The Finals Community Advocates for Text Chat Feature Amidst Growing Frustration

The Finals Community

Since its official launch on December 7 during The Game Awards event, The Finals, developed by Embark Studios, has garnered significant success. The free-to-play shooter, backed by positive feedback from beta tests, has quickly reached major player milestones. However, the community’s enthusiasm is tempered by the absence of a text chat feature for communication, leading to increasing frustration among players.

The Journey So Far

The Finals has experienced notable growth since its launch, marked by multiple beta tests and a holiday-themed update. This update introduced a snow-themed Monaco map, fresh cosmetics, and crucial balance tweaks. Despite these positive strides, the absence of a text chat feature has become a notable point of contention within the community.

Identifying the Issue

The discourse on The Finals subreddit initiated with a post by a user named angrylegalthrowaway, who highlighted the absence of text chat as a significant oversight. The user pointed out the challenge of playing at night when voice chat might disturb others in their household, rendering voice communication impractical. With the current limited options of ping and chat wheel, players find themselves frustrated. The suggested solution is to introduce text chat with customizable options, enabling players to tailor their communication preferences.

Community Support

The sentiment expressed by angrylegalthrowaway resonated with many in the community, as evidenced by supportive comments in favor of an alternative communication method. Other players chimed in with various reasons why text chat is essential for improving the overall gaming experience. Some emphasized its utility for giving simple instructions to teammates, crucial in strategic moments of the game. While opinions differ, there is a general consensus that The Finals could benefit from an expanded and more robust ping system.

Exploring Communication Options

Amidst the call for text chat, some players also expressed interest in features reminiscent of other popular games. Discussions have emerged about incorporating a Call of Duty: Warzone style death communication system and proximity chat. These additions, if implemented, could contribute to a more immersive and dynamic in-game communication experience.

Unresolved Matters

Despite the community’s vocal demand for a text chat feature, there has been no official update from Embark Studios on the likelihood of its inclusion in The Finals. The studio, however, has been actively addressing another pressing concern – cheating. The rising tide of cheating in The Finals has prompted Embark to introduce new anti-cheat methods through regular updates. Nevertheless, the issue persists, with players reporting matches being ruined by those using aimbots and other unfair play tactics.

The Battle Against Cheating

The prevalence of cheating has been particularly pronounced in ranked matches, where hackers have engaged in account boosting, affecting the integrity of the competition. Higher ranks in The Finals have experienced an influx of cheaters, raising concerns about fair play and the overall competitiveness of the game.

Conclusion: Navigating Challenges and Community Desires

As The Finals continues to evolve, the developers face the dual challenge of addressing the community’s desire for a text chat feature and combating cheating. The community’s voice, represented by frustrated players on forums and social media, serves as a crucial feedback loop for Embark Studios. Whether the game will see the introduction of text chat and further anti-cheat measures remains uncertain, but the ongoing dialogue between players and developers underscores the dynamic nature of the gaming ecosystem.

As players await updates and improvements, The Finals stands at a crossroads, where community input and developer responsiveness will shape the future of this rapidly growing free-to-play shooter.

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