life lessons

Best lessons for life from my life lessons

Life is precious because it has no alternative and everyone has it one. Life teaches us many life lessons and it is commonly the same. This means is, if someone is wasting time, he will […]

power of decision

Do you know what the power of decision is?

The decision, our entire life circulates around this word. Anything we want in life or want to do we need to make a decision to get it. The power of decision is amazing it will […]

Elon musk quotes

Things to learn from Elon musk quotes

Elon musk quotes: Elon musk is a brand name of a successful personality. He doesn’t need limeLight from the media but the media wants to obtain limeLight by talking about Elon Musk. Elon musk is […]

If you are poor thank to the God

If you are poor thank to the God

If you are a poor person then thank God for that. After reading this line most readers will think is the writer mad? How we can be thankful to God however we are poor, we […]

attitude of a leader

What is the attitude of a leader and how to adapt it

Why everyone can’t be a leader? What is the actual thing to creates a difference between a leader and a fan? It is a game of attitude.You will be a follower or a leader, it […]

body shaming

Say no to body shaming

Are you suffering from body shaming and want to know what to do when someone does it with you. If yes then this article is made for you.  Do you know why a person gets […]