service on freelancer platform

I know at some time or other you have visited a freelance site or might be you are a freelancer or a hired a freelancer to complete a job or heard about freelancing. But do you know? you can be a freelancer without any expertise and can give a user testing service by using any freelancing site.

Online user testing service is a famous service on many popular freelance websites. The client can post and can order any gig it offers a user testing service. The type of review job on freelance websites is various for example, testing a website, game, or app, testing a new feature, testing or reviewing products, unboxing products, writing reviews, etc. Freelancers can create a multitasking or a particular type of review-based gig and can start to provide review services on freelancing platforms and can earn a good amount of money. The number of money freelancers charges for testing is various. Anyone can select a special range of charges on how to do user testing services.

3) Make a blog to make money by giving reviews

Creating a personal blog and writing reviews on it is a very independent, long term and most beneficial way to use to make money by giving reviews. In this term, anybody can create a personal website, can select a number of products that can be sold most, or can give a higher Commission.

In short, the procedure to start a personal blog is super easy and affordable. Simply create a blog, and regularly post products along with the description, review section, and an affiliate link that will generate a commission whenever someone buys a product after reading your review. Furthermore, you can be hired by different companies, brands, or bloggers to review their products and blogs and you also can get clients from the freelance websites. I suggest you, select the specific category of products to review and always give honest reviews to create trust with the audience.

4) Get paid to test on usertesting website

Get paid to test or get paid to review with a user testing website is the fourth way to operate to earn money by testing websites, apps, gadgets, and different other products.
This method is similar to the user testing service with freelancing websites the only differences are that the websites will change, profiles will change, and the commission rate will be different. Many websites are available that can be used to perform test services. Some popular and reliable testing websites are UserTesting.com,enrollapp.com,testingtime.com,userpeek.com.

The process of signup on these websites is different whereas the type and process of performing testing are similar. You people can choose any websites that you found most beneficial and good to use and start to provide your insights by testing the amazing brands’ products that will help them to improve their services. Professional analysis will also improve and grow your profile on a particular user testing site.

5) Write reviews and get paid

Write reviews and get paid is the last form of giving review service to make money. You can get a clear idea from the heading about this term. In this method, people write reviews about websites, gadgets, software, service, and games to get paid. The process to execute this method is similar to the previous 2 methods. People can search for the website that conducts these services end pay people for writing reviews. An example of these websites is apperwall.com.

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