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Responsive custom Sticky menu with free source code

. This project has a logo, a navbar that consists of many pages but pages are not active. The main page is the About Us page.

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Tic toe tac game project in javascript with free source code

It is an automatic computer game. When the user will click on the game then the O alphabet will work for the user while the X alphabet for the computer. Both icons work simultaneously.

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Basic photo editor software project in javascript with free source code

In the open tab, the user will have the option to drop or upload an image that wants to edit after selecting the image, the user will be able to crop, zoom in, zoom out, rotate the image, and can rotate the text of the image.

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Advanced Typing speed checker project in javascript with source code

A simple textarea with a beautiful background that changes its color after a few seconds will appear. Click on the start button then start to type a piece of a paragraph. When you want to stop then click on the stop button.