Say no to body shaming

body shaming

Are you suffering from body shaming and want to know what to do when someone does it with you. If yes then this article is made for you. 

Do you know why a person gets a dimple on his cheek?

It is a common belief that this is a hereditary trait that is passed on to the offspring by either mother or father, but according to modern science, this theory is not 100% correct. We have muscles called “Zygo Maticus Major” on the cheeks of our faces. These muscles help us to smile. Actually, sometimes these muscles are broken or do not grow properly during development due to some defect.

When a person with a defect smiles their muscles are pulled up and down and a gap is created in the middle. Which appears as a dimple on the face, thus apparently the muscle defect affects our face and smile. In actual makes it very beautiful. 

Now you may be wondering why I am telling you all this,while our topic is body shaming.

Because I want to make it clear that what we consider good is not necessarily good! Or our difference from others is a mistake. 

Now look around where you are sitting and see if anyone other than you is wearing glasses. Is anyone else overweight like you? Is anyone else as short as you? Is anyone else’s color the same as yours? Is anyone else’s body as skinny as yours? Anyone else’s hair is as short as yours? Or something you think is a flaw, is it in everyone around you? 

If your answer is “yes” then what are you worried about? There are other people in the world like you, and they are all living! So why are you looking for flaws in yourself anyway? Get rid of frivolous thoughts and live life to the fullest. 

And if your answer is “no”, then you still have to do what I just said. Just a little extra work this time is that you have to change the way you think.

Now just think and consider that in so many people only you are wearing eyeglasses, only you are overweight, only you are short in stature, only your complexion is pale, only your body is thin and thin. Only your hair is short or whatever you consider a defect in yourself is only present in you and not in all the people around you. This clearly means that you look different in all of them. 

Now you will think again that,

Yeah, I’m different. That is why I am suffering from body shaming. 

How to react during body shaming?

So the answer is that they make fun of you because you let them fly, you have never seen your uniqueness in a positive light, only then the world considers it negative, just like dimples are actually a fault but People accept it as beauty, just like if you accept your glasses, accept your weight, accept your height, accept your body, accept your color.

Accept everything that the world considers a defect and think positively that it makes us unique from others, then your problem will end there. Because then you will not feel bad about someone’s interruption, if you do not feel bad then you will not be affected, if You will not be affected, people will stop talking, and still, if you don’t, at least it won’t affect your health. 

When we have not accepted ourselves, then we do not have to complain to others, people do not have peace in any situation, they would criticize tall, short, skinny, fat, blonde, black, everyone. Yes, Don’t take their negative criticism to heart and make them successful. Please don’t ruin yourself. Accept yourself as you are, think of yourself as you are, love yourself because God has made you, and he is the best creator, and he himself has clearly stated in Surah Al-Tin that.

“Surely We created man in the best of forms.”


“I swear by the fig tree and the olive tree, and by the olive tree, and by this city of peace, We have created man in the best of molds.” (Surah At-Tin)

And when Allah says that He has made you in the best form, then why do you lose heart? Why do you take people’s things to heart? The word of Allah should be sufficient for your satisfaction.

Accept yourself as you are

That’s why give up trying to set yourself up in the so-called “beauty standards” as I have given up and accepted my dark complexion among my three white sisters. Since then I have done it. I feel like there was a burden that slipped from my chest. Despite being older, now when proposals come for my younger sister instead of me, I am not discouraged. 

But I thank the Lord that because of my appearance, the biography of those who want only fair skin, not wife and daughter-in-law, has already become clear. Instead of waiting for a relationship at the doorstep of my parents, I have focused on empowering myself. So that I can be a support, not a burden.

You too change your thinking, things will change automatically, take off and throw away the shell of self-pity and breathe in the atmosphere of self-confidence, take care of yourself, you will start to look beautiful on your own, love yourself because you most need your own love. 

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Don’t forget to groom yourself

Expect to accept yourself, you need to focus on self-grooming. Accepting yourself means not that you stop working on yourself. Grooming is a really great thing especially when you can do it and it is in your hand. 

Yeah, some of the time many things are not in our hands, that time no need to worry. Now many people say, it is not easy, as in hearing but it is easier than experiencing the same pain for entire life. 

Yes, I have examples to give and not just one many. Let me share one of them. My English teacher in high school was a divorced lady with two sons. The reason behind her divorce was her squint Eyes. I really never noticed it because she never gave me a single chance to be noticed. She always had a big smile with excellent confidence. But one of my friends told me about this and after that, I noticed it.

If she wanted she would be a burden on her parents or would sit to wait for an angel to stand for her. but no, she stood up on her own. Because she had the confidence to face the ugly face of the world. This type of confidence and power, I want from everyone, not from a man or a woman, want it from both. 

No need to cry by hugging the pillow. Stand up and look upon yourself. If there is a chance for improvement then why are you waiting for it? In this world, no one can take care of you, but you can take care.  In this world, if someone deserves your love then your number must be first. 

Last words

After this article, Hope so you are able to know how to handle the body-shaming situation. If you don’t know how to overcome it. I am here to empower you. Don’t hesitate to contact me in the comments. I will always be there to answer you.

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